The Best Lounge Chairs for the Patio or Pool

Designed for laid-back relaxation, an outdoor lounge chair can’t be beat for enjoying time with family and friends or just for catching a few rays.

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The Best Lounge Chair Options


After a hard day’s work, nothing feels better than kicking back in a lounge chair on your patio or next to the pool. A patio lounge chair is slightly different from a regular patio chair because you can lean back and put your feet up at the same time. Depending on the style, a lounge chair can be portable (stowed in the garage or storage shed when not in use) or a permanent fixture in the backyard.

The best lounge chair not only looks great in the yard, it also features sturdy weather-resistant materials, and—above all—it’s comfortable. These top picks for best pool and patio lounge chairs score high on comfort, durability, and design. If you’re looking to add a couple of lounge chairs to your yard this year, start with this list of picks.

  1. BEST OVERALL: GOLDSUN Outdoor Adjustable Chaise Lounge Chair
  2. BEST RECLINER-TYPE LOUNGER: ART TO REAL Outdoor Wicker Recliner Chair
  3. BEST ZERO-GRAVITY LOUNGER: BalanceFrom Zero Gravity Lounge Chair
  4. BEST LOUNGE CHAIR SET: Devoko Patio Chaise Lounge Set
  5. BEST POOLSIDE LOUNGERS: WAROOM Outdoor PE Wicker Chaise Lounge Chair Set
The Best Lounge Chair Options


The Most Common Types of Lounge Chairs

A good outdoor lounge chair is the ticket to thoroughly enjoying patio entertaining or catching some rays by the pool while the kids splash. Instead of upright patio chairs, which are great for things like eating barbecue outdoors, lounge chairs allow the user to recline in comfort or even lie down to tan or nap. Outdoor loungers come in three basic types.

Armless Chairs

Sometimes called “slipper chairs,” these patio loungers are sleek and allow the user to get on and off the chair with ease since no arms are protruding at the sides. They are often portable and will fold for easy storage. They come in vinyl, aluminum, wicker resin, and even some species of wood—all materials designed to withstand the elements without rusting or fading. Choose from a host of cushion options, or opt for a non-cushioned lounger if swimmers will be using the chairs.

Chaise Lounges

The ultimate in comfort, outdoor chaise lounges often come with thick (3 inches or more) padded cushions that feel more like lying on a sofa than sitting in a chair. Some might feature folding backs or legs for seasonal storage, and they often feature bases made from wood, cast iron, aluminum, or durable wicker resin. Chaise lounges run the gamut in size and weight, and the more massive wood or metal ones may come with wheels on one end to allow for easier relocation. Depending on the model, a lounger also might come with a pullout tray on the side to hold drinks, a book, or a cellphone.

Poolside Loungers

A lounger used near a swimming pool needs to be water-resistant. It may or may not have arms, but if it comes with a cushion, the cushion should be waterproof as well. If a poolside lounger doesn’t come with a cushion, the user can place a beach towel on the seat and back to help dry off between swims. These sun-and-surf loungers often come with attached side tables for holding refreshments or things like car keys and eyeglasses while the user swims.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Lounge Chair

Patio lounge chairs are usually only visible from the backyard, but for the best look, consider style and design in addition to durability and the potential for relaxation when choosing.


Wood, powder-coated aluminum, and wicker resin are all common in patio lounge chairs. If you want a wooden lounger, spring for a wood species that naturally resists the elements, such as redwood or cedar. For the best results, consider applying a new layer of penetrating sealer each spring before use. Both resin and powder-coated aluminum are affordable options. Both resist the elements, but no matter what type of material your chair is made from, store it indoors in cold weather—in a storage shed or a garage—to keep it looking new longer.

Color and Style

Choosing the right lounge chair for your backyard is a personal thing, but for the best look, consider selecting one that blends with your home’s overall theme. For example, if your home’s siding and trim are white, virtually any color lounger will look good, but if your home’s siding is lime green, a lounger with a bright orange cushion might look out of place. When possible, match the lounge chair’s style to any outdoor dining sets and benches to visually tie the backyard areas together for a uniform look.


Above all, a patio lounger should be comfortable to enjoy your time outdoors. Many loungers come with thick cushions for a soft, comfy seat, but if the cushion’s fabric doesn’t breathe, you could end up sweaty and uncomfortable. Cushions made from a cotton/polyester blend offer both strength and breathability, but they’re not as water resistant as cushions covered in fabrics coated with plastic, nylon, or other water-resistant products. Some cushions come with additional padding at the lumbar area or an attached pillow at the seat’s head. If the lounge chair doesn’t come with a cushion, look for an ergonomically curved seat and backrest for comfortable lounging.

Easy Cleaning

Outdoor furniture seems to get messy more quickly than indoor furniture. Refreshments, sweat, suntan oil, or even the bird that flies overhead can leave messes that need cleaning. So selecting a lounge chair (and cushion) that resists stains is essential.

Our Top Picks

To make the cut, a patio lounge chair must be durable, weather-resistant, and comfortable. The following five loungers can look good in a variety of outdoor settings and just might be a good fit for your backyard.

Best Overall

The Best Lounge Chair Option: GOLDSUN Outdoor Adjustable Chaise Lounge Chair

With the GOLDSUN Portable Folding Beach Lounger with Side Table, you can have comfort, function, and style in your backyard. This stylish lounger features high-quality aluminum for durability and weather resistance, and it has a nylon mesh seat and backrest designed to be breathable and comfortable. The chair comes with a brightly colored cushion that has an attached pillow at the top. The backrest on the 71.6-inch-long, 23.6-inch-wide GOLDSUN lounge chair adjusts to a slanted sitting position or reclines to nearly horizontal for sunbathing and napping. The chair features a detachable utility tray that can be positioned on the right or left side to hold a coffee mug, a cold beverage glass, and a cellphone. The chair comes with wheels on the back legs for easy relocation.

Best Recliner-Type Lounger

The Best Lounge Chair Option: ART TO REAL Outdoor Wicker Recliner Chair

If you’re looking for a lounge chair that does double duty as a conversational chair, look to the ART TO REAL Outdoor Recliner Chair. Made from handwoven resin wicker for durability and powder-coated aluminum for corrosion resistance, this chair is as comfortable in an upright position as it is when leaned back in traditional recliner fashion for lounging. The 39.8-inch-high (upright position), 31.5-inch-wide chair comes with an overstuffed seat and back cushion in a couple of complementary colors. The cushion is both water-resistant and UV-resistant, but for the longest-lasting results, take it indoors when you’re not using the chair.

Best Zero-Gravity Lounger

The Best Lounge Chair Option: BalanceFrom Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

For portability and on-the-spot relaxation, it’s tough to beat the versatility of a zero-gravity lounger such as the BalanceFrom Zero Gravity Lounge Chair. Featuring a powder-coated steel frame and a woven polyethylene wicker-look seat and back in attractive rich brown, the adjustable lounge chair is perfect for kicking back next to the pool or for nighttime stargazing. When open and fully reclined, the chair is 43.5 inches long, and it measures 25.5 inches wide. By leaning back and pushing forward on the armrest, you can tilt the lounge chair back—seemingly defying gravity—as the footrest comes up. Locking devices on both arms help to lock it in the desired position. The zero-gravity lounger folds up for easy storage in a garage or for transporting in a trunk or pickup bed.

Best Lounge Chair Set

Best Patio Chairs: Devoko Patio Chaise Lounge SetThe Best Lounge Chair Option: Devoko Patio Chaise Lounge Set

Lounging is more fun with a companion. The Devoko Patio Chaise Lounge Chair Set offers the perfect solution for a couple of friends or family members who want to kick back and share good times. The Devoko set features two matching lounge chairs crafted from powder-coated steel for durability and two full-length sponge-padded cushions in a stylish beige tone. The gently curved backrests on the lounge chairs recline to a near-horizontal position or adjust to a sitting position. When fully reclined, the chairs measure 77 inches long and 24 inches wide. The woven rattan-look seat and backrest are made from weather-resistant polyethylene and come in sleek black. The set includes a collapsible square table for holding drinks and food.

Best Poolside Loungers

The Best Lounge Chair Option: WAROOM Outdoor PE Wicker Chaise Lounge Chair Set

Soak up the sun next to your pool on the WAROOM Outdoor Wicker Chaise Lounge Chair Set. The rust-resistant steel frames and all-weather polyethylene wicker on these two matching lounge chairs make them a perfect poolside choice. The padded sponge cushions come with waterproof polyester covers (available in royal blue or turquoise) that are removable and washable. The chair backrests fully recline to a horizontal position for sunbathing or napping and adjust to a sitting position. The rectangular lounge chair frames measure 78 inches long and 25.5 inches wide. Both chairs feature pullout tables for holding drinks or magazines.

FAQs About Your New Best Lounge Chair

Choosing the right patio lounge chair is an investment in your outdoor enjoyment, so it pays to ask some questions before you pull out that credit card.

Q. Which type of lounge chair do I need?

Consider how much room you have available for the chair(s) and how and when you plan to use them. You might want the type that sits upright for conversation and then reclines if you plan on entertaining guests, and you’ll want to choose a chair that’s waterproof if it’s going to be near the pool.

Q. What material is the best for a lounge chair?

That depends on your style and budget. Redwood, teak, and cedar loungers are classy but can be pricey, while aluminum and resin loungers won’t give you a natural look, but they can be just as attractive and they come at a more affordable price point.

Q. How do I clean sweat stains from my lounge chair?

Try mixing 1 teaspoon of Borax (in the laundry soap aisle) and 1 teaspoon of liquid dish soap in 1 quart of warm water and stir until the Borax dissolves. Use a clean rag to dab the solution on the stain and let it remain for 10 minutes before wiping off with a clean damp rag. The sooner you clean a sweat stain, the better the chance you can get rid of it.