The Best Satin Sheets for the Bedroom

Satin sheets add a touch of comfort and luxury to any bedroom.

By Brittany Varano | Updated Jan 29, 2021 8:12 AM

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Best Satin Sheets Options


Satin sheets are an excellent way to elevate or update a bedroom. Typically made from silk, polyester, or nylon, satin is a material that’s specially woven to appear shiny and feel soft in texture, unlike percale sheets, which are crisp and dull. Satin isn’t only an elegant fabric, it’s also impervious to moisture. Experience hotel-like luxury with one (or more) of our top picks for the best satin sheets below.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Homiest 4pcs Satin Sheets Set Luxury Silky
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Pure Bedding Microfiber 1800 Thread Count
  3. BEST QUEEN BED: Lanest Housing Satin 400 Thread Count, Bed Sheet Set
  4. BEST KING BED: Mk Home LLC Polyester Blend 250 Thread Count
  5. BEST LUXURY: THXSILK Silk Sheet Set 4 Pcs, 19 Momme Silk
Best Satin Sheets Options


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Satin Sheets

There are a few considerations you may want to keep in mind when shopping for satin sheets, including the thread count, fiber content, and the size of your mattress. Read on to learn more about choosing the best satin sheets for your bedroom.

Thread Count 

The term “thread count” refers to the number of threads that are woven together in one square inch. The higher the thread count, the softer and more luxurious a piece of fabric feels. However, a higher thread count also comes with a higher price tag. While there is no one number that indicates a perfect set of sheets, quality sheets usually fall within 200 to 800. 

Fiber Content 

Satin sheets are made either from silk, nylon, or polyester fibers and are woven differently from traditional sheets. What makes satin unique is the glossy look they produce in the light. Satin is also cool to the touch and does not absorb moisture like other materials; however, it’s not as breathable as cotton or bamboo sheets.


Although satin sheets are available in most standard bed sizes, including twin, full, queen, and king-size mattresses, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the size listed on the package takes the mattress’s depth into account. So, if your mattress is tall or if you use a pillow topper, you may want to measure your mattress before purchasing a new set of sheets.

Our Top Picks

Below we’ve listed our top picks for some of the best satin sheets on the market. While browsing our selection, be sure to keep the previously mentioned shopping considerations in mind.

Best Overall

The Best Satin Sheets Options Homiest

Homiest’s four-piece satin sheet set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases, all of which are machine washable. The satin fibers are 100 percent polyester and are resistant to fading and wrinkling. Since these sheets are made with polyester, they’re reasonably easy to clean but should be machine washed on a cold and delicate cycle. After washing, the instructions recommend drying on low to no heat or hanging the sheets up to air-dry.

This sheet set comes in four sizes, including standard twin, full, queen, and king. They’re also made with deep pockets that measure 12 inches deep on the twin set and 15 inches deep on the larger sets. Deep pockets ensure the sheet fits and stays put on most mattresses.

Best Bang For The Buck

The Best Satin Sheets Options King

The four-piece satin sheet set by Pure Bedding is an affordable way to add a touch of luxury to the bedroom. The sheets are made with 100 percent polyester and come in more than 10 colors, including, but not limited to, burgundy, black, white, ivory, and sage.

This set includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two standard pillowcases that can be purchased in twin, full, queen, or king sizes. The fitted sheet features elastic along the hem and has 15-inch deep pockets. When it comes time to wash the sheets, the instructions recommend washing the set on delicate and drying on low or no heat. For the best results, hang to dry.

Best Queen Bed

The Best Satin Sheets Options Silk

The four-piece satin set by Lanest features a high 400 thread count with 100 percent woven polyester. The queen set includes one fitted sheet, measuring 60 inches by 80 inches; one flat sheet, measuring 90 inches by 102 inches; and two pillowcases that measure 20 inches by 30 inches.

The fitted sheet is stitched with 14-inch pockets for a tight fit that won’t slip off. These queen sheets are easy to care for and can be washed on a delicate, cold cycle. Be sure to tumble dry or air-dry to prolong the life of these sheets.

Best King Bed

The Best Satin Sheets Options Mk

The satin pillowcase and sheet set by Mk Home LLC is a quality pick for those with a king-size bed. This four-piece set comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two king-size pillowcases. For those who sleep with more than two pillows, there is also the option to purchase additional king-size pillowcases that measure 20 inches by 40 inches.

The king-size flat sheet measures 100 inches by 102 inches, whereas the fitted sheet measures 78 inches by 80 inches plus a deep 15-inch pocket. There is also an option for a California king set for larger bed frames. This particular satin sheet set comes in a wide variety of color options and has a soft 250 thread count and polyester construction. To clean, machine wash on cool and tumble dry.

Best Luxury

The Best Satin Sheets Options Thxsilk

For an ultraluxe satin bedsheet set, opt for a sheet with 100 percent silk fibers, such as this THXSILK four-piece set. This set comes with both a flat and fitted sheet and two pillowcases. It is available to fit full, queen, king, and California king-size mattresses. Its high 400 thread count and silk construction mean that this luxurious sheet is super soft to the touch.

This set is also a great hypoallergenic option and is suitable for hot and cold evenings. As with any silk, it’s best to carefully hand-wash these linens in cold water, gently wring them out, and hang them to dry.

FAQs About Your New Satin Sheets

Below, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions regarding new satin sheets.

Q: What is the best thread count for satin sheets?

The thread count for satin sheets can vary. Budget-friendly satin sheets tend to fall in the 100 to 200 thread count range, whereas the more luxurious satin sheets will have a thread count of 400 or higher.

Q: Do satin sheets feel tacky to the skin? 

Satin sheets have a soft surface with a bit of shine and can feel tacky for sleepers who run hot and sweaty at night.

Q: How to wash satin sheets?

Satin sheets made with silk should be hand-washed in cool water and hung to dry. For satin sheets made from polyester or nylon, machine wash on a delicate cycle on cool and tumble dry on low or no heat.