The Best Dog Toy Storage for Organizing Your Home

Spoil your dog with tons of toys while keeping the mess to a minimum by investing in the best dog toy storage to keep your home neat and organized.

By Timothy Dale | Updated Mar 17, 2021 9:12 PM

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The Best Dog Toy Storage Options


Having a dog is a great experience filled with a lot of laughs and hours of enjoyment, especially when you incorporate some fetch, tug, and chewing toys into the fun. However, when playtime is over, you’re left with dog toys scattered around the house.

Stepping on a squeaky toy while carrying a hot pan from the oven can cause a dangerous spill, while toys left on the stairs could lead to a bad fall. To help keep your home organized without sacrificing playtime with the pup, think about purchasing a dog toy storage solution.

The best dog toy storage should be made with durable material that won’t easily tear or otherwise become damaged. It should also be a comfortable addition to your home in both size and style, like a storage ottoman that can sit in front of a chair or a canvas box tucked in a corner.

To make your search easier, this guide will explore the most important features to consider as you shop for a storage solution for your pup’s prized possessions and then review some of the best dog toy storage options on the market.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Morezi Large Dog Toys Storage Box
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Winifred & Lily Pet Toy and Accessory Storage Bin
  3. UPGRADE PICK: Bone Dry DII Small Wicker-Like Bone Shape Storage
  4. BEST DESIGN: OurPets Big Bone Dog Toy, Dog Food & Dog Toy Box
  5. BEST COLLAPSIBLE: Morezi Linen-Cotton Blend Dog Toy Basket
  6. BEST PORTABLE: Top Dog Travel Bag – Airline Approved Travel Set
  7. BEST FOR LIVING ROOM: YOUDENOVA 15 inches Folding Storage Ottoman
  8. BEST FOR OUTDOORS: Spectrum Diversified Macklin Basket, Dog Bone Design
The Best Dog Toy Storage Options


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Dog Toy Storage

Before choosing the best dog toy storage for pups and people alike, you’ll want to keep in mind several important product features. Consider factors like the size of the storage solution, the material used to craft it, and the overall aesthetic appeal.

The versatility of the storage solution and the ease of accessibility for your pets is also essential, as the material or design won’t matter much if your pet can’t reach the toys. Keep reading to learn more.


Dog toy storage options range in size, so it’s important to find a product that is suitable for the space. Before any other considerations, determine where you’ll place the product in the home. Perhaps your dog has a small area where you’d like to store its toys. Or, if the entire house is your lucky dog’s play area, you may want dog storage containers in more than one room.

Next, keep in mind the size of your dog. Smaller dogs may find it hard to access the toys in a larger storage option because they can’t easily reach the opening, while larger dogs could inadvertently step on or crush a product that is too small or fragile. Additionally, think about the number of dog toys you have or plan to have so that the dog toy storage you choose is big enough to store all of their playthings.


The material with which the dog toy storage is made is also essential to consider. As with a dog bed, the material should be durable, chew resistant, and nontoxic.

  • Wood is a relatively uncommon option for dog toy storage. While strong and durable, wood is susceptible to chewing, moisture accumulation, and odors, as it isn’t as easy to thoroughly clean as some other materials.
  • Metal, such as stainless steel, is commonly used for dog crates and is sometimes used for dog toy storage as well. Metal is strong and durable, like wood, but resistant to chewing, water, and odors due to the nonporous nature of the material, making it particularly ideal for outdoor dog toy storage.
  • Fabric, like cotton or jute, is the most commonly used material for dog toy storage. Fabric options are lightweight, compact, and often foldable, so they are suitable for both home and a trip to the dog park.
  • Plastic is sometimes used for dog toy storage, but it needs to be nontoxic to ensure your dog isn’t putting any harmful substances in its mouth. Plastic is lightweight and waterproof, so it’s another optimal choice for outdoor storage.


Dogs can be trained to retrieve and then return their toys to a storage container, so it’s a good idea to consider whether the dog toy storage you choose is accessible to them. Some storage solutions are designed with broad bases and low walls, so a dog can just reach its snout over the wall without much trouble. However, smaller dogs might find this difficult, and a product that features a cut-out wall to access the toys may be more suitable.

Lids are worth considering. If you have ever installed a pet camera and watched your dog sneak a toy or a treat that you didn’t want it to have, then a lidded choice may be right for you. A lid can limit access to the toys when you aren’t around without needing to move the storage option out of reach of a curious pet. Covering up the sight of a pile of slobbery dog toys is also helpful for making the house look neat and clean.


The best dog toy storage options are often versatile, fulfilling their purpose indoors, outdoors, and even on the road. Overall appearance and features like handles, straps, and foldability and collapsibility lend to versatility.

  • The appearance of a dog toy storage option can mimic an ottoman or a similar piece of furniture, allowing it to store dog toys while also functioning as regular furniture.
  • Handles and straps make a dog toy storage container easier to carry and transport. Some storage solutions feature individual compartments for extra organization, making them a great choice for a trek to the dog park.
  • Foldability and collapsibility refer to a storage item’s ability to be reduced in size so it’s easier to carry or store. However, this is only useful if you have an alternate place to store the toys since the bins aren’t foldable or collapsible with toys still inside.


Just because the main purpose of this type of storage container is to hold dog toys doesn’t mean it needs to actually look like dog toy storage. Many products are made with intriguing designs and a variety of colors, allowing the choice you make to fit in with the aesthetic of your home.

Dog toy storage solutions that double as regular furniture, like an ottoman or a footrest, are a good example of items that still preserve the appearance of the home. However, there are also dog toy storage options that are stylish and appealing without having to conceal their purpose.

Our Top Picks

These product recommendations were selected with a heavy emphasis on the above-mentioned considerations and shopping tips, in addition to their overall quality and value. Read on to discover some of the best dog toy storage solutions for an organized home.

Best Overall

The Best Dog Toy Storage Option: Morezi Large Dog Toys Storage Box

Designed with organization and security in mind, this dog toy storage box from Morezi measures 12 inches by 17 inches by 10 inches and offers a removable compartment divider that creates two equal spaces for dog toys, treats, or accessories. Each compartment has its own lid with a Velcro closure.

Available in several neutral colors, the storage box will likely suit the aesthetic of most rooms of the house; however, with a bold paw print design and cursive labeling that marks the box as “Dog Stuff,” it won’t be completely unnoticeable. The canvas box is easy to clean with a wet cloth or sponge, includes two handles for convenient transport, and folds up when not in use.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Dog Toy Storage Option: Winifred & Lily Pet Toy and Accessory Storage Bin

Individuals with smaller dogs or only a few toys can save some money with this more shallow, budget-friendly dog toy storage bin from Winifred & Lily. The open-top bin provides two carrying handles and a flexible design that can be folded for home storage or packed into the vehicle for a vacation or a trip to the dog park.

To resist ripping and tearing from light chewing, the storage bin is made of tough durable jute, typically used in the construction of burlap, hessian, and gunny cloth. It measures 16 inches by 11.5 inches by 6 inches and features a gray and black two-toned design with a dog bone pattern on the front. The storage bin also boasts a water-resistant interior liner for easier cleaning, though the liner is more vulnerable to damage than the exterior.

Upgrade Pick

The Best Dog Toy Storage Option: Bone Dry DII Small Wicker-Like Bone Shape Storage

Ensure the living room or den doesn’t lose the desired aesthetic by adding this premium dog toy storage basket from Bone Dry, featuring a woven wicker appearance. The top of the basket boasts a faux leather carrying handle and locking strap that loops onto the front of the basket where it can be locked in place with an ornate metal clasp. The clasp prevents the dog from opening the lid so toys and treats are safe when owners aren’t around.

The storage basket is constructed from woven polypropylene wicker in the shape of a dog bone. This plastic construction is durable and water resistant, allowing it to be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Depending on the size of the dog, the number of toys, and the available space, this product comes in three size options: small (18 inches by 11 inches by 7.5 inches), medium (21 inches by 13 inches by 8 inches), and large (24 inches by 15 inches by 9 inches).

Best Design

The Best Dog Toy Storage Option: OurPets Big Bone Dog Toy, Dog Food & Dog Toy Box

This plastic dog toy storage container from OurPets has a unique, dog bone-shaped design that clearly marks it as a dog-themed product, so it may not fit in with living room decor. However, the simple neutral shade should blend into the color palette of most rooms. The durable, water-resistant design ensures dog toys are kept safe from rain, snow, and wind if the toy box is stored outdoors.

With product dimensions of 23.75 inches by 10.5 inches by 13 inches, the storage container can hold plenty of chew toys, ropes, and balls. While the container is lightweight when empty, it can be difficult to carry when full because of the rounded sides and lack of carrying handles. The top handle is only for removing the lid.

Best Collapsible

The Best Dog Toy Storage Option: Morezi Linen-Cotton Blend Dog Toy Basket

The Morezi dog toy storage basket offers an ample base that measures 20 inches long by 11 inches wide. While the back of the basket is 8 inches in height, the front curves down so toys are easier to access, even for smaller pups. The front also features a solid design in the shape of a dog bone and cursive lettering that reads “Dog Toys.”

The basket collapses when empty for easy storage in a closet or the car. The lightweight canvas fabric makes it easy to manipulate but still durable enough to resist tearing. The interior of the basket is waterproof, and both the interior and exterior are easy to clean with a damp cloth. The basket also features a handle on each side for easy carrying.

Available in six neutral color options—snow grey, grey, grey stripe, beige, khaki stripe, and bamboo pink—it will likely match the decor of any room.

Best Portable

The Best Dog Toy Storage Option: Top Dog Travel Bag - Airline Approved Travel Set

Take the dog with you on the road with the Top Dog toy storage bag. It features several compartments for toys, food, and other accessories, including a zippered side pocket, a luggage sleeve, a mesh storage back pocket, a magnetic front pocket, and a water bottle holder. Two lined food containers and two collapsible silicone bowls for water or food make feeding or hydrating your pet on the run much easier.

Pack the dog’s favorite toys into the 14-inch by 7-inch by 15-inch main storage compartment, or create two separate spaces using the removable divider for better organization. This compartment also provides a water-resistant liner to protect the bag from any wet or dirty toys or accessories. Carry the bag via the two sturdy carrying handles or wear it over the shoulder with the adjustable shoulder strap. The bag is compliant with airline carry-on rules.

Best for Living Room

The Best Dog Toy Storage Option: YOUDENOVA 15 inches Folding Storage Ottoman

The YOUDENOVA folding storage ottoman boasts a large amount of space for dog toys and a variety of other items with a 15-inch by 15-inch by 15-inch capacity. It also folds up when empty for convenient storage at home or in the car. The ottoman features a wooden frame and a faux leather exterior in black, dark brown, or grey, making it neutral enough to suit most any decor in the living room, den, or even the master bedroom.

With the lid in place, the storage ottoman can support up to 350 pounds, so it is useful as additional seating while the family enjoys a movie at home. Turn the lid over for a convenient table for a cup of coffee or a snack while playing with the pup. Keep in mind that this product is not suitable for outdoor use and can be difficult to move when full since it lacks handles.

Best for Outdoors

The Best Dog Toy Storage Option: Spectrum Diversified Macklin Basket, Dog Bone Design

The steel wire design of this dog toy storage basket from Spectrum Diversified gives dogs easy access to toys while ensuring that any water quickly drains away and dries up. The wire basket is simple to clean, making it ideal to take in the backyard or bring to the dog park where dog accessories can become covered in dirt and debris, like leaves or grass clippings. Simply wash it off with a hose or water from the sink, remembering to dry the metal wires to prevent rust and extend the life of the basket.

This dog toy storage basket also features bone-shaped designs that decorate both ends and even form the shape of the two carrying handles. It measures 12.75 inches by 9.5 inches by 8 inches and includes a label plate for customization.

FAQs About Dog Toy Storage

For more information about dog toy storage options and tips on how to train your pup to use the new toy box, keep reading to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about dog toy storage.

Q. Where should I store my dog’s toys?

Store dog toys in a box, a bin, a lidded ottoman, or even in a closet or a cupboard. Decide if you want to choose a place that the dog can’t access without your assistance or leave the storage container in an area where the dog can help itself to a toy at any time.

Q. How do you organize dog toys?

Consider a product that has a lid and handles for easy portability. Look for storage options with a front cut-out that allows your pup better access to the toys or one with dividers to separate hard rubber toys from soft fabric toys. Keep in mind that only waterproof dog toys should remain outside. Water-absorbent toys may dry out, but they can become breeding grounds for mold and mildew.

Q. How do I train my dog to use a dog toy box?

Training a dog to use a dog toy box isn’t difficult, but like all trained behaviors, it does take time and consistency to achieve positive results.

  1. Begin with the toy box between your feet and start playing a game of fetch. Each time the dog returns with the toy and drops it in the box, reward the dog with verbal and physical encouragement as well as a small treat. If you practice clicker training, then a click should also accompany the treat and encouragement.
  2. Next, slowly begin moving the box farther away from your feet. Encourage the dog to continue returning the toy to the box, ensuring that a prompt reward is offered every time it follows through. Remember that patience and consistency are the keys to success.
  3. Scatter multiple toys around the room, and repeat the process of encouraging the pup to return the toys to the box and then offering a reward.
  4. Finally, scatter the toys around the house for your dog to find and return each of them to the box. This final test of the learned behavior may be a bit advanced for some dogs, but it can keep them occupied and stimulated while encouraging their natural hunting and foraging behavior.

Keep in mind that punishments during training are counterproductive and can lead to your dog fearing its toys, the toy box, and you. Always train with a consistently positive attitude so your dog is happy to be interacting with you. If frustration starts to bubble up, end the training session. It’s better to take a break than to ruin what you have accomplished.

Q. Can I use a dog toy box outdoors?

Yes, you can use a dog toy box outdoors, but only if it’s made of a waterproof material like plastic or metal.