The Best Blanket Storage for Your Blanket Collection

A blanket storage system keeps throws and afghans organized and living spaces neat and tidy. Whether for seasonal or year-round storage, these solutions are stylish and practical. 

By Jasmine Harding | Updated Mar 26, 2021 10:47 AM

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Best Blanket Storage


Cozy blankets are the perfect accessories for a chilly day, but they can be bulky to store. A blanket storage solution keeps rooms tidy without taking up precious closet space. From trendy blanket ladders to useful nesting tables, these storage options double as home decor or functional furniture.

The best blanket storage products are practical, stylish, and have ample storage space for your needs. Consider these top blanket storage products to organize or display your blanket collection.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Convenience Concepts 5th Avenue Storage Ottoman
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Lifewit Large Capacity Clothes Storage Bag, 3 Pack
  3. BEST BASKET: Goodpick Large Cotton Rope Basket
  4. BEST COFFEE TABLE: Walker Edison Alayna Mission Style Coffee Table
  5. BEST LADDER: Hallops Blanket Ladder 5 ft. Premium Wood Rustic
  6. BEST END TABLES: Lavish Home 80-ENDTBL-2 (Set of 2) Nesting End Tables
Best Blanket Storage


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Blanket Storage 

A designated blanket storage spot can keep cozy blankets within reach while maintaining the room’s tidiness. Whether for storing knit throws or moving blankets, these solutions help organize and protect a blanket collection.

The factors worth considering when choosing the best blanket storage include the type of storage vessel or device, the amount of storage needed, where in the home the blankets will be displayed or stored, and the material and design aesthetic of the product.


There are a range of storage solutions that can contain and protect blankets, including storage bags, baskets, chests, ladders, storage tables, and cabinets.

  • Bags: Flexible blanket storage bags have a modular shape and are usually used to organize blankets in a closet or a wardrobe.
  • Baskets: From classic wicker to flexible woven fabrics, blanket baskets come in a range of designs and sizes to suit a home’s decor style.
  • Chests: Blanket storage chests have large capacities. They’re right at home at the foot of a bed, where blankets and quilts can be kept within easy reach.
  • Blanket ladders: For heirloom or stylish blankets, consider a blanket ladder. These vertical storage solutions lean against a wall and display the blankets on their rungs.
  • Storage tables: Storage tables are pieces of furniture, such as coffee tables or end tables, with room inside to stow blankets and linens.
  • Cabinets: For those with large blanket collections, a blanket cabinet may be the right pick. These high-capacity storage options keep household blankets and linens organized.

Size and Capacity

Whether you’re looking to stow two blankets or more than 10, there are plenty of blanket storage options. Smaller bags and baskets can store a couple of blankets, while chests and cabinets may store 10 or more.

Those who live in small spaces might consider dual-purpose storage, like a coffee table or a nesting table that has hidden storage. Plastic bins with lockable lids and zippered storage bags are space-savers, too. These products are often stackable, or they can compress blankets so they will take up less space.

The best blanket storage solution for most households is one with enough space to store most of the extra blankets in the home. Ample storage means there’s plenty of space to tuck away seasonal blankets and throws, and there’s no more searching for storage space when summer rolls around.


There’s a wide variety of blanket storage products and just as wide a variety of materials from which they are made. Some of the most common materials include wood, metal, plastic, and fabric, and there’s a material and style to suit just about any home decor.

Many blanket storage options are decorative because they’re meant to be displayed in plain sight; storage products that are meant to be stowed away are typically more utilitarian in appearance.

The material that’s right for a home depends on the home’s decor style. Simple metal blanket ladders may suit a contemporary home, while a classic wicker basket can give a cozy touch to a rustic room.

Fabric-covered ottomans and sleek storage coffee tables can come in a range of colors, designs, and patterns. These pieces can function as eye-catching decor as well as storage.


The storage spot available in the home for blankets will also determine the suitable storage options. For in-closet or under-bed storage, covered bags and boxes are terrific space-saving options. Some of these bags and boxes are stackable and can fit in narrow closets, while others are made of breathable materials to allow for airflow, even while they are tucked away.

Those who want to keep their blankets on display and within close reach should consider a decorative storage option. Wooden blanket chests are commonly placed at the foot of the bed, while storage coffee tables are popular picks for the living room. Blanket ladders can be placed in any room because they have small footprints and use vertical wall space.


The best blanket storage solutions maximize storage space and look stylish. Some, like blanket ladders and glass-front cabinets, put blankets on display. Others hide the blankets in a decorative and functional way, like in an ottoman or in nesting tables. Storage bags and baskets are popular and affordable options, and they can be open or covered.

Aesthetics are less of a concern for under-bed or in-cupboard storage. Instead, consider choosing a stackable or compression design to maximize storage space.

Our Top Picks

The best blanket storage systems keep living spaces organized and cozy throws within easy reach. If blankets are taking over the living room or bedroom, consider one of these top blanket storage options.

Best Overall

Best Blanket Storage 5th

A storage ottoman is an ideal solution for storing blankets out of sight. This triple-purpose ottoman from Convenience Concepts can be used as a footrest, a chair, and as blanket storage space. Measuring 24 inches by 18 inches by 18 inches, it is roomy enough to store several blankets and throws. This model is made from tan linen fabric, but other colors and materials are available.

With sturdy solid wood feet and nailhead trim detail, this ottoman is a classic addition to any living room. The lid has a button-tufted cushion and is hinged for easy opening, and its thick padding also makes it comfortable to use as a footrest or as an extra seat.

Best Bang For The Buck

Best Blanket Storage Lifewit

This three-pack of storage bags from Lifewit is an affordable under-bed or in-cupboard blanket storage solution. The three flexible bags are made in a modular shape that is stackable when full. Each bag measures 23.6 inches by 16.9 inches by 13.8 inches and has a 90-liter capacity (which is roughly equal to a king-size comforter or six throw blankets).

The bags are made of breathable triple-ply fabric with reinforced seams and a stainless steel zipper for sturdy storage. The front of each bag has a clear window for easy viewing of the contents inside.

Two reinforced carrying handles make Lifewit’s bags easy to carry, even if there are heavy duvets or blankets inside. The bags look more utilitarian than stylish, but they offer sturdy storage at a cost-friendly price.

Best Basket

Best Blanket Storage Goodpick

Made from 100 percent natural cotton rope, Goodpick’s storage basket has a neutral palette and textured stitching for an extra-cozy look. Its structured cotton roping maintains its shape, but it is also soft and flexible. Two sturdy, integrated handles make for easy carrying.

This basket features a broad cream-colored upper section and a natural brown lower section to complement most home decor, be it traditional, boho, or farmhouse. The simple two-toned design is stylish enough to display in bedrooms or in living rooms, while the soft material also makes it ideal for corralling linens in children’s rooms. This basket measures 15.8 inches in diameter and 13.8 inches tall.

Best Coffee Table

Best Blanket Storage Walker

With ample under-table storage and two wicker baskets that come with this purchase, Walker Edison’s stylish Alayna coffee table is a lovely addition to any living space. The table measures 40 inches long by 22 inches deep by 18 inches high and provides ample tabletop surface and storage shelving.

The top of the coffee table supports up to 125 pounds. The bottom shelf can withstand up to 40 pounds of weight, which is more than enough to hold several blankets and throws. Medium-density fiberboard construction resists warping, and a laminate driftwood-like finish gives this table a rustic look. The PVC (polyvinyl chloride) rattan baskets add a homey accent and help keep blankets and clutter hidden.

Best Ladder

Best Blanket Storage Ladder

Those with a particularly pretty blanket collection might want to display their selections. Hallops’ solid wood blanket ladder is a sturdy choice for open blanket storage.

The ladder’s gray and white vintage-inspired design will look right at home among rustic or farmhouse decor. The ladder’s five rungs provide plenty of space to store several blankets and throws. Each rung has a clear coating finish to prevent fabric snags and wood slivers.

The ladder measures 20 inches wide and 58 inches tall. Each ladder rung has thick 3-inch by 1.25-inch beams to support heavy blankets and quilts. Rubber pads on both ends of the ladder prevent marks on the walls and floors and keeps the ladder from slipping.

Best End Tables

Best Blanket Storage Lavish

These nesting side tables from Lavish Home add a decorative accent to living rooms and bedrooms. A side table and storage basket in one, each piece is made of a wide metal grid that keeps contents on display. The open metal weave has an industrial look to suit contemporary or modern rustic rooms. The tabletops are made from veneer with a wood-grain look, which brings warmth to the design.

The large table measures 13 inches by 20.5 inches and has a 17.5-inch-diameter lid, while the smaller one measures 11 inches by 16 inches with a 15.5-inch-diameter lid. When not in use, the nesting tables can stack inside each other for compact storage.

FAQs About Blanket Storage

Whether they’re needed for an afternoon nap or for chilly winter nights, a few extra blankets are essential to have around the house. With one of these top-quality blanket storage products, it’s easy to keep bulky blankets and quilts organized.

To learn more about the best blanket storage option for your home, consider the following commonly asked questions and answers about how and where to stow blankets.

Q. How should a throw blanket be folded for storage?

A throw blanket can be folded in half several times until it is the appropriate size for storage.

Q. Why do blankets sometimes smell after being in storage?

Humidity, lack of air circulation, and home odors can cause blankets to develop a musty smell while in storage.

Q. How can blankets be kept fresh while in storage?

Ensure the blankets are clean and completely dry before storage, especially if the blanket is dirty or has been used outdoors. Also, make sure the blanket storage isn’t located in a humid room.

Encourage airflow by choosing a storage solution made of breathable materials or by airing out the stored linens every week or two. Adding fragrant items like dryer sheets or scented sachets can impart a pleasant scent.