The Best Dressers for Storing Your Clothes

Today's dressers store and organize clothing, keeping the bedroom tidy while offering a design element at the same time. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

Best Dressers Options


Closets are optimal for hanging fabric items that might wrinkle if folded, such as skirts and dress pants. At the same time, dressers are better for storing clothing that doesn’t easily fit on a hanger—or apparel that can suffer from the pull of gravity, such as bulky knitted sweaters that tend to stretch out of shape if hung on a hanger.

Individual drawers also act as a sorting system, keeping socks in one spot and underwear in another. The best dressers come in a wide range of sizes and styles, but they all have a couple of things in common—they’re well-built, functional, and complement the bedroom decor. Ahead, learn what to look for when shopping for a dresser, and discover why the following dressers are some of the best in their class.

  1. BEST OVERALL: HOMECHO Dresser with 4 Drawers
  2. BEST BUDGET: mDesign Vertical Dresser Storage Tower 4 Drawers
  3. BEST FOR NURSERY: Dream On Me, Marcus Changing Table and Dresser
  4. BEST ON WHEELS: DEVAISE 5-Drawer Chest with Wheels
  5. BEST FABRIC DRESSER: HOMECHO Dresser Chest with 6 Drawers, Metal Frame
  6. BEST LARGE CAPACITY: Sauder Shoal Creek Dresser
Best Dressers Options


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Dressers 

In any furniture store you’ll find many dressers, some designed to match bedroom sets and others that sell as a single furniture item. Before buying, consider the room’s style, how much floor space is available, and what you will store inside the dresser.


The terms “dresser” and “chest of drawers” are synonymous in today’s furniture world, but they didn’t always mean the same thing. A chest of drawers was traditionally a vertical chest with three or more drawers, while a dresser was often wider, sometimes featuring two columns of drawers, and it usually came with a mirror on top. Today, many dressers come without mirrors attached. They are available in a wide range of sizes and dimensions, ranging from tall, narrow units designed to maximize vertical storage space to wide models with multiple columns of drawers.


While a dresser’s main purpose is to store and organize, it also serves as a design element in the bedroom, so take some time to consider which dresser style will look good. If the room’s focal point is a decorative bed, look for a dresser that will complement the bed but not upstage or detract from it. A dresser made from reclaimed barn wood will complement a rustic timber-frame bed, while a sleek dresser with a chrome frame and a glass top is better suited to a contemporary bedroom.

Decor styles like bohemian and shabby chic can pull off mismatched furniture items if they’re in the complementary hues or they all feature a similar distressed finish. It can help to have a visual, so pull up a dresser’s image on a smartphone or a tablet and take it to the bedroom to imagine how the item will look in the room.


The items to be stored in a dresser will help determine the best dresser for a specific bedroom. An optimal dresser in a nursery might feature a top row of small horizontal drawers for storing baby bibs and onesies—it might also come with a rail around the top and a pad for use as a changing table. In a large master bedroom, a double dresser that features two wide columns of drawers can organize and hold clothing items for a couple. A dresser that will serve as an overflow for storing blankets and quilts should have large, deep drawers to accommodate the oversized items.

Our Top Picks

To qualify as a top pick, the following dressers had to be durable, well-made, and attractive. While personal style and storage needs will vary, any one of the dressers will be an asset in the bedroom. The best dresser for you will depend on the room’s decor, your available budget, and who will be using the dresser.

Best Overall

Best Dressers Options: HOMECHO Dresser with 4 Drawers

With the HOMECHO dresser, there’s ample room for storing a variety of clothing. Made from wood and featuring straight clean lines, this dresser will complement many styles of decor, including modern, contemporary, or transitional. The dresser stands 37 inches high, measures 29 inches wide, and is 15.7 inches deep, making it suitable for small- to medium-size bedrooms or nurseries.

This classic HOMECHO dresser contains a solid wood frame and comes with a high-quality white lacquer finish that resists staining and is easy to wipe clean. The dresser also features anti-toppling fittings for attaching it to a wall for added stability. Some assembly is necessary, and all hardware, tools, and instructions are included.

Best Budget

Best Dressers

For an inexpensive and space-saving set of drawers, consider this mDesign dresser. This vertical storage structure contains a strong steel frame and four deep, reinforced fabric drawers. The breathable, non-woven synthetic fabric is ideal for holding clothes, with easy pull tabs for convenient access. The top contains medium-density fiberboard for storing additional items. This dresser is offered in eight neutral options for fabric and frame finishes to complement different bedroom decor.

The mDesign dresser measures just 17.75 inches wide and 12 inches deep, but it tops out at a lofty 37 inches in height, making it well suited for bedrooms where floor space is at a premium. Its tall, narrow stature is great for in-closet storage as well. This lightweight model is easily transportable, weighing less than 2 pounds, and some assembly is required.

Best for Nursery

Best Dressers Options: Dream On Me, Marcus Changing Table and Dresser

If you’re looking for a nursery dresser, this Dream On Me dresser is built with a convenient changing table on the top. The multi-functional dresser is crafted from gorgeous cherry wood and features a clear natural finish (other finishes are also available). It comes with three drawers for storing baby’s clothing, diapers, and other infant essentials.

The dresser can easily transition as the child grows, with the top rack serving as a spot to hold stuffed animals. It measures 43 inches high, 36 inches wide, and is a generous 23 inches deep. The dresser comes with small wood knobs and easy-slide drawers. The Dream On Me dresser will complement most decor styles, including traditional, transitional, and midcentury modern. Some assembly is required.

Best on Wheels

Best Dressers

You don’t have to spend a lot to get a suitable dresser for storing clothing and other items. The compact DEVAISE dresser comes with five drawers, each with a storing capacity of up to 18 pounds. The durable finish is stain- and scratch-resistant, available in whiter or black. The drawers feature cutaway handles at the top, so there are no knobs or pulls to detract from the dresser’s clean lines.

The DEVAISE dresser measures 25.47 inches high, 18.74 inches wide, and 15.75 inches deep. This storage structure includes four caster wheels, making it easy to roll the dresser from one spot to another. It’s available at an affordable price point, and this dresser will fit in with many decor styles, including modern, contemporary, or even minimalist. Some assembly is required.

Best Fabric Dresser

Best Dressers Options: HOMECHO Fabric Dresser Chest with 6 Drawers

The black steel-and-wood look of the HOMECHO’s metal frame dresser makes it well suited to bedrooms decorated in industrial, vintage, or rustic style decor. This two-column dresser features side-by-side columns of three fabric drawers, offering ample storage space. It comes with an additional open shelf under its tabletop surface for storing extra items, such as books or other personal effects.

The dresser features a metal frame, particleboard shelves, and fabric drawers that can be removed and folded flat for storage. The bold look of the dresser will become a focal point in the bedroom. The HOMECHO dresser measures 31.5 inches high, 32.3 inches wide, and 11.8 inches deep. Some assembly is required.

Best Large Capacity

Best Dressers

The Sauder Shoal Creek Dresser’s clean traditional lines will complement many decor styles, including classic, country, and transitional while offering six spacious drawers in two columns for storing clothing and other items. This large wooden dresser measures a hefty 54 inches wide, 33 inches high, and 18 inches deep. It’s well suited to medium and large bedrooms.

The drawers feature smooth-pull slides, and the dresser comes with a sleek finish that resists stains and is easy to wipe clean. It’s designed to reduce tipping over, making it safer for homes with small children. The Sauder dresser is available in black or white, with some assembly required.

FAQs About Dressers 

Adding a dresser to the bedroom offers much-needed storage space, but choosing a dresser requires considering both the available floor space, the types of items to be stored, and the room’s overall style. Here are some answers to common questions when trying to find the best dresser for your needs.

Q. What is the standard size of a dresser? 

Dressers vary widely in size, ranging from tall, narrow models to shorter, much broader models. While there is no standard one-size-fits-all dresser, you’ll want to measure the available floor space in the bedroom and allow for at least 3 inches on both sides of the dresser.

Q. What is the best material for a dresser? 

Solid wood is a good material for a dresser, but it’s pricey and heavy. Dressers made from engineered wood closely resemble the real thing, but they’re more affordable and easier to move. Before putting that old dresser at the curbside for pickup, check out a few ways to repurpose it.

Q. Do I have to assemble a dresser? 

Unless you buy it off the floor at a furniture store, you’ll most likely have to assemble at least part of it. Most manufacturers include easy step-by-step assembly instructions, and many also provide the tools and hardware necessary to put them together.