The Best Gifts for Anyone Who Owns a Solo Stove

Discover the perfect gifts for Solo Stove owners to elevate their outdoor fire pit this season.

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Solo Stoves are some of the best outdoor fire pits in the market. And if you know someone who owns one, chances are they could benefit from a handy accessory or two to enhance their Solo Stove experience and elevate their outdoor gatherings. For that reason, we’ve handpicked items that are perfect for anyone from seasoned outdoor cooking enthusiasts to Solo Stove beginners.

From innovative accessories and essential tools to top-notch cookware, convenient storage solutions, and fun gadgets, these items will delight any outdoor fit pit aficionado. 

With this list of expertly curated gifts, you’re sure to find the perfect present for the Solo Stove owner in your life.

1. Bonfire Cast Iron Grill Top

The Best Gifts for Anyone Who Owns a Solo Stove Option Bonfire Cast Iron Grill Top

Who needs a separate barbecue with the Solo Stove Bonfire Cast Iron Grill Top? It has a large grilling surface that’s perfect for cooking up steaks, sausages, fish, chicken, and more. The cast-iron material provides excellent heat retention and develops a naturally nonstick surface over time. This kit also comes with the Hub, which elevates the cooking surface for a more comfortable grilling experience. 

Get the Bonfire Cast Iron Grill Top + Hub at Solo Stove for $219.99.

2. Starters

The Best Gifts for Anyone Who Owns a Solo Stove Option Starters

Looking for a small gift or stocking stuffer for the Solo Stove lover in your life? Why not replenish their stock of fire starters? These come in a pack of 16 and are water-resistant, so they’re effective even in damp weather. They’re also made from nontoxic materials, making them pet-safe in the event that furry friends find the smell to be enticing. 

Get the Starters at Solo Stove for $11.99.

3. Color Packs

The Best Gifts for Anyone Who Owns a Solo Stove Option Color Packs

Lots of gifts for Solo Stove aficionados are pretty practical, but this one is pure fun. The brand’s Color Packs unleash a display of colors when they’re tossed into the flames, turning the fire pit into a nighttime spectacle. Each pack burns for a full hour, and each bag comes with 10 packs. Children and adults alike will watch in awe as the flames flicker between shades of blue, green, purple, and yellow. 

Get the Color Packs at Solo Stove for $19.99.

4. Sticks

The Best Gifts for Anyone Who Owns a Solo Stove Option Sticks

Solo Stove’s Sticks are designed for anyone who loves roasting hot dogs or marshmallows over an open fire. They’re made of durable 304 stainless steel and have hollow stems, making them lightweight and easy to use. Since the sticks are 36 inches long, users will be able to keep their hands cool while ensuring their marshmallows have the perfect golden-brown finish. They have a twist-apart design and come with a carrying case, making them a convenient addition for your gift recipient’s next outdoor adventure. 

Get the Sticks at Solo Stove for $64.99

5. Station

The Best Gifts for Anyone Who Owns a Solo Stove Option Station

Does your gift recipient like to stay organized? The Solo Stove Station might just make the perfect gift. It allows users to keep their Solo Stove, firewood, and accessories neatly tucked away and protected from the elements. It comes with an all-weather cover that safeguards the stove against rain, snow, and ice. In addition, it has a durable powder-coated aluminum frame and a weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Get the Station at Solo Stove for $249.99.

6. Bonfire Heat Deflector

The Best Gifts for Anyone Who Owns a Solo Stove Option Bonfire Heat Deflector

Solo Stove fire pits give off an impressive amount of heat, and the brand’s Heat Deflector redirects it to make gathering around the fire a cozy experience, no matter the temperature. It’s crafted from 304 stainless steel, making it durable and long lasting. It’s compatible with the Bonfire Hub, but can also be placed directly on the flame ring. 

Get the Bonfire Heat Deflector at Solo Stove for $169.99.

7. Aluminum Windscreen

The Best Gifts for Anyone Who Owns a Solo Stove Option Aluminum Windscreen

Trying to use a Solo Stove in windy weather can be a frustrating experience. That’s where the brand’s aluminum windscreen comes in. It wraps around a Solo Stove, blocking it from the wind so the flames can keep going strong. It features extendable stakes that allow it to work with different types of terrain. This product is compatible with the brand’s smaller, portable stoves such as the Titan and Lite models.

Get the Aluminum Windscreen at Solo Stove for $16.99.

8. Bonfire Cast Iron Griddle Top

The Best Gifts for Anyone Who Owns a Solo Stove Option Bonfire Cast Iron Griddle Top

Want to give your giftee the ability to make pancakes, burgers, or bacon using their Solo Stove Bonfire? This cast-iron griddle top makes for the perfect cooking accessory. It works well with the high temperatures that the stove emits, maintaining heat steadily for a seamless user experience. Note that this accessory needs to be paired with a Solo Stove Bonfire and a Hub. 

Get the Bonfire Cast Iron Griddle Top at Solo Stove for $89.99

9. Bonfire Pi Fire + Tools

The Best Gifts for Anyone Who Owns a Solo Stove Option Bonfire Pi Fire + Tools

The Pi Fire pizza oven is a useful addition to a Solo Stove fire pit experience. It sits above the fire pit, transforming it into a versatile pizza oven. It’s designed for portability with built-in handles and a convenient carry case, allowing users to enjoy wood-fired pizzas from anywhere. This kit includes key accessories such as a 12-inch bamboo pizza peel, the Pi Turner 2.0, and a touchless infrared thermometer for precise temperature control. Difference sizes are also available to fit other Solo Stove models.

Get the Bonfire Pi Fire + Tools at Solo Stove for $354.99

10. Fire Pit Tools

The Best Gifts for Anyone Who Owns a Solo Stove Option Fire Pit Tools

These fire pit tools make for a practical gift for the Solo Stove owner on your list. The kit comes with the brand’s Log Grabber and Angled Poker so users can manage their fires safely and easily. They’re constructed from durable 304 stainless steel but are lightweight and comfortable to use. 

Get the Fire Pit Tools at Solo Stove for $64.99.

11. Sondiko Butane Torch

The Best Gifts for Anyone Who Owns a Solo Stove Option Sondiko Butane Torch

There are a variety of ways to light a Solo Stove, but a butane torch like this one from Sondiko makes the process quick and easy. It has a safety lock to prevent it from accidentally igniting and a finger guard to keep hands away from the flames. While it doesn’t come with butane, it’s compatible with various butane tanks, fitting those with both long and short nozzles. 

Get the Sondiko Butane Torch at Amazon for $13.99.

12. Fire Pit Cover

The Best Gifts for Anyone Who Owns a Solo Stove Option Fire Pit Cover

It’s important to keep a Solo Stove safe from the elements, and that’s where the brand’s fire pit cover comes in. Crafted from PVC-coated polyester, its reinforced top prevents water from pooling, making sure the fire pit stays dry and in good working order no matter the weather. The convenient handle allows users to remove it easily, while its foldable design makes for easy storage when it’s not in use. 

Get the Solo Stove Fire Pit Cover at Amazon for $46.88.

13. Fire Pit Surround

The Best Gifts for Anyone Who Owns a Solo Stove Option Fire Pit Surround

Since Solo Stoves typically involve an open flame, they can be dangerous for children and pets. This Fire Pit Surround provides a useful safety barrier to keep everyone safe. On top of its functionality as a safety measure, the Surround also provides a handy surface for placing drinks or Solo Stove accessories. It’s constructed from powder-coated steel and features UV-resistant outdoor fabric, so it’ll look good for years to come. A larger size is also available for bigger Solo Stove models.

Get the Fire Pit Surround at Solo Stove for $329.99.

14. Pellet Adapter

The Best Gifts for Anyone Who Owns a Solo Stove Option Pellet Adapter

Solo Stoves are generally designed to be wood burning, but this ingenious accessory allows users to transform a Bonfire, Yukon, Ranger, or Canyon model into a pellet stove. Pellets provide a smokeless burn and last for more than 2 hours per fill. They still provide warmth, but they make for a safer user experience. The Pellet Adapter is easy to use and turns a Solo Stove into a dual-fuel system. 

Get the Bonfire Fire Pit Pellet Adapter at Solo Stove for $49.99 (other sizes available for different models).

15. Gloves

The Best Gifts for Anyone Who Owns a Solo Stove Option Gloves

Solo Stove’s heat-resistant gloves are the perfect companion for a safe and comfortable outdoor cooking experience. These gloves offer exceptional heat resistance up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, protecting users’ hands from the intense heat of a campfire or Solo Stove. Whether users are adjusting logs, handling hot cookware, or tending to the fire, these gloves provide a safer experience for the user, and the no-slip palm grips make them easy to use. Since they have a universal fit, you won’t have to worry about choosing the right size. 

Get the Gloves at Solo Stove for $39.99.

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