The Best Home Warranty Companies in Georgia of 2023

Georgia residents may want to protect their home systems and appliances with a home warranty. The best home warranty companies in Georgia can help homeowners pay for repairs on aging appliances and home systems throughout the house.

By Jeff Keleher | Updated Apr 28, 2023 9:52 AM

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The Best Home Warranty Companies in Georgia Options


HVAC systems, refrigerators, and laundry machines can fail at any moment, and through no fault of the homeowner. Normal use can wear down appliances over time until one day they stop working properly. Homeowners insurance policies won’t cover repairs for issues related to wear and tear, but a home warranty will. Georgia residents may want to consider getting coverage through a home warranty to help pay for the costs to repair or even replace home systems and appliances that break down.

The best home warranty companies in Georgia can offer many benefits, ranging from extensive coverage options and extra perks to low rates and generous discounts. Finding the best fit for any given situation involves matching the right provider to a homeowner based on the homeowner’s priorities and preferences. A close examination of the different options available can help Georgia residents seek out the best choice for their needs.

  1. BEST OVERALL: American Home Shield
  2. RUNNER-UP: AFC Home Club
  3. BEST ADD-ON COVERAGE: Liberty Home Guard
  4. BEST FOR LOW RATES: Cinch Home Services
  5. ALSO CONSIDER: Choice Home Warranty
The Best Home Warranty Companies in Georgia Options


What to Consider When Choosing One of the Best Home Warranty Companies in Georgia

When searching for the best home warranty company in Georgia, homeowners may be presented with multiple plans to consider from numerous providers. It may initially seem difficult to compare these different options and determine what exactly distinguishes one company from another. By focusing on a handful of key features and considerations, however, Georgia residents can make a more informed decision regarding the best home warranty for their situation.

Policies and Plans

Many home warranty companies offer more than one plan for customers to choose from—for instance, a home warranty provider may have a plan that only covers key home systems like heating and air conditioning and another that only covers select appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers. It’s also likely that companies will have an all-encompassing plan that provides coverage for a wide range of home systems and appliances around the house—and possibly even some extra perks to entice homeowners as well. Customers may also have the option to purchase add-on services that expand their home warranty coverage beyond the standard policy terms.

Average Monthly Rate

When looking at the cost of a home warranty, it’s important for homeowners to account for the different variables that can affect the final price. Rates can be determined by the plan, service fee, and add-on options selected by the customer. It’s also not unusual for home warranty providers to charge an extra fee for oversize homes, but what constitutes an oversize home can vary from company to company.

Given all of those potential factors, accurately comparing prices from different companies can be tricky if homeowners don’t know exactly what they want in a home warranty. If they are early in the selection process, it may be helpful to use the average monthly rate of each company to compare prices. The average monthly rate will account for the various policies offered by each home warranty provider without wading into add-on options, service fees, and discounts. This can be a good starting point for comparing home warranty companies in Georgia.


Discounts are relatively common with home warranties, but they aren’t always available and can vary quite a bit in terms of their savings. It can be worth homeowners seeking out discount opportunities, as they can save customers a fair amount of money in some cases. Homeowners may receive a reduced rate on their home warranty by paying up front for their policy (instead of going month to month), taking advantage of promo codes, or simply signing up as a brand-new customer. With the right combination of discounts and extra savings, a homeowner could shave a significant amount off their monthly rate.

Service Fee

Before a home warranty provider will schedule a covered repair, it will require the customer to pay a service fee. This fee should be clearly outlined when purchasing a home warranty and, in many cases, customers will have the option to select from a couple of different pricing options. Selecting a lower service fee will reduce out-of-pocket costs when a customer submits a claim, but the customer’s monthly rate will go up as a result. Meanwhile, going with a higher service fee will lower the monthly or annual price of the home warranty. Each customer will need to decide what a good balance looks like between the up-front and long-term costs. It’s also worth customers noting that not all companies offer a range of service fees; they will simply charge the same technician fee to every customer.

Waiting Period

Aside from certain circumstances, home warranty coverage is unlikely to start right away. New customers will typically have to wait a certain length of time before their policy will kick in and they are able to file a claim. A 30-day waiting period is pretty common, but some companies may require longer wait times before they will consider a repair request. Waiting periods may be an important consideration for homeowners who want their coverage to begin as soon as possible. As far as exceptions to this practice go, home warranty companies may waive the waiting period for customers who can show that they already have a warranty with another company and are simply looking to switch providers. Not all providers will be willing to make this exception, however.

Claims Process

Since homeowners don’t want to be left waiting for a response if their appliance or home system is on the fritz, filing a claim on a home warranty should ideally be a quick process. That’s especially true if, for instance, a Georgia homeowner’s air-conditioning system stops working in the middle of a hot and humid summer. This is why it’s important for customers to look at the expected response times for each company when submitting a repair request. Customers will often have the option to file a claim online or over the phone; that won’t always be the case with every company, though, so it’s worth customers considering how claims are handled. Another factor to think about is contractor selection. Most home warranty companies will choose a local technician themselves without the customer’s input, but some providers will give homeowners the option to pick their own contractor who may not be part of the company’s preferred network.

Workmanship Guarantee

Once covered repairs are completed, customers will have a set period of time to lodge a complaint about the quality of the work or request additional repairs because the underlying issue was not adequately addressed. Any requests for follow-up appointments made outside of this time frame could result in additional service fees being charged before that work will be completed. This period of time is known as the workmanship guarantee, and it can vary significantly from one company to another. Georgia homeowners may find that, depending on which provider they choose, their workmanship guarantee can last as little as a month or as long as the entire length of their policy. A long workmanship guarantee can provide peace of mind to homeowners since they know they won’t necessarily need to pay an extra service fee if they are dissatisfied with their technician’s work.

Our Top Picks

The top home warranty companies in Georgia have a lot to offer, but it’s important that homeowners do their due diligence and find the right fit for their needs. The top providers may stand out from the competition on their price point, coverage options, claims process, and other deciding factors.

Best Overall

The Best Home Warranty Companies in Georgia Option American Home Shield

Why It Made the Cut: American Home Shield offers uncapped limits on home system repairs, free or discounted HVAC tune-ups, and an exclusive home services platform for home warranty customers.

Georgia residents may find that American Home Shield is the best choice for their home warranty needs, as the company provides plenty of benefits to consider. What may stand out the most to prospective customers is the company’s policy on home system repairs. Regardless of which plan homeowners choose, their home system repair requests will not be restricted by a coverage limit, so they don’t need to worry about having a claim denied because the repair cost exceeds a certain threshold. Although it’s worth noting that American Home Shield’s 30-day workmanship guarantee is a bit on the short side, the fact that there are no limits on home system coverage limit could easily trump that as a deciding factor for many homeowners.

American Home Shield offers several other perks and benefits that may appeal to Georgia residents. For instance, customers can receive free or discounted HVAC tune-ups and AC refrigerant refills, depending on which plan they select. The company also has a separate platform, called ProConnect, that allows homeowners to schedule additional home services whenever needed. These home services, which may include carpet cleaning, drain cleaning, or power washing, among other options, would not typically be covered by a home warranty, so customers may be able to get more value out of their American Home Shield plan by taking advantage of the ProConnect program. If customers decide that a home warranty isn’t right for them or they want to switch to another provider, they can cancel within the first 30 days of their policy and receive a full refund, provided that they have not already submitted a claim.


  • Average monthly rate: $44
  • Service fee: $75 to $125
  • Waiting period: 30 days
  • Claims process: Online, phone
  • Workmanship guarantee: 30 days


  • Unlimited home system repair work
  • Free or discounted HVAC tune-ups
  • Unlimited or discounted AC refrigerant refills
  • Additional on-demand home services available via AHS ProConnect
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Short 30-day workmanship guarantee


The Best Home Warranty Companies in Georgia Option AFC Home Club

Why It Made the Cut: Homeowners looking for an exceptional repair process may be interested in AFC Home Club’s long workmanship guarantee and the option to select their own contractor or technician for repairs.

AFC Home Club distinguishes itself among the best home warranty companies in Georgia with its flexible approach to covered repairs. For instance, customers don’t necessarily have to use one of AFC Home Club’s preferred contractors; they also have the option to pick their own. Homeowners who already have a repairman or handyman they trust may find this option very appealing. Workmanship guarantees run the entire length of a customer’s plan, which means that any repairs will be guaranteed for up to 3 years, depending on the policy terms selected.

Prospective customers will want to keep in mind that AFC Home Club does require customers to schedule an HVAC tune-up at least once a year in order to keep their home warranty in good standing from one year to the next. Such routine maintenance is often a good idea regardless, as it can help extend the life of a home system and keep it running properly. Long-time and returning customers may appreciate the 5-year rate lock that could help save them money on their home warranty if the company’s rates go up in the future. In addition, AFC Home Club will waive its 30-day waiting period on new policies if homeowners agree to schedule a home inspection, which could potentially remove any coverage gaps for new customers.


  • Average monthly rate: $47
  • Service fee: $75 to $125
  • Waiting period: 30 days
  • Claims process: Online, phone
  • Workmanship guarantee: 1 or 3 years


  • 5-year guarantee on monthly rate
  • Waiting period waived with home inspection
  • Customer-selected technician option
  • Extremely long 1- or 3-year workmanship guarantee


  • Annual HVAC maintenance required

Best Add-On Coverage

The Best Home Warranty Companies in Georgia Option Liberty Home Guard

Why It Made the Cut: Liberty Home Guard gives Georgia residents plenty to consider with its home warranty plans, offering a low service-fee option, flexible payment setups, and various extra add-ons to expand coverage.

Homeowners looking to build out their home warranties with extra coverage options may be interested in what Liberty Home Guard has to offer. Customers can choose from dozens of different service add-ons that will increase their coverage beyond their standard plans. Extra coverage for pools and spas, septic system pumping, stand-alone freezers, ice makers, and roof leaks are among the most popular add-on options in Georgia. Although the average monthly rate may be a bit higher than that of other home warranty companies in this state, customers can reduce their out-of-pocket costs on a claim by choosing the company’s low $60 minimum service-fee option.

Georgia homeowners who are considering Liberty Home Guard will be pleased to know that they can quickly get an accurate quote thanks to the company’s intuitive online quote tool. During the quote process, new customers will be able to compare the costs of different plans and coverage options with ease, as well as customize their quote with different service fees and add-ons. Before purchasing a policy, new customers may want to keep in mind that the company’s waiting period could run as long as 60 days in some cases. Customers can choose from different payment options, ranging from making monthly installments to paying for up to 5 years of coverage up front. Having this flexibility can make it easier for homeowners to fit a home warranty into their budget.


  • Average monthly rate: $55
  • Service fee: $60 to $125
  • Waiting period: 30 to 60 days
  • Claims process: Online, phone
  • Workmanship guarantee: 60 days


  • Wide range of service add-ons available
  • Low minimum $60 service fee option
  • Transparent and customizable online quote process
  • Flexible payment options


  • Relatively high $55 average monthly rate
  • Potentially long 60-day waiting period

Best for Low Rates

The Best Home Warranty Companies in Georgia Option Cinch Home Services

Why It Made the Cut: Georgia residents looking for a cheap home warranty may be interested in Cinch Home Services’ low average monthly rate, as well as the company’s money-back guarantee and quick response time to service requests.

Cinch Home Warranty can offer many benefits to Georgia homeowners, but the one that may stand out the most is the company’s low average monthly rate. At $42 a month, the typical policy for Georgia properties is relatively affordable, and customers may be able to get a good deal on their home warranty. Taking advantage of low up-front costs may help balance out the somewhat high service fees, which range from $100 to $150. Prospective customers do have the option to cancel their policy within the first 30 days of coverage and receive a full refund, in case they have second thoughts about their home warranty selection.

When the time comes to submit a repair request, customers may be encouraged to hear that a company representative may get back to them within 2 hours of receiving a claim. This is a very quick turnaround time for a home warranty claim and, as a result, it’s possible that homeowners will be able to schedule necessary repairs as soon as possible with Cinch Home Services.


  • Average monthly rate: $42
  • Service fee: $100 to $150
  • Waiting period: 30 days
  • Claims process: Online, phone
  • Workmanship guarantee: 180 days


  • Relatively low $42 average monthly rate
  • Quick response within 2 hours of service request possible
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Relatively high $100 to $150 service fee

Also Consider

The Best Home Warranty Companies in Georgia Option Choice Home Warranty

Why It Made the Cut: Choice Home Warranty offers a strong claims process thanks to its supportive representatives, as well as the option to have the waiting period waived for customers who switch home warranty providers.

Choice Home Warranty may be a good choice for some Georgia homeowners, especially if they prioritize hands-on support during the claims process. When a repair request is received, the company will assign multiple representatives to help move the process along. If customers need to get an update on their claim or have any kind of issue—such as a complaint about the quality of the technician’s work—they can reach out to a few different representatives who should all be familiar with their claim.

The promise of a smooth claims process and responsive support team may outweigh any concerns about the company’s short workmanship guarantee and somewhat limited home warranty policy options. Another potential benefit that might appeal to homeowners who are looking to switch home warranty providers is the option to have their waiting period waived if they can show that they already have a plan with another company. By doing so, they can move from their old plan to their new one without any coverage gaps in between.


  • Average monthly rate: $51
  • Service fee: $85
  • Waiting period: 30 days
  • Claims process: Online, phone
  • Workmanship guarantee: 30 days


  • Waiting period waived for customers with an existing home warranty
  • Hands-on claims support from multiple representatives


  • Limited policy options
  • Short 30-day workmanship guarantee

Our Verdict

The award for Best Overall goes to American Home Shield on account of the company’s generous coverage limits on home system repairs, exclusive home services platform, and extra perks for customers that include, in some cases, free HVAC tune-ups. AFC Home Club is our pick for Runner-Up due to the very long workmanship guarantee, 5-year rate lock on new policies, and the option for customers to select their own technician or contractor.

How We Chose the Best Home Warranty Companies in Georgia

When determining the best home warranty companies in Georgia, we looked at a variety of factors that might help inform a customer’s decision-making process. Coverage was a major consideration, including the standard coverage included in available policies as well as any extra add-ons that could help homeowners expand the scope of their home warranty to pay for a wider range of repairs, maintenance tasks, and even services that may not be typically covered by a home warranty.

The cost of each company’s home warranty policy was also weighed from a few different vantage points: the average monthly cost of the different plans available, the range of service fees customers might pay, and any discounts that could help lower the cost of coverage. The claims process, including response times, workmanship guarantees, and how repair requests could be submitted, was another important factor that influenced how the best home warranty companies in Georgia were selected.

Before You Choose One of the Best Home Warranty Companies in Georgia

Buying a home warranty may require a fairly significant up-front investment, so it’s a good idea for a homeowner to check that this type of policy will provide the coverage they need before signing a contract or agreement. In particular, homeowners will want to keep in mind that home warranties cover maintenance and repairs for normal wear and tear. If an appliance is damaged by a fire or sudden roof leak, for instance, then a home warranty would not pay to fix or replace that appliance. However, a homeowners insurance policy might cover those damages. These two types of coverage can complement each other quite well, though, and a home warranty may be worth it to get more extensive home protection.

Georgia residents will also want to be aware of any potential limitations on their home warranty that might prevent them from filing a claim. For instance, some companies specifically exclude older appliances and home systems from coverage, so customers with older homes may want to seek out a provider that does not have such exclusions. It’s also common for home warranty companies to deny requests to repair pre-existing conditions with covered appliances. Given these potential restrictions, it’s always important to read the user agreement or terms of service when buying a home warranty.

Cost of Opting for One of the Best Home Warranty Companies in Georgia

When shopping around for a good deal with one of the best home warranties in Georgia, homeowners will want to consider the total cost of a home warranty. The price of a standard plan won’t necessarily tell the whole story, as costs can go up if customers need to add several service add-ons to get the coverage they need. Selecting a lower service fee—assuming there are multiple fee options available—can also increase the price of a home warranty. On the other hand, picking a higher technician fee will lower up-front costs but raise the customer’s out-of-pocket expenses when they submit a repair request.

Home warranty companies may also offer discounts that can help homeowners reduce the total cost of their plan. For example, customers could receive a lower rate on their home warranty if they purchase multiple years of coverage. It’s also not unusual for providers to run promotions that offer significant discounts for new customers. Homeowners will also want to be aware that home warranty costs may be impacted by the size of their home, as companies often charge an additional fee for properties that exceed a certain square footage.

The Advantages of Opting for One of the Best Home Warranty Companies in Georgia

A home warranty can provide homeowners with peace of mind knowing that if a major appliance or home system were to break down, their plan could help pay for repairs or even a full replacement. This kind of coverage could help homeowners save money in the long run since the only costs they will need to pay are their monthly or annual rate along with a one-time service fee on any repairs. The best home warranty companies in Georgia offer several additional benefits that can help customers get the most value from their home warranty coverage:

  • Generous coverage limits on home system repairs—and no limit at all in some cases.
  • The potential option for customers to choose their own technician rather than use one from the company’s preferred network.
  • Quick response times when customers submit a repair request so repairs can be scheduled as soon as possible.


Picking the right home warranty is a lot easier when consumers go into the process with a firm understanding of what to look for in a policy, what a reasonable price point may be, and how to compare different providers. By answering some of the questions that are pertinent to the purchase process, Georgia homeowners will be in a better position to find the best option for their particular needs. If need be, it can be helpful to go back to the basics and answer the most fundamental questions—what is a home warranty, for instance—to fully understand how this coverage works.

Q. How much do home warranty companies in Georgia charge on average?

Looking exclusively at the best Georgia home warranty companies listed above, customers can expect the average cost of a home warranty plan in the state to run somewhere between $42 and $51. Customers may wind up paying more or less than that range, though, depending on the scope of their coverage, applicable discounts, and other cost factors.

Q. How do I find a good home warranty company in Georgia?

It’s a good idea for homeowners to start by determining what coverage they need so they can eliminate any companies that are unable to meet those requirements. Setting a firm budget up front is recommended as well to avoid overspending on a home warranty. With those factors in mind, homeowners can begin gathering quotes from different companies to find one that can deliver the right coverage at the right price point.

Q. What does a home warranty cover?

A home warranty covers the cost to repair or replace various appliances and home systems, depending on the terms of the policy. Home warranties only cover instances of wear and tear, such as appliances breaking down due to age, rather than physical damage.

Q. When should I buy a home warranty?

Homeowners may decide they need a home warranty if they’re worried about budgeting for future costs to repair appliances and home systems when they inevitably break down. A home warranty could be especially helpful if major home systems like furnaces and air conditioners are getting on in age and could be more likely to fail or malfunction. That being said, some home warranty companies will exclude older appliances and home systems from coverage, so it’s always good to check the terms and conditions of a policy before agreeing to anything.

Q. What is the difference between homeowners insurance and a home warranty?

Although some people may think of a home warranty as home appliance insurance, it’s not really insurance at all. In fact, some home warranty companies will refer to their offerings as “service contracts” to avoid any confusion. When comparing a home warranty vs. homeowners insurance, the most important distinction comes down to coverage. A home warranty covers wear and tear, while homeowners insurance covers certain perils like fire, smoke, wind, hail, theft, and vandalism. Another point to keep in mind is that while homeowners are never required to purchase a home warranty, their mortgage lender will likely require proof of homeowners insurance coverage before extending a home loan.

Q. How long do home warranties last?

Many home warranties run for 12 months, but some companies allow customers to buy multiple years of coverage up front—and often at a discounted rate.