The Best Home Warranty Companies in Ohio of 2023

From high coverage limits to lengthy workmanship guarantees and a plethora of service add-ons homeowners can use to customize their coverage, the best home warranty companies in Ohio have a lot to offer.

Best Overall

The Best Home Warranty Companies in Ohio Option AFC Home Club

AFC Home Club

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The Best Home Warranty Companies in Ohio Option American Home Shield

American Home Shield

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Best Add-On Coverage

The Best Home Warranty Companies in Ohio Option Liberty Home Guard

Liberty Home Guard

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A home warranty is a form of property protection that can come in handy for homeowners when they find themselves in need of urgent repairs on critical home systems and appliances. Though home warranties aren’t required by lenders like homeowners insurance is, this type of coverage can provide both new and experienced homeowners with valuable peace of mind, covering certain repairs up to a certain amount per policy term.

Although opting for a residential home warranty may be a good idea for many types of homeowners, the specific plan and provider that’s best for them will depend on several factors, from costs to coverage options and customer experience factors. To simplify the search, residents of the Buckeye State can begin by reviewing this list of the best home warranty companies in Ohio.

  1. BEST OVERALL: AFC Home Club
  2. RUNNER-UP: American Home Shield
  3. BEST ADD-ON COVERAGE: Liberty Home Guard
  4. BEST FOR LOW RATES: Choice Home Warranty
  5. ALSO CONSIDER: Select Home Warranty
The Best Home Warranty Companies in Ohio Option

What to Consider When Choosing One of the Best Home Warranty Companies in Ohio

No two home warranties are created equal, with each home warranty company offering its own policy tiers, add-on coverage options, discount opportunities, and more. To find the best home warranty for their specific needs, homeowners will therefore need to compare multiple home warranty providers and plans, beginning with the following factors.

Policies and Plans

When comparing home warranty companies, one of the first factors homeowners will want to consider is each company’s home warranty coverage options. These options are typically broken down into multiple policies and plans, ranging from basic to comprehensive. Some companies may also offer extra service add-ons customers can purchase to further expand the scope of their coverage, such as home appliance warranties for appliances not typically covered by a warranty.

However, the specific plans and policies available will vary significantly among providers, so homeowners will need to pay close attention to the specific items covered by each company, especially if they are seeking home warranty coverage on items that are not commonly covered under a basic policy.

Maximum Coverage Limit

The coverage limit on a home warranty refers to the maximum amount the home warranty company is willing to pay on covered repairs. While some companies may set coverage limits per item, others may set an overarching coverage cap for the entire home warranty policy term.

These limits are an important factor for homeowners to consider when buying a home warranty, as they can directly impact the costs associated with this type of coverage. For example, a home warranty might cover furnace repair costs, but if the furnace needs to be replaced and the projected replacement costs exceed the maximum coverage limit, homeowners may be on the hook to pay these costs out of pocket.

Average Monthly Rate

Though some home warranty companies provide rewards to homeowners who choose to pay for their annual or multiyear policy in full, many homeowners opt to make monthly payments on their home warranty. These are called monthly rates, which are the up-front costs of this type of coverage. Average monthly rates can provide a simple way for prospective customers to compare the cost of coverage among providers, though the exact amount a homeowner pays for their policy will depend on several factors, including the scope of coverage and the age, condition, and location of the home.

Based on these factors, homeowners could end up paying more or less than a company’s average rates, but these rates can still provide an estimate of what a homeowner might need to pay to protect their home’s systems and appliances. To take it a step further, homeowners can also request home warranty quotes, which will provide a more direct look at the coverage costs they will need to be prepared for with each provider.


It’s no secret that homeownership is expensive. From mortgage payments to property taxes and homeowners insurance fees, it’s understandable that many homeowners prioritize finding an affordable home warranty. Thankfully, many home warranty companies offer discount opportunities customers can use to potentially lower the total cost of their coverage.

But like many of the other factors on this list, the potential discounts available, and the steps homeowners need to take to capitalize on them, will vary among providers. While some companies may run promotional discounts to attract new customers, others may reward loyal customers who pay up front for their policy with additional months of protection free of charge. Deal-seeking homeowners will want to take advantage of these opportunities, so they will want to review each company’s discounts before committing to a plan.

Service Fee

While homeowners will want to be prepared to pay for their home warranty annually or in monthly installments, they will also want to be prepared to pay an additional out-of-pocket cost when scheduling repairs on covered systems and appliances. This is called a service fee, and unsurprisingly, the exact cost of the service fee will depend on the provider.

Some home warranty companies standardize one service fee across all policies, while others may provide customers with multiple service fees to choose from. Homeowners given the option to choose their service fee will want to take the time to understand the effect this fee can have on their monthly rates. Typically, choosing a lower service fee means agreeing to pay higher monthly rates, while being willing to pay a higher service fee may allow homeowners to pay less per month. Either way, to avoid sudden, surprise costs, the service fee is something homeowners will want to consider.

Waiting Period

It’s common for home warranties to kick off with a waiting period: a brief window of time between when the policy begins and when the homeowner can first submit a repair request. Waiting periods typically last around 30 days, but some home warranty companies may provide customers with opportunities to bypass the waiting period under certain circumstances.

For example, some companies may be willing to waive the waiting period for new customers switching from another provider. Others may offer to waive it for homeowners who are willing to complete a home inspection. These opportunities can allow homeowners to avoid unsavory gaps in their home warranty coverage, so waiting periods will need to be on their list of factors worth considering.

Claims Process

When homeowners find themselves in need of home system or appliance repairs, those with home warranties may feel an overwhelming sense of relief knowing they can get the repairs they need without breaking the bank.

But depending on their provider, this sense of relief may be immediately followed by feelings of uncertainty or even frustration, as each home warranty company has its own process for submitting claims, its own timeline for accepting claims, and its own steps for selecting repair technicians. To avoid having to navigate a completely foreign process when urgent repairs are needed, homeowners will want to take the time to understand the claims process offered by each company before choosing one. This could involve reading home warranty reviews written by current and former customers to see what their experiences were.

Workmanship Guarantee

If initial repairs fail to resolve the underlying issue with a covered system or appliance, homeowners typically have a short period of time to request additional repairs without having to pay an additional service fee.

This is referred to as a workmanship guarantee, and it’s an important factor for customers to consider as it can directly impact their out-of-pocket costs. Workmanship guarantees can last as little as 30 days to up to several years depending on the home warranty company, so prospective policyholders will want to note this detail and plan accordingly.

Our Top Picks

To determine the best home warranty companies in Ohio, we looked for those offering affordable rates and service fees, uncomplicated claims processes, and coverage options that may appeal to residents of this Midwestern state.

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Why It Made the Cut:

Homeowners with policies through AFC Home Club will receive the benefit of low, locked-in rates; lengthy workmanship guarantees; and the potential to bypass the waiting period.

New customers looking to avoid gaps in their home warranty coverage may be drawn to AFC Home Club, as the company promises to waive its standard 30-day waiting period for any homeowners who show proof of a recent home inspection. New customers may also be excited to learn that the company locks in rates for up to 5 years, allowing homeowners who secure a good deal on their policy to continue paying their original rates even if prices increase during that time.

Prospective policyholders will want to note that AFC Home Club will not approve any HVAC repair requests unless the customer has provided an annual maintenance record from a licensed technician that predates the claim. Although this requirement adds an additional step to the process, which may lead to claims being denied under some circumstances, having an incentive to keep up on annual HVAC maintenance may help homeowners keep these critical systems in good condition, allowing them to save on potentially expensive repairs down the road.

When the time comes for repairs, AFC Home Club allows its customers to select their own technician if preferred. Though customers will also have the ability to choose a contractor from the company’s preferred network, this flexible option may appeal to experienced homeowners who already have a trusted technician in mind for their home repairs. Homeowners with policies through AFC will also receive the benefit of an impressively long workmanship guarantee, which lasts the entire length of the policy. With policies lasting either 1 or 3 years, this guarantee may be one of the biggest advantages of choosing AFC, as it means homeowners won’t need to worry about paying any additional service fees if follow-up repairs are needed on covered systems and appliances throughout their policy term.



  • Maximum coverage limit: $3,000
  • Average monthly rate: $54
  • Service fee: $75 to $125
  • Claims process: Online, phone
  • Workmanship guarantee: 1 or 3 years


  • Customer-selected technician option
  • Extremely long 1- or 3-year workmanship guarantee
  • 5-year guarantee on monthly rate
  • Waiting period waived with home inspection


  • Annual HVAC maintenance required
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Why It Made the Cut:

With high coverage limits, standard coverage for pre-existing conditions, and protection for damage due to rust, corrosion, and sediment, American Home Shield (AHS) has a lot to offer Ohio homeowners.

At first glance, homeowners may notice that American Home Shield’s standard coverage includes a few unique items, including issues due to rust, corrosion, and sediment damage as well as any pre-existing conditions that cannot be detected by a visual inspection or simple mechanical test. These standard coverage inclusions are typically only available as extra service add-ons with other companies, which homeowners will have to pay to unlock. Because of this, prospective customers may appreciate that with AHS, they can secure the coverage they need at no extra cost, increasing the overall value of an AHS policy. The company’s plans also include a coverage limit of $5,000 on HVAC repairs. This limit is incredibly high when compared with other providers’ limits, which may allow American Home Shield customers to request more expensive repairs on their covered home systems.

However, when these repairs are completed, AHS customers will want to be aware that they are only covered for 30 days under the company’s workmanship guarantee. This is a relatively small window of time for homeowners to identify issues with their covered repairs, which could lead to situations in which homeowners are required to pay an additional service fee to schedule follow-up work, increasing the out-of-pocket costs associated with this type of coverage. Still, workmanship guarantees may not be a top priority for all homeowners, and those prioritizing factors such as affordable rates and high coverage limits may deem American Home Shield an option worth considering.



  • Maximum coverage limit: $5,000 (for HVAC repairs)
  • Average monthly rate: $53
  • Service fee: $100 or $125
  • Claims process: Online, phone
  • Workmanship guarantee: 30 days


  • Relatively high $5,000 coverage limit on HVAC repairs
  • Coverage for unknown pre-existing conditions included
  • Rust, corrosion, and sediment coverage included


  • Relatively short 30-day workmanship guarantee
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Why It Made the Cut:

With Liberty Home Guard’s impressive portfolio of service add-ons and a list of service fees to choose from, homeowners may be able to design their ideal home warranty.

Homeowners seeking the company with the widest range of coverage options may decide to opt for Liberty Home Guard, as the company offers an impressive list of more than 40 service add-ons customers can purchase to customize and expand the scope of their home warranty coverage. For Ohio residents, the most popular add-on options include stand-alone freezer, sump pump, well pump, and septic system coverage. But regardless of the specific options homeowners choose, Liberty’s portfolio of coverage add-ons may allow them to build a policy that fits their specific needs. Plus, for new customers, Liberty Home Guard also provides free limited roof- leak protection as part of an add-on, which can help homeowners pay to patch roof leaks, thereby packing even more value into a Liberty policy.

Liberty customers will also be given the opportunity to choose from a list of service fees, with options available as low as $60. This is a relatively affordable service fee, which may appeal to homeowners who are looking to keep the out-of-pocket costs of repairs low, while homeowners prioritizing low monthly rates may be able to secure them by choosing a higher service fee option. Either way, to make the most of their coverage, customers considering Liberty Home Guard will want to note that the company has a coverage limit of $2,000 on repairs, which may seem somewhat low compared to other providers. However, it’s important to understand that this limit is applied per item, not per term, which means homeowners could theoretically file multiple repair requests without having to worry about the cumulative cost of repairs as long as costs for individual items do not exceed this coverage cap.



  • Maximum coverage limit: $2,000 (per item)
  • Average monthly rate: $55
  • Service fee: $60 to $125
  • Claims process: Online, phone
  • Workmanship guarantee: 60 days


  • Wide variety of service add-ons
  • Free limited roof-leak coverage with every policy
  • Low $60 minimum service fee


  • Relatively low $2,000 coverage limit per item
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Why It Made the Cut:

From its low rates to its rapid claims-response time, Choice Home Warranty may be an option well worth considering for Ohio homeowners.

Although the exact price a homeowner pays for their home warranty coverage will depend on several factors, from their home’s age, condition, and location to the specific coverage terms they select, Choice Home Warranty’s monthly rates in Ohio average around $51, which is on the low end for a home warranty in this market. As such, Ohio homeowners may be able to find a good deal on their coverage by going with Choice.

The company offers two policy tiers for prospective customers to choose from: a basic plan and a more comprehensive one. Paired alongside a limited number of service add-ons, these options may be somewhat limiting for some homeowners, as they won’t have the same opportunities to customize their plan that they might find with other providers. However, some homeowners may appreciate this simplified approach, as it limits the number of options they will need to weigh before choosing a policy. Whichever plan they choose, Choice customers can expect to pay a service fee of $85 for repairs, which is standardized across the company’s policies. Although this is a relatively average cost for a service fee, it means customers will not have the flexible option to choose from a list of service fees like they might with other providers.

However, some homeowners may be willing to sacrifice these flexible service fees if it allows them to get the repairs they need when they need them. With Choice, homeowners can expect their provider to begin contacting service professionals within as little as 4 hours of receiving a repair request. This is a quick turnaround time, which may be particularly valuable when urgent repairs are needed. The company also promises to waive its 30-day waiting period for new customers when they switch from another provider, allowing homeowners to potentially avoid gaps in their home warranty coverage.



  • Maximum coverage limit: $3,000
  • Average monthly rate: $51
  • Service fee: $85
  • Claims process: Online, phone
  • Workmanship guarantee: 60 days labor, 90 days parts


  • Relatively low $51 average monthly rate
  • Quick claim response within 4 hours of service request
  • Waiting period waived for customers with an existing home warranty


  • Limited policy options
  • No service fee flexibility
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Why It Made the Cut:

Select Home Warranty’s offerings include standard coverage for roof leaks and frequent promotional discounts that can help homeowners save on the cost of their coverage.

Select Home Warranty’s average monthly rates sit just north of $60, which may be considered somewhat high in the Ohio market. However, deal-seeking homeowners will want to note that Select Home Warranty consistently runs promotional deals that can allow new customers to save on the total cost of their home warranty coverage. Although the exact size of the discount they receive may vary depending on which promotions are active at any given time, these discount opportunities can be significant, potentially making up for the company’s comparatively higher rates.

Every policy through Select Home Warranty also comes with some limited roof-leak coverage baked in at no extra cost. For residents of Ohio, where it rains and snows for good portions of the calendar year, this type of coverage may be particularly valuable, allowing them to fix certain roof leaks without worrying about expensive out-of-pocket costs. Before signing on the dotted line, customers considering Select will want to be aware that they might need to wait as long as 96 hours to hear back on repair requests—specifically if those requests are submitted on a holiday or over the weekend. This lengthy response time could lead to inconvenient delays getting necessary repairs completed, though Select’s user agreement states that claims submitted during normal business hours should be processed much more quickly.



  • Maximum coverage limit: $3,000
  • Average monthly rate: $62
  • Service fee: $75 to $100
  • Claims process: Online, email
  • Workmanship guarantee: 60 days


  • Free limited roof-leak coverage with every policy
  • Frequent promotional discounts


  • Somewhat high $62 average monthly rate
  • Slow claim response of up to 96 hours of service request is possible

Our Verdict

We gave the award for Best Overall to AFC Home Club because of the company’s locked-in monthly rates, lengthy workmanship guarantees, and flexible options that may allow homeowners to skip the waiting period or select their own technician for repairs. The Runner-Up award goes to American Home Shield due to its high coverage limits on HVAC repairs and standard coverage inclusions for rust, corrosion, sediment, and coverage for certain pre-existing conditions.

How We Chose the Best Home Warranty Companies in Ohio

To build this list of the best home warranty companies in Ohio, we considered each provider’s coverage options, taking note of the different plans available as well as the specific items covered under each policy tier. Coverage limits and service add-ons were also considered, and we paid close attention to any noteworthy options that may appeal to Ohio homeowners.

Cost considerations were another major factor, so we examined each home warranty company’s monthly rates, service fees, and potential discount opportunities to approximate the total cost of coverage through each provider. To gain an understanding of the potential customer experience, we weighed factors such as the claims process and the workmanship guarantee to consider how these elements might impact a customer’s ability to capitalize on their home warranty coverage.

Before You Opt for One of the Best Home Warranty Companies in Ohio

From average costs to coverage options, there are many factors homeowners need to consider to find the best home warranty for their situation. But before they can begin comparing providers, homeowners must assess whether they need a home warranty—and, if so, what their requirements are. Although home warranties can be beneficial for almost any homeowner, the specific coverage needed may vary depending on the home’s age and condition as well as the homeowner’s comfort level with risk.

To build their list of home warranty priorities, prospective policyholders will want to walk through their home, making note of any systems and appliances they might need to have covered and considering the amount of money they might be willing to pay for that coverage, both in terms of monthly rate and service fees. In doing this, homeowners can enter the home warranty search more confidently, with their list of priorities guiding the way.

Cost of Opting for One of the Best Home Warranty Companies in Ohio

To assess a company’s home warranty costs, there are two factors homeowners will need to consider: rates and service fees. While rates are oftentimes paid monthly in return for home warranty coverage, service fees are due when homeowners use that coverage to schedule repairs.

Alongside potential discount opportunities, both of these factors can affect the total cost of coverage with each home warranty provider. Along with a home’s age, condition, and location, the specific coverage terms selected will also impact the price a homeowner pays to protect their home’s systems and appliances. However, national home warranty costs average around $600 per year.

The Advantages of Opting for One of the Best Home Warranty Companies in Ohio

There are many reasons homeowners might deem a home warranty worth it. From the simple peace of mind that comes with knowing their home is protected to more tangible benefits, like saving on expensive repair costs, the best home warranty companies can provide several advantages to the homeowners who opt for them, including:

  • Simpler household budgeting due to predictable monthly rates and service fees as opposed to sudden, unexpected repair costs;
  • Faster, more affordable system and appliance repairs due to the financial backing of the home warranty company; and
  • An easier process for finding and selecting a trusted service professional thanks to the company’s preferred network of contractors.


Despite all the information laid out in this article, it’s understandable that Ohio homeowners might have some lingering questions about home warranties in their area. Preparing for the home warranty search is the best way for homeowners to be confident about selecting the right policy for their needs, so to eliminate uncertainty, prospective customers may want to review the following frequently asked questions.

Q. Is a home warranty required by the law in the state of Ohio?

Although home warranties can be beneficial to homeowners across the country, this type of coverage is not legally required in Ohio.

Q. Do home warranty plans in Ohio cover home appliances?

Home warranty plans in Ohio typically cover both systems and appliances, though the specific items covered may vary from one provider to another.

Q. How long does it take before home warranty coverage begins in Ohio?

Home warranty coverage begins after a brief waiting period. Though these waiting periods can vary from company to company, they typically last around 30 days.

Q. Do I need to pay up front for a home warranty in Ohio?

Depending on the provider, homeowners can typically choose whether they prefer to pay up front for their home warranty coverage or make monthly payments.

Q. Do home warranty companies in Ohio have different pricing plans based on the age of a house?

The cost of a home warranty in Ohio will depend on several factors, including the home’s age, condition, and location. However, the age of the home alone should not significantly change the cost of coverage.

Q. Do home warranty companies in Ohio offer additional coverage plans?

Many home warranty companies, including all the companies on this list, offer extra service add-ons, though the number of add-ons available will depend on the provider.

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