The Best Kitchen Faucet Brands of 2023

Whether the project is a new build, a major renovation, or a simple kitchen update, knowing the best kitchen faucet brands helps get the job done right.

By Carol Benton | Updated May 17, 2022 6:13 PM

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The Best Kitchen Faucet Brands


Kitchen faucets are hardworking pieces of equipment that get frequent, daily use, and people generally take them for granted. These trusted fixtures must be safe, efficient, leak-proof, easy to operate, stylish, and complementary to kitchen decors.

When it’s time to select a kitchen faucet for a new home or to replace an existing one in the current abode, the task of making the right selection takes on great importance. Understanding which brands are reputable goes a long way toward making the right decision. The best kitchen faucets include a variety of exciting options to suit a wide range of needs, budgets, and preferences. Read on to learn more about the most trusted kitchen faucet brands.

1. American Standard

The Best Kitchen Faucet Brands Option: American Standard


About the Brand: American Standard offers a range of single-hand and touchless kitchen faucets with pull-down and pull-out sprayers that are available in attractive designs with durable scratch-free finishes.
Price Range: $ to $$$

For more than 140 years, American Standard (formerly Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company) has produced high-quality kitchen and bathroom fixtures. With sustainability as a top priority, American Standard is committed to innovation, sanitation, and health. Adhering to ethical and safe business practices, the company implements steps to reduce its environmental impact.

American Standard’s kitchen faucet lineup includes pull-down and pull-out sprayers as well as single-handle, two-handle, and touchless choices in both deck-mount and wall-mount models. Filtered water faucets and measure-fill faucets offer additional convenience.

Innovations from American Standard include selectronic technology, which allows users to turn the water on and off with a wave of the hand. The SelectFlo feature offers four distinct spray functions, and the Re-trax system facilitates smooth operation when pulling out or retracting the spray head. Ergonomic faucet designs comply with standards found in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for installation in handicap-accessible kitchens.

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2. Danze

The Best Kitchen Faucet Brands Option: Danze


About the Brand: Danze incorporates durable components, including high-quality ceramic cartridges, to produce reliable and efficient single-handle faucets.
Price Range: $$ to $$$

In 2019, Danze integrated with the Gerber Plumbing Fixtures company under the auspices of parent company Globe Union Industrial Corporation. Based in Woodridge, Illinois, Danze’s products are available in stores and online through several vendors.

Danze uses high-quality materials in its kitchen faucets, including all-brass construction and drip-free ceramic disc valves. The pull-down and pull-out sprays, along with single-hand operation, ensure ease of use to make kitchen chores a breeze. Faucets with side sprays are also available. Shoppers may choose from several finishes, including chrome, stainless steel, satin black, and tumbled bronze.

A snapback system facilitates smooth and complete spray-hose retraction by reducing friction so that the hose glides smoothly into position. Additionally, Danze’s dock force technology uses magnetic force to hold the spray head tight to the spout when it’s not in use.

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3. Delta

The Best Kitchen Faucet Brands Option: Delta


About the Brand: In addition to a long-standing reputation for quality products, groundbreaking technology, and attractive designs, Delta Faucet also demonstrates a commitment to water conservation in the designs and manufacturing processes for its kitchen faucets.
Price Range: $$ to $$$

Founded in 1921, Delta has served multiple generations of Americans as a manufacturer of reliable and innovative plumbing fixtures. The company maintains headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, with manufacturing facilities in Indiana, Tennessee, Michigan, Kentucky, and China.

Delta’s kitchen faucets offer innovative features along with stunning designs and finishes. For busy cooks, Delta’s voice and touch-activated models offer the ultimate convenience. Handling stacks of dirty dishes is also easy thanks to the company’s ShieldSpray technology, which focuses a forceful stream of water from pull-down and pull-out sprayers onto messy cookware. When the job is done, the MagnaTite docking system ensures that the hoses and sprayers retract completely, holding tight to the faucet spout when not in use.

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4. Forious

The Best Kitchen Faucet Brands Option: Forious


About the Brand: With a commitment to high-standard manufacturing practices and quality control, Forious applies modern technology in the production of faucets that are hassle-free, easy to install, and modestly priced.
Price Range: $

Forious kitchen faucets offer safety, quality, and convenient features at a budget-friendly price. Constructed with lead-free materials, Forious faucets are resistant to rust and corrosion. The company’s handy sprayer heads swivel 360 degrees for convenience in cleanup jobs. With optional deck plates, Forious faucets fit one-hole and three-hole installation applications.

Innovations in faucet design offer convenience for users. For example, a two-function spray head, available on pull-down and pull-out sprayers, allows the user to control the water flow. The stream mode is useful for filling pots, while the spray mode facilitates a wide spray for cleaning messy dishes.

Founded in 2003, Forious partners with large supermarkets, wholesalers, and retailers while also participating in e-commerce.

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5. Grohe

The Best Kitchen Faucet Brands Option: Grohe


About the Brand: International kitchen and bathroom fixture brand Grohe enjoys a long-held reputation for refined German engineering, style, innovation, and cutting-edge technology.
Price Range: $$ to $$$$$

Offering a range of kitchen faucets from modestly priced models to high-tech, expensive options, Grohe products represent a wide variety of kitchen faucet alternatives. The smart control feature includes a push button for on-off functions as well as hands-free use. Additionally, a turn valve regulates water flow ranging from the water-saving EcoJoy mode to a full flow. Interior ceramic valves ensure drip-free functioning.

Grohe’s modern and elegant designs complement many kitchen decors. They’re available in eight matte or shiny finishes, including oil-rubbed bronze, starlight chrome, polished nickel, and more.

Founded as the Berkenhoff & Paschedag Hardware company in 1911 in Germany, Grohe changed its name in 1936 when it was acquired by Friedrich Grohe. Today, the Grohe company is owned by the Japanese Lixil Group and the Development Bank of Japan. With a corporate center and design studio located in Düsseldorf, Germany, Grohe operates manufacturing facilities in Germany, Thailand, and Portugal. Its U.S. headquarters occupy space alongside a luxury showroom in New York City.

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6. Hansgrohe

The Best Kitchen Faucet Brands Option: Hansgrohe


About the Brand: Hansgrohe is well known for high-end products that feature stylish designs and innovative technological features.
Price Range: $$$ to $$$$

The Hansgrohe company dates back to 1901 Germany, when Hans Grohe began manufacturing tin showers for the newly popular private household bathroom. Today, the company’s products are manufactured in Germany, France, China, and the U.S.A, with its American headquarters in Alpharetta, Georgia.

German engineering enjoys a reputation for excellence, and Hansgrohe products are no exception. Made from high-quality materials such as solid brass and stainless steel, Hansgrohe’s kitchen faucets also feature technological advances that enhance convenience for users. For example, the Select technology facilitates on-off function at the touch of a button. Additionally, users can push the button to toggle between normal water flow and shower spray.

Additional design features include a high-arc structure, which leaves plenty of room for filling large pots and manipulating dishes in kitchen sinks.

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7. Kohler

The Best Kitchen Faucet Brand Option: Kohler


About the Brand: One of America’s oldest and largest privately held companies, Kohler maintains a stellar reputation for high-quality kitchen faucets available at a wide range of price points from economical options to high-end, luxury choices.
Price Range: $$ to $$$$

The range of choices in Kohler kitchen faucets exhibits both traditional and modern designs, featuring high-arc and swivel spouts for filling pots or washing large items in kitchen sinks. The selections include one-hole models with pull-down and pull-out sprays as well as two-hole and three-hole installation options. Long-lasting ceramic disc valves ensure drip-free functioning.

Kohler technology includes the DockNetik system that uses magnetic force to secure the spray head to the spout when it’s not in use. Additionally, the berry soft and sweep spray functions allow users to modulate the water flow from a fine mist to a powerful stream that sweeps away grease and grime.

The Kohler company was founded by John Kohler in Wisconsin in 1873. Currently, Kohler states a strong commitment to fighting racism and social injustice as well as dedication to the well-being of its 36,000 associates worldwide. The company assembles its products in the U.S. with parts and components imported from Mexico and China.

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8. Kraus

The Best Kitchen Faucet Brands Option: Kraus


About the Brand: Kraus provides reliable quality and functionality at reasonable prices, offering kitchen faucets via big-box stores and e-commerce websites.
Price Range: $ to $$

Founded in 2007 by Russell Levi and Michael Rukhlin, Kraus is currently well known and competitive in global markets. With a home base in Port Washington, New York, the company is committed to improving everyday life by offering kitchen faucets and other plumbing fixtures that incorporate high-quality materials with luxe designs and up-to-date functionality. At the end of 2020, the Masco Corporation acquired Kraus, and it currently operates as an affiliate of Masco’s Delta Faucet Company.

The range of styles and designs among Kraus kitchen faucets includes traditional and modern options as well as commercial models adapted for home use. Pull-down and pull-out sprayers provide single-hand convenience. Additionally, faucet combo sets offer separate sprayers along with filtered-water spouts.

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9. Moen

The Best Kitchen Faucet Brands Option: Moen


About the Brand: With a long history of manufacturing reliable and high-quality faucets in the U.S., Moen offers a wide range of faucet types and styles, available at both modest and high-end price points. The company is known for having some of the best-rated kitchen faucets.
Price Range: $ to $$$$

The Moen tradition of problem-solving and innovation in plumbing fixtures began in 1937 when Al Moen initiated work on his single-handle faucet invention. Currently, Moen U.S. maintains corporate offices in Olmstead, Ohio, and its faucets are manufactured or assembled from imported components in North Carolina.

Moen offers both high-arc and low-arc kitchen faucets with pull-down and pull-out sprayers as well as side sprayers. Its Power Boost technology delivers increased water flow at the touch of a button, while the Reflex System ensures smooth retraction of the hose and secure docking of the sprayer spout. Available finishes include matte black, spot-resistant stainless, oil-rubbed bronze, and chrome.

Technological advances allow Moen to offer multiple activation options, including manual, voice, app, and hands-free modes that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Voice activation via Alexa and Google Assistant allows users to specify precise water temperatures and amounts for filling containers of any size, from baby bottles to pasta pots.

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The Best Kitchen Faucet Brands Option: OWOFAN


About the Brand: Delivering the industrial look and performance of commercial kitchen faucets, OWOFAN faucets for home kitchens provide durability at budget-friendly prices.
Price Range: $ to $$

OWOFAN kitchen faucets feature high-arc designs with pull-down sprayers, providing plenty of room to manipulate large pots and platters in kitchen sinks. Several of its styles are reminiscent of industrial or commercial kitchens, and available finishes include matte black, brushed nickel, brushed nickel with black, and chrome.

With lead-free solid brass construction and food-safe polyethylene (PEX) hoses used in its faucets, OWOFAN ensures delivery of clean and safe water. A rocker switch on the pull-down sprayers allows users to toggle between a soft stream and a powerful spray. Additionally, the 360-degree swivel feature of the faucets adds to their convenience and adaptability.

The company, OWOFAN Sanitary, is located in China and sells its products on Amazon and other e-commerce websites. According to customer reviews, OWOFAN faucets are made from durable materials and provide reliable service.

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11. Pfister

The Best Kitchen Faucet Brands Option: Pfister


About the Brand: Pfister has a history of reliable quality, offering an immense selection of stylish and innovative kitchen faucets ranging from budget-priced models to high-end options.
Price Range: $ to $$$$

Shoppers on a budget, as well as those who enjoy extravagance, may find appropriate kitchen faucet selections among Pfister’s product lines. Categories include pull-out and pull-down sprayer models as well as faucets with single-handle and two-handle operation. In addition to traditional operation options, some models include touchless activation and built-in filtration systems.

Many of Pfister’s kitchen faucets feature the popular high-arc profile that provides ample room for maneuvering large pots and dishes. Additionally, the sleek, modern designs and industrial styles complement current trends in kitchen decor. A variety of available finishes adds to the plethora of choices among Pfister kitchen faucets.

The Price Pfister company was founded by Emil Price and William Pfister in Los Angeles in 1910. With recent acquisitions, the name changed to Pfister, and the company is currently owned by Spectrum Brands Holdings Incorporated. Pfister kitchen faucets are designed in California and manufactured in China and Korea.

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12. WEWE

The Best Kitchen Faucet Brands Option: WEWE


About the Brand: WEWE offers stylish and reliable kitchen faucets at budget-friendly prices.
Price Range: $

With 20 years experience in the sanitary ware industry, the CEO of WEWE decided to design a kitchen faucet that is easy to install, even for DIY newbies. Overall, the company’s goal is to provide efficient kitchen faucets that make kitchen chores more pleasurable. The WEWE brand is registered in the U.S., and its products are manufactured in China.

WEWE kitchen faucets feature the popular high-arc design along with single-handle operation. Pull-down and pull-out sprayers feature a handy switch that toggles between stream, spray, and pause settings. The spray hoses are made of polyethylene (PEX) to ensure safe and clean water delivery, and some models feature the industrial look of springs that wrap around the spray hoses. Made from stainless steel, available finishes include matte black, brushed nickel, and more: There’s even a brushed gold kitchen faucet available.

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How We Chose the Best Kitchen Faucet Brands

After we conducted much research, we selected many kitchen faucet brands that are popular or innovative to include on our best kitchen faucet brands list. As each brand was reviewed, it was evaluated based on key considerations. While kitchen faucet reviews were noted during evaluations, the brand needed to offer multiple high-quality product offerings that are available at popular retailers.

We selected the top picks for each brand to demonstrate the most popular products and the range of features and price points offered from each brand. As many shoppers’ needs vary for budget, style, and installation, we gave consideration to ensure we included a variety of kitchen faucets that can meet many different needs.