The Best Lawn Care Companies in Atlanta, Georgia of 2023

The hot and humid Georgia climate can take a toll on lawns, and the best lawn care companies in Atlanta can help homeowners keep their grass looking green and healthy.

By Amber Guetebier | Published Aug 31, 2023 12:39 PM

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The Best Lawn Care Companies in Atlanta Options


Many homeowners feel a sense of pride in having their own patch of grass—but if their neighbor’s pristine lawn has them green with envy, it may be time to call in the professionals. From fertilizing to troubleshooting bare patches to treating weeds, the right lawn care company can help establish a lawn care routine that will keep any lawn healthy and happy. The best lawn care companies in Atlanta can do just that for homeowners in this part of Georgia, saving time and adding value to a home by boosting curb appeal. That means a homeowner will have more time to sit back, relax, and enjoy a better-looking lawn.

  1. BEST OVERALL: TruGreen
  2. RUNNER-UP: Lawn Love
  3. BEST FOR DIY: Sunday Lawn Care
  5. ALSO CONSIDER: LawnStarter
The Best Lawn Care Companies in Atlanta Options


What to Consider When Choosing One of the Best Lawn Care Companies in Atlanta

Knowing how to hire a local lawn mowing service or lawn care company will give customers an advantage when choosing the right company. Before deciding which of the best lawn care companies in Atlanta to hire, homeowners will want to consider several factors: frequency of services, any tools available to help schedule services such as apps or online accounts, cost of services and how those are determined, and what type of service guarantees the lawn care company offers.


Typically, lawn care companies in Atlanta will require customers to book services in advance, which allows the customer to choose times that are best suited to their needs. Services may be arranged by calling or emailing the company to make appointments. Some lawn care companies allow customers to manage their accounts, including scheduling, online. Before hiring a company for any recurring service, customers will want to find out how that company handles booking to make sure it aligns with their preferences.

Because many customers opt for recurring appointments, it can be difficult for lawn care services to schedule one-time appointments. The time of year will also factor into scheduling. Spring and fall are usually busier with seasonal cleanup and fertilizing, but lawns grow faster in the warm summer months, requiring more frequent servicing. Ultimately, lawn care services will be determined by the lawn’s needs and the homeowner’s budget.

Services Offered

Most lawn care and landscaping companies will offer a variety of lawn care services. These include mowing, fertilizing, aerating, reseeding, and basic pest control. Some companies offer additional services like tree and shrub care, landscaping, irrigation installation and repair, and even snow removal. Customers who require overseeding, aerating, or irrigation repair may find that doing a simple online search for “lawn mowing Atlanta” may not provide the results they’re looking for. These additional services can be a bonus if a customer wants to stick with the same company throughout the year or requires additional seasonal cleanup. It’s also important for a customer to establish whether or not a company will make a one-time visit or if it only offers recurring services. Most lawn care companies provide their own lawn care products, but customers may want to confirm these are products they are comfortable having in their yard. For example, if a customer prefers not to use pesticides or has pets and children using the lawn frequently, they’ll want to consider eco-friendly or organic lawn care companies.

Quotes and Pricing

Knowing the costs up front may be the deciding factor for any customer looking for an affordable lawn care company. Many lawn care services will offer up-front pricing and free estimates or quotes. Some companies will even deliver these quotes instantly online, via phone, or by email. Companies that offer services outside of lawn maintenance in Atlanta may also provide different pricing tiers for any customers who wish to bundle services or pay for recurring services.


Knowing if a company stands by its work can go a long way to assure customers that they are choosing the best lawn care service available. Guarantees are important, but customers will want to be aware that each lawn care company will have different criteria for its guarantee. For example, a company may require any complaint to be filed within a day of the original service, while another may have a 2-week policy. Broadly speaking, a “satisfaction guarantee” implies that the service or professional will either issue a complete refund or return to rectify the issue at no additional cost to the customer. Customers will want to keep in mind that a satisfaction guarantee is given at a company’s discretion.

Our Top Picks

When evaluating companies that offer lawn maintenance in Atlanta, we looked at factors such as locations and availability, ease of booking and scheduling, company guarantees, and range of services offered,

Best Overall

The Best Lawn Care Companies in Atlanta Option TruGreen

Why It Made the Cut: TruGreen boasts a wide range of service plans to cater to every customer, as well as an easy-to-use scheduling and payment system.

TruGreen is a nationwide lawn care company that serves the greater Atlanta area. The company offers an array of services, including fertilization, aeration, overseeding, pest control, and tree and shrub care. TruGreen does not currently offer mowing services, so customers will either need to take care of this task themselves or hire a separate company. Other services in Atlanta in addition to lawn maintenance include mosquito control, soil amendment, disease treatment, and insect control. These services are offered in a wide range of service plans, from the basic TruHealth package to the all-inclusive TruSignature option. This wide range of services means that customers can use TruGreen to tackle multiple outdoor needs.

While the company only offers satisfaction guarantees to customers with annual plans—which may be a downside if a customer only wants one-off services—it shows customers that TruGreen stands strongly behind its maintenance schedules and plans. These plans are easy to manage online, and scheduling can be done using the mobile app. In addition, customers gain access to the Lawn Care 101 section on TruGreen’s website, which offers a wealth of information about lawn care, grass, pests, weeds, and more, to help customers better understand their lawn’s needs and care requirements.



  • Scheduling: Online, phone, app
  • Services offered: Lawn aeration, overseeding, pest control, soil amendment, tree and shrub care
  • Quotes: Instant online quote
  • Guarantee: Satisfaction guarantee


  • Wide range of service plans that fit most needs
  • Straightforward instant quote, booking, and online payment systems
  • Easy scheduling via the mobile app
  • Comprehensive online library of lawn care resources


  • Unclear guarantee information
  • Lawn mowing service not offered


The Best Lawn Care Companies in Atlanta Option Lawn Love

Why It Made the Cut: Lawn Love offers transparent pricing and a guarantee that all of its lawn care professionals are vetted, bonded, and insured so customers can feel secure in who they’re hiring.

Lawn Love is a site that sources vetted, local lawn care services. These professionals are all certified to be bonded and insured. In fact, Lawn Love carries a multimillion-dollar insurance policy, which can provide customers with extra peace of mind. Lawn Love offers mowing, fertilization, aeration, weed control, yard cleanup, and tree and shrub care. Customers can also book gardening services through the website as well as additional seasonal services such as gutter cleaning and leaf cleanup. Lawn Love offers up to a 30 percent discount for customers who bundle services.

The booking process takes place online, and by using satellite mapping technology, Lawn Love is able to deliver an instant quote online. The company also has a transparent pricing guide, available for anyone to use, which allows customers to see the average cost of services they may need. This also gives customers reassurance that pricing is consistent. Customers are able to pay and manage their services conveniently online. Lawn Love has a satisfaction guarantee; customers must notify Lawn Love of any issues within 24 hours of service. As soon as the company is notified, it sends a lawn care professional out to remedy the issue at no charge to the customer.



  • Scheduling: Online
  • Services offered: Mowing, fertilization, aeration, weed control, yard cleanup, tree and shrub care
  • Quotes: Instant online quote
  • Guarantee: Satisfaction guarantee within 24 hours of service


  • All service professionals are certified to be bonded and insured
  • Straightforward instant quote, booking, and online payment processes
  • Transparent pricing guide
  • Savings of up to 30 percent when customers bundle services


  • Customers must file any complaints within 24 hours of service

Best for DIY

The Best Lawn Care Companies in Atlanta Option Sunday Lawn Care

Why It Made the Cut: Sunday Lawn Care offers a subscription service that makes it easy and convenient for customers to DIY their lawn care using products tailored to their lawn’s specific needs.

Sunday’s easy-to-use system empowers homeowners to take the lawn care into their own hands. Customers enter their address and answer basic questions about their lawn care needs, problems, and usage, and Sunday uses location data and an online diagnostic test to customize a plan. The first box shipped from Sunday also includes a soil test kit to help customers further customize their lawn care routine.

Designed for the average homeowner, Sunday is suitable for lawns 13,500 square feet or smaller. Once data has been entered into the system, Sunday suggests products and lawn care plans suited to the customer’s answers. Products are delivered to the customer’s door within a window of time, and the online system reminds customers when to apply the products. Customers can also sign up for email and text message reminders. The easy-to-navigate online account helps guide those newer to lawn care through the process. The customer’s online account also has more thorough usage instructions than what’s included in each package, as those tend to be minimal and oversimplified.

Sunday’s products aim to boost lawn health without unnecessary toxic pesticides and with a focus on reducing fertilizer overuse and runoff. Its products come in nutrient pouches that hook up easily to the end of any hose and take about 30 minutes to apply. Sunday also sells other lawn care products, pest control products, and garden essentials including live plants and trees, which are suggested to a customer based on climate and other factors.



  • Scheduling: Online
  • Services offered: Subscription Smart Lawn Plan; live plants, trees, lawn care, pest control, garden essentials
  • Quotes: Instant online quote
  • Guarantee: Satisfaction guarantee


  • Streamlined and comprehensive custom lawn plan process
  • Relatively affordable pricing per season
  • Customized live plant and tree suggestions based on customer’s location
  • Eco-conscious product ingredients


  • Somewhat oversimplified product usage instructions
  • Maximum recommended coverage limit of 13,500 square feet

Full-Service Landscaping

The Best Lawn Care Companies in Atlanta Option The Grounds Guys

Why It Made the Cut: The Grounds Guys offers full-service landscaping, including lawn care, allowing customers to hire just one company for all of their garden needs.

The Grounds Guys offers customers a full range of landscaping and adjacent services. For lawn care, this includes mowing, pest control fertilizing, sod installation, and reseeding. The company also offers irrigation, gutter cleaning, tree and shrub care, hardscaping, and landscaping. In the winter, the Grounds Guys offers snow and ice management, as well as holiday light installation. This wide range of services means that customers can bundle almost all of their landscaping or outdoor maintenance needs through one lawn care and landscaping company.

Customers can easily schedule services online, via email, or over the phone; however, there is currently no online account management system for customers. The Ground Guys offers up-front pricing, and quotes are delivered over the phone or via email. The company also offers a 2-week satisfaction guarantee, along with yard status and quality reports after each visit, so customers know what work has been done and also the current health of their lawn.



  • Scheduling: Online, phone
  • Services offered: Mowing, pest control, fertilization, snow management, irrigation, gutters, tree and shrub care, hardscaping, landscaping, holiday light installation
  • Quotes: Email, phone
  • Guarantee: Satisfaction guarantee within 14 days of service


  • Wide range of lawn and yard care services available
  • Yard status and quality reports delivered to clients


  • No option for online account management

Also Consider

The Best Lawn Care Companies in Atlanta Option LawnStarter

Why It Made the Cut: LawnStarter offers customers comprehensive lawn care maintenance through a convenient app, which makes scheduling lawn care as easy as possible.

LawnStarter is an aggregator that sources local certified, insured lawn care professionals with an average of 12 years of experience, giving customers the added peace of mind that the professionals they hire are knowledgeable. The company offers mowing, aeration, sod installation, and lawn fertilization, as well as yard cleanup, pressure washing, and other general landscaping services.

LawnStarter claims that there are no service contracts; however, it also states that customers cannot book one-time lawn mowing appointments. It is unclear if this also applies to other one-time landscaping services. The complete range of services offered by a specific provider is not visible until the booking process. This can make it harder to compare what lawn care services are offered, as the customer has to start over each time. However, the mobile app and website are both very user-friendly and customers can schedule services as needed in just a few minutes. For customers looking to make lawn care as simplified and hands-off as possible, LawnStarter is a great option.



  • Scheduling: Online, app
  • Services offered: Mowing, sod installation, yard cleanup, aeration, fertilization, leaf removal, pressure washing
  • Quotes: Instant online quote
  • Guarantee: Satisfaction guarantee with no specified time frame


  • All service professionals are certified to be insured with an average of 12 years’ experience
  • Easy scheduling via the mobile app
  • Standout additional services like pressure washing available


  • Somewhat unclear one-time service guidelines
  • Booking process must be in progress to see full service list

Our Verdict

When it comes to the top picks for the best lawn care company in Atlanta, TruGreen gets the Best Overall award because of its comprehensive range of services and easy-to-use scheduling and payment plans. Lawn Love is our Runner-Up pick for its transparent pricing and vetted, insured professionals, which gives added peace of mind to any customer.

How We Chose the Best Lawn Care Companies in Atlanta

We researched dozens of lawn care and landscaping companies in Atlanta with a focus on those that provided a range of lawn care options. The final list was selected after we evaluated relevant factors for the different lawn services in Atlanta, including the array of services a given company offered, additional services beyond lawn care, pricing, scheduling, account management, and satisfaction guarantees. The lawn care companies in Atlanta that we selected were given awards based on their strengths, and companies that didn’t meet our criteria were not included.

Before You Hire One of the Best Lawn Care Companies in Atlanta

Before searching online for “lawn maintenance Atlanta,” customers will want to know what to expect when hiring a lawn care company. The best lawn care companies in Atlanta all focus on lawn care; however, some may also offer additional services. For example, if a homeowner is looking for landscaping, they will want to know if the lawn care service offers this as well or if they’ll need to hire another company. Homeowners who have an extensive garden or substantial landscaping will want to ensure any lawn care company they hire will not harm the existing landscaping, especially since the cost of landscaping is an investment: on average, homeowners pay over $3,400. Additionally, customers with children and pets may want to research eco-friendly lawn care companies to ensure the lawn will be safe for their families.

Homeowners who are considering one of the best DIY lawn care programs may want to research what a lawn care equipment company in the area has on offer. Renting an aeration tool can save the DIY homeowner time.

Cost of Hiring One of the Best Lawn Care Companies in Atlanta

Lawn care costs will vary depending on several factors. These include the state of the lawn’s health, the size of the lawn, what treatments are needed, and additional services beyond basic mowing and fertilizing. The national average for lawn maintenance is $124, and it can range between $48 and $206. Geographic location comes into play, as the cost of wages and business taxes can affect fees. For example, in Georgia, Lawn Love’s average price for lawn maintenance in Atlanta ranges from $36.80 to $48.80 weekly.

Costs are typically per visit, and the majority of services during the growing season (spring and summer) occur at least biweekly. Some lawn care companies in Atlanta may charge a flat service rate for regular service, though others may charge by the hour.

The national average cost for lawn aeration is $140, with a range between $100 and $350. The cost for lawn mowing averages $125 per visit, with a range between $48 and $206. The cost to install a new lawn can range between $1,057 and $2,946, with the average cost being right around $2,000.

The Advantages of Using One of the Best Lawn Care Companies in Atlanta

Professional lawn care and landscaping services can give homeowners a beautiful, green lawn without the homeowner needing to buy any lawn care products or equipment. Whether it’s routine mowing and fertilizing or installing an irrigation system, lawn care services can provide homeowners the specialized care their lawns require.

For homeowners who like doing some lawn care themselves but aren’t sure about aeration, irrigation, reseeding, and fertilizing schedules, a lawn care service can provide them with a plan that is tailored to their needs. For example, TruGreen offers everything but mowing. For a homeowner who likes to take care of the lawn mowing themselves, a lawn care service can handle all of the care and maintenance beyond mowing. Additionally, there are lawn care treatment companies that specialize only in the application of fertilizers and pesticides, which is something many homeowners are not comfortable doing themselves.

The best lawn care services can provide other services, which include:

  • Diagnosing and correctly treating specific issues, such as fungus, insect damage, or heat-stressed lawns;
  • Reviving and restoring lawns using the best lawn care products to meet customers’ lawn goals;
  • Using preventive measures to avoid future lawn problems; and
  • Employing safe application methods to minimize damage to surrounding landscaping.


No matter its size or whether the lawn gets full sun or nothing but shade, each lawn will have different needs. However, there are a number of frequently asked questions that customers searching “best lawn service Atlanta” have.

Q. What is the best product to make grass grow?

The ingredient in most lawn fertilizers that stimulates growth in grass is nitrogen. The best lawn fertilizers can help grass grow no matter what stage of growth the lawn is at. Fertilizers for new grass will have a higher concentration of nitrogen, such as a 20-10-10 (which has a higher amount of nitrogen and lower amounts of phosphorus and potassium). On an established lawn, however, too much nitrogen can burn the grass, so a more balanced lawn fertilizer formulated for sustained growth is a better choice. Customers who plan on using lawn fertilizer in Atlanta will ideally apply the product in March and May.

Q. Can you spray weeds in the fall?

Yes, you can spray weeds in the fall. In fact, spraying weeds in the fall can help ensure they won’t survive the winter. However, the best time to spray weeds is in the spring before they fully sprout.

Q. Is your lawn safe for pets after fertilizer application?

No. Pets should not come into contact with a lawn during or shortly after a fertilizer application. It is generally advised to wait 48 hours after any fertilizer application before allowing pets on the grass.

Q. How do you aerate your lawn?

Aerating a lawn is essentially putting holes in the turf at regular intervals to allow air, water, and nutrients to pass through to the grass and improve the drainage. Learning how to aerate your lawn isn’t too difficult; you’ll need to use an aeration tool. These range from smaller handheld tools that are sufficient for a smaller lawn to larger machines that can be rented for one-time use. A lawn should be adequately watered but not soaking wet, and the aeration holes should be evenly distributed.

Q. How much should you water your lawn?

The average lawn requires 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week. This is enough to saturate the first 6 to 8 inches of soil, which is where turf grows. You can test this by watering for 15 minutes and then using a screwdriver to test the depth of the soil’s dampness. Another trick is to place empty tuna cans, which have a depth of about 1.5 inches, around the lawn. Time how long it takes to fill these cans—this is how long you’ll need to water your lawn. Then either water once per week for that set time, or twice per week at half the time.

Q. Does the time of year have an effect on the type of lawn care that I need in Atlanta?

Yes; in Atlanta, the hot summers may mean more frequent watering, but summer rains can also factor in. During the cooler months, such as April, May, September, and October, you’ll be able to water less frequently.