The 40 Best Mother’s Day Gifts That Moms Will Love

Give Mom something she'll appreciate this Mother's Day.

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Trying to pick out the best Mother’s Day gifts can be tricky. You want something that shows how much you care about her but also something she’ll actually use. If you’re shopping for a mom who loves to DIY and craft, our experts have scoured the internet to find the perfect presents.

Below, you’ll find 40 of the best Mother’s Day gifts for creative moms, whether they like to garden, cook, do home renovations, sew, or work on other kinds of projects. From the ever-popular Cricut to a DIY terrarium kit, these picks are bound to make Mom happy. 

For Garden-Loving Moms

The Sill Plant Subscription

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Option The Sill Plant Subscription

Plant parents will be thrilled with a subscription to The Sill, which is very popular on social media right now and which we chose as one of the best plant subscription services. The Sill will deliver a potted plant to her door every month in a decorative planter. There’s even an option for pet-friendly plants for moms with furry friends.

Give a Pet-Friendly Plant Subscription at The Still starting at $58/month.

Gardening Gloves

The Best Mothers Day Gifts Option: Terrain Gardening Gloves

Yes, chic gardening tools exist and yes, they make a great Mother’s Day gift. Take this pair of gardening gloves from Anthropologie’s sister garden brand, Terrain, for instance. Made of thick synthetic leather, nylon, and spandex, these feature a longer sleeve to protect her hands from nicks and scratches. The whimsical floral design makes these gloves both as fashionable as they are functional.

Get the Heirloom Garden Arm Saver Gloves at Terrain for $42.

Macrame Plant Hanger Kit

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Option Macrame Plant Hanger Kit

Few things are more satisfying than creating your own decor to display in (or outside of) your house. With this macrame kit, Mom can do just that. Available in six gorgeous earth tones like agave and dusty rose, the kit comes with all the essentials to make an on-trend macrame plant hanger along with instructions easy enough for even the most beginner crafter to follow.

Get the Macrame Plant Hanger Kit at Etsy for $24.41.

Deck Box

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Option Deck Box

Transform Mom’s outdoor space into a clutter-free oasis with the Denali 200 Gallon Deck Box. This spacious and stylish storage solution provides ample room for storing cushions, gardening tools, pool accessories, and more, keeping them protected from the elements and organized for easy access. 

​​Get the Denali 200 Gallon Deck Box at Keter for $399.99.

DIY Succulent Terrarium Kit

The Best Mothers Day Gifts Option: DIY Succulent Terrarium Kit

Get Mom in on the succulent trend with a build-your-own terrarium kit from Etsy. This one has more than 2,400 five-star reviews and includes a vase, assorted types of moss and succulents, driftwood pieces, sea glass, and charcoal. She’ll end up with a coastal-chic piece of decor to sit on the coffee table or mantel. 

Get the Sea Glass & Driftwood Terrarium Kit at Etsy for $45.99.

Urban Stems Subscription

Best Mother’s Day Gift Option Urban Stems Subscription

Flowers are a tried-and-true Mother’s Day gift, but if you want to up your game this year, consider getting your mom a floral subscription instead. Urban Stems offers plans that allow moms to receive fresh, seasonal flowers delivered straight to their door regularly, whether weekly, biweekly, or monthly. With the option to customize subscription plans and skip deliveries as needed, Urban Stems floral subscriptions offer flexibility and convenience that any mom would appreciate.

Get an Urban Stems Subscription at Urban Stems starting at $55 per delivery.

For Moms Who Love to Cook

Air Fryer Toaster Oven

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Option Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Not all creative mamas wield glue guns and spray paint—some brandish spatulas and whisks. If she loves experimenting in the kitchen, give her our expert’s favorite air fryer toaster oven. It’s big enough to fit a 12-inch pizza and has seven handy cook functions: air fry, toast, bake, broil, convection bake, convection broil, and warm.

Get the Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven at Amazon for $199.95.

Personalized Charcuterie Board

The Best Mothers Day Gifts Option: Personalized Charcuterie Board

Search “charcuterie boards” on Pinterest and you’ll quickly understand why arranging meat and cheese is almost an art form in and of itself. For moms who love to entertain (or eat!), this custom charcuterie board will be a welcome present. With more than 25,000 reviews on Etsy, it comes in two sizes and three colors and can be engraved with the words and/or dates of your choosing.

Get the Personalized Charcuterie Board at Etsy for $16.10.

Stand Mixer

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Option Stand Mixer

The KitchenAid Stand Mixer is arguably one of the most iconic kitchen appliances you can give your mom. Coming in 27 pretty hues, it can do everything from knead bread dough to whip egg whites to make fresh pasta. Sure, it’s pricey, but isn’t Mom worth it?

Get the KitchenAid 5-Quart Stand Mixer at Walmart for $349.95.

Recipe Tin

Best Mother’s Day Gift Option Rifle Paper Co. Recipe Tin

For moms who love to cook and bake, a recipe box makes a great gift. It’s perfect for moms who have dozens of family recipes that are scribbled on scraps of paper that need organizing. Rifle Paper Co. makes beautiful versions in a variety of floral patterns, which will add a pop of color to your mom’s kitchen.

Get the Recipe Tin at Rifle Paper Co. for $36.

Cast-Iron Dutch Oven

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Option Cast-Iron Dutch

​​Upgrade Mom’s cookware with a brand-new Dutch oven. Available in 27 gorgeous colors—from lilac to oyster to avocado—Lodge’s coveted cast-iron Dutch oven is oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and cooks food perfectly.

Get the Lodge 6-Quart Cast-Iron Dutch Oven at Amazon for $79.85


The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Option Cookbook

Moms who love to spend time in the kitchen understand that there’s no such thing as too many cookbooks. While there are hundreds of popular ones to choose from, nearly 30,000 people recommend Joanna Gaines’ “Magnolia Table,” which includes the HGTV star’s family recipes for chocolate chip cookies and chicken pot pie, for instance. 

Get the Magnolia Table cookbook at Amazon for $16.03.

For Crafty Moms

Label Maker

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Option Label Maker

Help Mom keep all of her gadgets and gizmos organized with this label maker. With an LED screen and full keyboard, it’s battery-powered and easy to use, so she can carry it everywhere. She’ll be able to label and sort all of her crafting supplies to keep her space neat.

Get the Dymo Label Maker at Amazon for $49.90.


The Best Mothers Day Gifts Option: Cricut Easy Press 2

Easily one of the most-wanted crafting tools in recent years, the Cricut can do almost anything, from creating iron-on designs for T-shirts to printing vinyl stickers. Of all the models on the market, our experts dubbed the Cricut Easy Press 2—a heat-press machine—the best Cricut to purchase.

Get the Cricut Easy Press 2 at Amazon for $99.

Cross Stitch Starter Kit

The Best Mothers Day Gifts Option: Cross Stitch Starter Kit

Let Mom craft her own eye-catching wall decor with this cross stitch and embroidery starter kit, which is great for beginners and experienced sewers alike. It comes with three hoops, cloth, thread, and needles. The end result will be a trio of feminine floral designs she can hang on the wall or give as gifts.

Get the Embroidery and Cross Stitch Starter Kit (3-pack) at Amazon for $15.99.

Sewing Machine

The Best Mothers Day Gifts Option: Singer M3500 Sewing Machine

Whether she wants to reupholster an accent chair or make a pretty patchwork quilt, Mom can do it with the help of the Singer M3500. We found it to be the best sewing machine thanks to its beginner-friendly features, durable metal frame, and 110 different stitch applications.

Get the Singer M3500 Sewing Machine at Amazon for $169.99.

DIY Kintsugi Craft Kit

The Best Mothers Day Gifts Option: DIY Kintsugi Craft Kit

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of turning broken objects into beautiful items. Adventurous crafters can try their hand at the craft at home with this kit from Etsy. It includes all the essentials for Mom to get started, and she can choose from several decor projects, from a pretty vase to a classy serving plate.

Get the DIY Kintsugi Kit at Etsy for $16.77.


The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Option Tumbler

Keep Mom refreshed and focused during her busy days with the Yeti Rambler tumbler. Crafted from premium stainless steel and featuring double-wall vacuum insulation, this tumbler keeps her favorite beverages ice cold for hours. Whether she’s enjoying a refreshing iced tea on a hot afternoon or sipping chilled water during her home projects, the Yeti tumbler ensures that Mom stays cool and hydrated all day. 

Get the Yeti Rambler Tumbler at Amazon for $45.

Wood-Burning Kit

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Option Wood-Burning Kit

Ignite Mom’s creativity with this high-quality wood-burning kit from Amazon. Featuring adjustable temperature controls and a variety of interchangeable tips, this kit allows her to create intricate designs on wood, leather, and other materials easily. Whether she’s crafting personalized gifts or adding unique touches to her home decor, the wood-burning kit is sure to inspire hours of creative expression.

Get the Weller Short Barrel Wood-Burning Kit at Amazon for $24.99.

Artist Apron

The Best Mothers Day Gifts Option: Artist Apron

Help Mom protect her clothes from paint, caulk, dirt, and other spills with this artist’s apron that more than 1,000 Amazon shoppers recommend. Available in five colors and made of durable cotton, it has plenty of pockets for toting around her things, whether she’s crafting, gardening, cooking, or doing any other project.

Get the Nanxson Adjustable Bib Apron at Amazon for $17.99.

Paint Brushes 

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Option Paint Brushes

Elevate Mom’s painting projects with a set of high-quality paint brushes. Made from premium materials and featuring ergonomic handles, these brushes offer superior control and precision for fine details and broad strokes alike. Whether she’s working with acrylics, watercolors, or oils, the right brushes can make all the difference in achieving professional-quality results.

Get the Kitcheniva 17-Piece Professional Nylon Paint Brushes at Michaels for $24.99.

DIY Screen-Printing Kit

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Option DIY Screen-Printing Kit

Unlock Mom’s creativity with a DIY screen-printing kit. Perfect for creating custom clothing, accessories, and home decor, this kit includes everything she needs to design and print her unique creations. From screen frames and squeegees to inks and stencils, it’s a fun and easy way for Mom to express her artistic vision and style.

Get the DIY Screen Printing Kit at Amazon for $27.99.

For DIY Moms

Mini Hot Glue Gun

The Best Mothers Day Gifts Option: Gorilla Dual Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun

Every DIYer needs a good-quality glue gun. In testing some of the most popular options, we found the Gorilla Dual Temp to be the best glue gun overall. It’s lightweight, comfortable to hold and maneuver, and heats up in only 45 seconds.

Get the Gorilla Dual-Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun Kit at Amazon for $17.99.

Tool Belt

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Option Tool Belt

Help Mom keep her tools organized and easily accessible with a sturdy tool belt. Whether she’s working in the garage, garden, or workshop, this practical accessory ensures she always has the right tool close at hand. With multiple pockets and compartments for storing everything from hammers to screwdrivers, it’s the ideal solution for keeping her tool kit organized and efficient. Comfortable to wear and built to last, it’s an essential accessory for any DIY enthusiast.

Get the GlossyEnd Tool Belt at Amazon for $14.99.

Rotary Tool

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Option Rotary Tool

Empower Mom to tackle many DIY projects with the Dremel 4300. This versatile rotary tool features a powerful motor and interchangeable accessories, allowing her to cut, carve, grind, polish, and more with precision. Whether she’s crafting intricate woodwork, engraving metal, or completing delicate repairs, the Dremel 4300 is the ultimate tool for unleashing her creativity and craftsmanship.

Get the Dremel 4300 Rotary Tool at Amazon for $99.99.

Rotary Cutter

The Best Mothers Day Gifts Option: Rotary Cutter

Sometimes scissors just won’t cut it (pun intended). Instead, hand Mom one of the best rotary cutters on the market. Our experts recommend this one from Fiskars for its maneuverability, cutting efficiency, comfortable grip, and versatility. It can cut fabric, paper, leather, and more.

Get the Fiskars Titanium Softgrip Rotary Cutter at Amazon for $24.99.

Paint Sprayer

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Option Paint Sprayer

A paint sprayer may not be a traditional Mother’s Day gift, but it’s one that DIYers will appreciate. Whether she’s into refurbishing old furniture off Facebook Marketplace or refinishing her kitchen cabinets, she’ll benefit from one of the best paint sprayers our experts have tested. It’s easy to use from any angle and has adjustable speeds depending on her project of choice.

Get the Graco TrueCoat 360 DS Paint Sprayer at Amazon for $224.

Palm Sander

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Option palm sander

If Mom wants to become a future Joanna Gaines, start by gifting her a palm sander. Our experts recommend this one from Black+Decker for hobbyists. It’s about half the price of more expensive models yet sands effectively and efficiently and is easy to hold and maneuver as you work.

Get the Black+Decker Random Orbital Sander at Amazon for $36.68.

Rolling Storage Cart

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Option Rolling Storage Cart

Help her keep all her gadgets and gizmos neatly organized in one place with this storage solution on wheels, which has nearly 20,000 rave reviews on Amazon. She can take the rolling cart to any room in the house (even outside). It has 12 roomy pull-out plastic drawers to fill with all her goodies, from tools and screws to craft paper and markers.

Get the Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Cart and Organizer at Amazon for $66.71.

Wet/Dry Vacuum

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Option Wet Dry Vacuum

Make cleanup a breeze with a wet/dry vacuum. This versatile cleaning tool is designed to tackle spills and messes on any surface, from hardwood floors to tile and beyond. With its powerful suction and efficient scrubbing action, it leaves floors sparkling clean in no time. Whether she’s finishing up a DIY project or simply keeping her home in top shape, this wet/dry vacuum is an essential tool.

Get the Tineco Wet/Dry Vacuum at Amazon for $449.99.

Laser Level

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Option Laser Level

Help your mom achieve professional-quality results in her DIY projects with a precision laser level. Whether she’s hanging pictures, installing shelves, or tackling home renovations, this tool ensures accurate measurements and straight lines every time. Its compact design and easy-to-use features make it a must-have for any crafty mom’s tool kit. 

Get the Motovera Laser Level at Amazon for $39.99.

Stud Finder

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Option Stud Finder

Give Mom the gift of confidence in her DIY projects with a reliable stud finder. This essential tool takes the guesswork out of locating studs behind walls, ensuring secure and stable installations for shelves, cabinets, and more. Its ergonomic design and intuitive features make it easy to use, even for beginners. Whether she’s a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just starting, this stud finder will become one of your mom’s favorite tools.

Get the JAXWQ Stud Finder at Amazon for $27.99.

Drill Brush Set

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Option Drill Brush Set

Elevate Mom’s cleaning game with a versatile drill brush set. Compatible with most cordless drills, these brush attachments quickly eliminate stubborn stains and built-up grime. Whether she’s deep-cleaning grout, restoring the shine to outdoor furniture, or tackling household chores, these brushes deliver exceptional results with minimal effort. The set comes with several different brush shapes and sizes so Mom can tackle any cleaning task easily.

Get the Ryobi Scrubber Accessory Set at The Home Depot for $29.97.

Cold Brew Maker

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Option Cold Brew Maker

Treat Mom to the perfect cup of cold brew with the Takeya Cold Brew Maker. Featuring an airtight lid and durable BPA-free construction, this sleek and efficient brewer allows Mom to effortlessly prepare a smooth and flavorful cold brew to keep her energized while tackling her DIY projects. 

Get the Takeya Cold Brew Maker at Amazon for $25.86.


The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Option Generator

Keep Mom powered up and ready for any DIY adventure with the Aimtom Solar Generator/Power Station. Its massive 42,000 mAh 155 Wh power capacity is perfect for camping, tailgating, or outdoor DIY projects. This little power station weighs just 3.48 lbs, and its ergonomic handle ensures she can easily move it around. It can be recharged using solar panels, a carport, or an AC outlet. 

Get the Aimtom Solar Generator/Power Station at Amazon for $105.

For the Hobbyist Mom

MasterClass Subscription

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Option MasterClass Subscription

There’s really no better way for Mom to learn a new skill or hobby than from the pros. With a MasterClass subscription, she can learn how to cook with Gordon Ramsay, take a class on interior design with Kelly Wearstler, or try her hand at gardening with Ron Finley (among many others). It’s bound to keep her entertained all year long.

Get a MasterClass All-Access Pass for $15 per month.

Candle Making Kit

The Best Mothers Day Gifts Option: Candle Making Kit

Rather than giving Mom yet another candle, give her a kit to make her own. This one on Amazon has more than 1,000 rave reviews and comes with candle molds, scents, dyes, eco-friendly soy wax, and all the other tools she might need to get started.

Get the SoftOwl Premium Soy Candle-Making Kit at Amazon for $49.97.

Digital Picture Frame

Best Mother’s Day Gift Option Skylight Digital Picture Frame

Does your mom love taking and displaying photos? Give her the gift of constantly changing memories with a digital picture frame that can display a slideshow of family photos. This option from Skylight is easy to use, only requiring users to email photos to a specific email address. You can load the frame with pictures before giving it to her, or she can easily add new photos from her phone or computer. 

Get the Skylight Digital Picture Frame at Amazon for $139.99.

Personalized Photo Book

Best Mother’s Day Gift Option Personalized Photo Book

If your mom loves sentimental gifts, there’s no better choice than a personalized book of family photos. Create a beautiful photo book filled with your favorite memories and photos of you, your mom, and other family members. Websites like Shutterfly make it easy to customize a book with different layouts and designs, and you can add captions or personal messages throughout the pages.

Get a personalized photo book at Shutterfly starting at $16.98.

Custom Frame

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Option Custom Frame

Elevate Mom’s cherished memories with custom framing from Frameology. With a seamless online platform and a wide array of frame styles, mat options, and sizes to choose from, Frameology makes it easy to create personalized displays for her favorite photos and artwork. Whether she’s commemorating family milestones, showcasing travel adventures, or displaying her creative masterpieces, Frameology’s high-quality craftsmanship and customizable designs ensure that every piece is beautifully showcased and preserved for years to come.

Explore custom framing options at