The Best Outdoor TV Covers

Shield your outdoor TV from the elements—rain or shine—with a reliable, protective outdoor TV cover.

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The Best Outdoor TV Covers Option: KoLife Outdoor TV Cover

KoLife Outdoor TV Cover

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The Best Outdoor TV Covers Option: Khomo Gear Outdoor TV Cover

Khomo Gear Outdoor TV Cover

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The Best Outdoor TV Covers Option: SunPatio Outdoor TV Cover

SunPatio Outdoor TV Cover

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Outdoor TVs make it possible to catch a game while barbecuing, to binge-watch a series while sunbathing, and to enjoy movie nights under the stars. Though made to withstand the elements, these TVs are not impervious to harsh conditions, so it makes sense to safeguard your investment from the outdoor environment with a quality cover. The top outdoor TV covers provide protection from rain, snow, wind, UV light, wildlife, and scratches while keeping the device clean as well. Read on for the best outdoor TV covers to keep your outdoor television in working order.

  1. BEST OVERALL: KoLife Outdoor TV Cover
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Khomo Gear Outdoor TV Cover
  3. BEST DESIGN: SunPatio Outdoor TV Cover
  4. BEST SIZE RANGE: Garnetics Outdoor TV Cover 
  5. BEST WITH FRONT FLAP: Acoveritt A1Cover Outdoor TV Set Cover
  6. BEST TV ENCLOSURE: Storm Shell Outdoor TV Enclosure
  7. ALSO CONSIDER: Clicks Outdoor Waterproof TV Cover
The Best Outdoor TV Covers Options

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Outdoor TV Cover

Outdoor TVs are rugged and made for the outdoors, with weatherproof components, interior cooling or heating systems, and brighter screens. Naturally, these models are pricier than a standard television, so it’s worthwhile to protect the entire TV with a wraparound cover to keep it in good working order. There are a few factors to consider when shopping for the right outdoor TV cover, including level of protection, size, ease of installation, and additional protective and convenient features.

Level of Protection

There are two basic ways to protect your outdoor TV: with a soft cover (similar to a slipcover) or a hardcase enclosure. Soft outdoor TV covers are often made of polyester, Oxford fabric, or some other heavy-duty material, usually with a PVC coating. They’re designed to slip over or attach to the TV and stay in place with Velcro or zippers. The best versions cover the entire TV—front and back, top and bottom, and all sides. Cheaper soft outdoor TV covers may have an open bottom, and while these can offer decent protection, a cover with a sealed bottom is best.

A quality outdoor TV cover will have a weatherproof exterior to protect the device from rain, snow, UV rays, debris, and animals. These covers have protective flaps over zippers, Velcro, and the mount slots to protect these vulnerable areas from ingress. Double-stitched seams add another layer of protection against moisture, dust, and wear and tear. While it may not be fully waterproof when it comes to submersion—if the TV got knocked into the swimming pool, for instance—a weatherproof cover is adequate against typical weather conditions. Protection should also extend to the inside, so the best outdoor TV cover will have a soft inner material to prevent scratches.

Outdoor TV enclosures are a step up from soft covers in terms of protection and security. They are typically made of metal or plastic and are installed to the wall, with the TV mounted inside. Some TV enclosures have a flip-up or lift-off front panel that users remove to watch the TV, while others have a clear front panel, so there’s no need to remove any part of the enclosure. Rubberized seams keep rain, snow, and moisture out, so the TV stays safe and dry inside.


Outdoor TV covers often list their compatibility with certain screen sizes (which are measured from corner to corner). While this is a good starting point, to ensure the TV cover will fit, don’t go by screen size alone. It’s necessary to measure the TV’s length, width, and depth.

When measuring, also consider space for any external accessories, like cable boxes, soundbars, or remote holders attached to the TV. An outdoor TV cover should be able to fit over these exterior accessories as well as the TV.

If unsure about sizing, it’s safer to go up in size. A cover that is slightly too big will just have a little extra wiggle room, while a cover that’s too small won’t fit over the TV and can’t offer any protection.

Ease of Installation

Many outdoor TV covers are compatible with common mount types, including fixed, tilt, full-motion, single-arm, double-wall, and ceiling TV mounts. To ensure proper installation, it’s prudent to check if the outdoor TV cover is compatible with your mount type.

Soft outdoor TV covers are the easiest to install. These covers have zippers or Velcro fasteners to make installation more straightforward. If it’s difficult to reach around your TV, Velcro can be a little easier to use.

TV enclosures have a more arduous installation process since most need to be mounted onto the wall. However, with rubber seals, waterproof material, and lockable options, these enclosures can offer better protection against weather, damage, and theft, so the installation process is worthwhile for those who want the extra security.

Additional Features 

Some TV covers also have the addition of a flip-up front flap, which makes it possible to watch TV without removing the entire cover. TV covers with this feature can include a clear plastic layer under the flap for extra protection. While this plastic screen can provide protection, it also can negatively affect picture quality.

A common feature on many high-quality outdoor TV covers is a remote-control pocket. This small weatherproof pocket provides a spot to store the remote so it won’t get lost. To protect the remote from water damage, look for a remote-control pocket with a weatherproof cover flap.

Our Top Picks

The best outdoor TV covers ahead are affordable, durable, and highly protective to shield your entertainment investment from rain, dust, and debris.

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The KoLife Outdoor TV Cover tops the list because it’s an excellent all-around outdoor TV cover, suitable for most outdoor TVs. It’s weatherproof to protect the TV from rain, snow, wind, dust, and other debris. It’s a full cover, so it protects all sides of the TV, and each side is double stitched for better durability. A soft interior material defends against scratches and marks.

KoLife makes this TV cover in a generous size range to fit TV screens from 22 inches to 75 inches. Users find setup is easy and that the cover is compatible with most TV mounts. Once the cover is on, industrial Velcro straps keep it secure, so it won’t blow away even in stormy conditions. There’s also a convenient weatherproof remote-control pocket.

Product Specs

  • Screen-size range: 22 inches to 75 inches
  • Material: Weatherproof fabric (material not specified)
  • Remote-control pocket: Yes


  • Excellent weatherproofing
  • Easy to use
  • Good size range


  • Slides on over top of the TV, which may not work for some mounts

Get the KoLife outdoor TV cover on Amazon.

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A sleek look and budget-friendly price make the Khomo Gear Outdoor TV Cover a worthy choice for outdoor TVs. Made of heavy-duty high-density polyester with a water-resistant coating and reinforced stitching, this weatherproof outdoor TV cover provides great protection for less.

Khomo manufacturers this cover in a decent range of sizes to fit 22-inch to 70-inch TV screens. With three-way flaps and Velcro fasteners, it’s compatible with most TV mounts. Similar to pricier covers, it includes a weatherproof remote-control pocket.

This TV cover does not have a bottom seal, so it provides less protection from below. For homes with lots of splashing water, dust, or debris, it may be better to invest in a completely sealed cover instead.

Product Specs

  • Screen-size range: 22 inches to 70 inches
  • Material: Polyester with water-resistant PVC coating
  • Remote-control pocket: Yes


  • Very affordable
  • Decent size options
  • Remote-control pocket


  • Bottom is open

Get the Khomo Gear outdoor TV cover on Amazon, Wayfair, or Khomo Gear.

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With a user-friendly design, snug fit, and durable weatherproof material, the SunPatio Outdoor TV Cover is a practical and neat-looking TV cover. Like other high-quality models, it covers all sides of the TV, including the bottom, and protects from moisture, dust, and UV damage. To keep the TV cover looking and working nicely, the outside is made of a fade-resistant weatherproof fabric.

Wide, three-way Velcro closures make this TV cover very easy to install. Users note that it comes on and off with ease, while its industrial Velcro straps provide excellent ingress protection. This cover will fit on most mounts and can be installed by either sliding it onto the TV from the top or wrapping it around other TVs from the front. A built-in pocket provides a place to store the remote.

Product Specs

  • Screen-size range: 30 inches to 55 inches
  • Material: Weatherproof fabric (not specified)
  • Remote-control pocket: Yes


  • Durable and fade-resistant fabric
  • Snug fit
  • Easy to take on and off


  • Limited size range

Get the SunPatio outdoor TV cover on Amazon.

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Looking for a TV cover for a large outdoor screen? With a wide range to fit 22-inch to 90-inch screens, the Garnetics Outdoor TV Cover can protect just about any size outdoor TV. Because of its good design and Velcro closures, this cover will also fit most TV mount types.

This cover also has several appealing protective features. It’s made from highly dense Oxford fabric with a PVC coating for top-notch waterproofing. Along with offering excellent protection, the dense fabric is also durable and has a premium look.

Like other high-quality covers, this model encloses the entire device, including the bottom. Installation is easy with the Velcro flaps and a back remote-control pocket provides a convenient spot for storage.

Product Specs

  • Screen-size range: 22 inches to 90 inches
  • Material: Oxford fabric with weatherproof PVC coating
  • Remote-control pocket: Yes


  • Wide size range
  • A few color options available
  • Thick heavy-duty fabric


  • Pricey

Get the Garnetics outdoor TV cover on Amazon.

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Those who don’t want to bother removing the TV cover for every viewing session may find the Acoveritt A1Cover Outdoor TV Set Cover a great solution. This outdoor TV cover features an easy-to-use front flap so watchers won’t miss a minute of the big game or news program. There’s no plastic inner screen to interfere with picture quality. When rolled up, the flap is secured out of the way with an easy-to-secure strap; rolled down, it relies on zipper closures.

This cover is made from heavy-duty polyester with a soft inner liner. It’s weatherproof, protecting the TV from moisture and dust. While the flap is secured with zippers, Velcro closures are in place everywhere else to protect the TV from moisture and dust, including a Velcro closure along the bottom edge. It’s available in several sizes to fit screens 22 inches to 90 inches across.

Product Specs 

  • Screen-size range: 22 inches to 90 inches
  • Material: Weatherproof polyester
  • Remote-control pocket: Yes


  • Front flip-up flap
  • Easy-to-use zipper closures on front flap
  • Weatherproof design
  • No plastic inner sleeve to obscure image


  • Missing some in-between screen sizes despite large size range

Get the Acoveritt outdoor TV cover on Amazon.

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A hard TV enclosure provides even more protection than a soft cover. Made from tough waterproof ABS plastic, the Storm Shell Outdoor TV Enclosure is weatherproof, impact-resistant, and lockable, providing a layer of security as well as protection from the environment.

This TV enclosure does require installation and must be wall-mounted. A steel swivel-arm mounting bracket is included with the enclosure. Once installed, the corrugated pattern and black finish offers a sleek, industrial look. The front cover is completely removable for unimpeded TV viewing.

Product Specs 

  • Screen-size range: 32 inches to 65 inches
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Remote-control pocket: No


  • Weatherproof and impact-resistant
  • Lockable
  • Completely removable front cover
  • Includes swivel mounting bracket


  • Limited size options
  • Requires installation

Get the Storm Shell outdoor TV cover on Amazon.

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The Clicks Outdoor Waterproof TV Cover is another basic outdoor TV cover that is durable, easy to use, and highly protective. This TV protector is weatherproof and dustproof, having been made with a tough fabric to protect the TV from rain, snow, wind, and dust. It provides cover on all sides, and its seams are double stitched for extra longevity. With durable Velcro straps, this cover is both easy to install and secure.

This cover is compatible with most TV mounts, including many single, double, and tilting brackets. With sizes suitable for TVs between 24 and 70 inches across, this outdoor TV cover will fit many outdoor TVs. It has a remote-control pocket with a cleaning cloth included inside to make it easy to store the remote and keep the screen dust-free.

Product Specs 

  • Screen-size range: 24 inches to 70 inches
  • Material: Weatherproof fabric (not specified)
  • Remote-control pocket: Yes


  • Effective and straightforward cover
  • Double-stitched seams
  • Includes a microfiber cleaning cloth


  • Interior is not very soft

Get the Clicks outdoor TV cover on Amazon.

Our Verdict

With a full-cover design, heavy-duty fabric construction, double-stitched seams, and a wide size range, the KoLife outdoor TV cover is the best outdoor TV cover for most homes. Those looking for the most economical option will want to consider the Khomo Gear outdoor TV cover instead, which still offers good protection but does not cover the bottom of the TV.

How We Chose the Best Outdoor TV Covers

Outdoor TVs are often pricier than their indoor counterparts, and since they’re exposed to the exterior environment, it’s wise to take extra care to protect your investment. This is where an outdoor TV cover can help. Most importantly, an outdoor TV cover must offer reliable protection. It should also be durable, affordable, and easy to use to protect the TV for several years.

When choosing the best outdoor TV covers, we conducted product research and considered shopper reviews to find options that provide exceptional protection. We looked for full covers made from weatherproof materials and with protected seams and mount slots. When it came to durability and longevity, we preferred covers made from thick heavy-duty material and with double-stitched seams.

A good outdoor TV cover shouldn’t be a hassle to put on or take off. We looked for user-friendly designs with straightforward open and closing mechanisms. Lastly, there are plenty of excellent affordable options, so we stuck to TV covers in a reasonable price range.

The Advantages of Owning an Outdoor TV Cover

Outdoor TVs are resilient, but they can still benefit from extra protection. When not in use, the easiest way to protect the device is with an outdoor TV cover. These helpful products are affordable, and their benefits are plentiful for their value price.

Outdoor TV covers should protect the device from the weather via heavy-duty, weatherproof materials as well as well-stitched seams and reliable fasteners so water can’t make its way in. This weatherproofing protects the TV from some of the most concerning environmental factors, including rain, snow, UV rays, and wind.

Another formidable foe is dust, which can make the TV dirty and cause problems if it gets inside the device. An outdoor TV cover reduces the amount of dust, debris, and pollen that can settle on the TV.

Lastly, protective covers dissuade wildlife from settling around or inside the TV. Due to their light and heat, outdoor TVs can attract bugs and small animals. Outdoor TV covers make it harder for these critters to make a nest around the TV. In short, outdoor TV covers are a protection must-have because they:

  • Protect from moisture
  • Keep dust and debris out
  • Prevent bugs and critters from nesting around the TV


An outdoor TV is a worthwhile investment for those who want to bring the comfort of their living room to the great outdoors. Whether you have an outdoor couch or upgrade your space with the best rocking chairs, an outdoor TV brings entertainment to an inviting outdoor space. These electronics can be pricey, but with an easy-to-use protective outdoor TV cover, it’s simple to protect them from the elements. Ahead are some frequently asked questions and their straightforward answers on covers for outdoor TV.

Q. Does an outdoor TV need to be covered?

Yes, when an outdoor TV is not in use, it should be covered. Outdoor TVs are designed to withstand the elements, but the less exposure, the better. A TV cover can provide another layer of protection. If keeping the TV covered sounds like a hassle, you can opt for a top outdoor projector instead, which is much smaller and easier to take inside.

Q. What makes a TV rated as outdoor?

Outdoor-rated TVs have brighter screens, weatherproof components, and temperature-management capabilities that make them suitable for outdoor use. Features like sealed seams and parts, weatherproof interior and exterior materials, and cooling and heating all help these TVs brave the great outdoors. Enhanced screen brightness, anti-glare coatings, specialized filters, or automatic picture adjustments help make the screen viewable, day or night. Trouble getting a good signal? These great outdoor TV antennas will last through rain and shine.

Q. How do I weatherproof my TV outside?

Start with the right type of outdoor-rated TV. Different outdoor TV types have different levels of built-in weatherproofing. A soft outdoor TV cover can help protect the TV when it’s not in use, while an outdoor TV enclosure can offer even more effective weatherproofing as well as security.

Q. How long will a TV last outside under cover?

An outdoor TV protected with a quality cover can last up to 10 years. Using an outdoor TV cover will have a positive impact on the TV’s longevity.

Q. How do I measure my TV for an outdoor cover?

When measuring for an outdoor TV cover, measure the TV width, length, and depth, including any accessories like cable boxes or soundbars mounted with the TV.

Q. How do I clean my outdoor TV cover?

Outdoor TV covers are exposed to the elements, so they will get dirty. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for cleaning. Most owner guides will recommend using a mild soap solution and a gentle scrubbing brush to clean the TV cover.

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