The Best Samsung Dishwashers You Can Get

This popular manufacturer offers a limited number of dishwasher models—find out which ones we deem to be the best of the bunch.

Best Overall

The Best Samsung Dishwasher Option: 24-Inch Fingerprint-Resistant Stainless Steel Tub

24-Inch Fingerprint-Resistant Stainless Steel Tub

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Samsung Dishwasher Option: Dream Kitchen 24-Inch 55 dB Digital Touch Control

Dream Kitchen 24-Inch 55 dB Digital Touch Control

Best 18-Inch

The Best Samsung Dishwasher Option: 18-Inch Top Control Fingerprint-Resistant Dishwasher

18-Inch Top Control Dishwasher Fingerprint-Resistant

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The Samsung brand has been around for decades, and the company is well known for its electronics and appliances—but it only recently started making dishwashers. While consumers have fewer than two dozen models to choose from, Samsung dishwashers offer multiple amenities in a variety of budget ranges, so there’s something for just about everyone.

We researched multiple Samsung dishwashers in a variety of styles to learn which models consumers preferred and why. We looked at both freestanding and built-in models, and we compared performance and efficiency. Whether you’re looking for a super-quiet dishwasher or you want a trendy black stainless model for a kitchen update, you’ll find the best Samsung dishwashers included in our lineup.

  1. BEST OVERALL: 24-Inch Fingerprint-Resistant Stainless Steel Tub
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Dream Kitchen 24-Inch 55 dB Digital Touch Control
  3. BEST 18-INCH: 18-Inch Top Control Fingerprint-Resistant Dishwasher
  4. BEST BUILT-IN: Linear Wash Top Control 24-Inch Built-In Dishwasher
  5. BEST WHITE: Bespoke 24-Inch White Glass Top Control Dishwasher
  6. BEST BLACK STAINLESS: 24-Inch Black Stainless Steel Top Control Tall Tub
The Best Samsung Dishwasher Options

How We Chose the Best Samsung Dishwashers

We extensively researched all of Samsung’s current models in selecting the top dishwashers. We looked at which models were rated the highest by customers and compared each model’s features to its price point. In addition to positive reviews, we looked for features that offered the best dish-washing experience, such as multiple cycle options, quiet operation, and a third rack for flatware.

Keeping in mind that user needs vary, we also wanted to include a couple of built-in models for seamless kitchen integration and a smaller 18-inch model for those wanting a dishwasher for an apartment or wet bar. Ultimately, we selected the best models from a range of price points—offering something of value for all our readers. We didn’t consider a product’s warranty since Samsung provides a limited-parts 1-year warranty on all dishwashers. Likewise, we didn’t look at a specific retailer’s customer service record since we wanted to stay focused on the dishwashers themselves.

Also, we looked only at Samsung dishwashers. For example, we didn’t compare Samsung models against Whirlpool dishwashers since the focus of this shopping guide is exclusively on Samsung products.

Our Top Picks

We carefully analyzed Samsung’s most popular dishwashers to develop this lineup. We considered price, performance, style, and efficiency. While we didn’t personally test the machines, we extensively researched their features, noise levels, and style options and paid particular attention to the models consumers rated highest. Those in the market for a Samsung dishwasher are likely to find a winner here.

Best Overall

24-Inch Fingerprint-Resistant Stainless Steel Tub

Coming in as our top pick, this 24-inch Samsung dishwasher (Model DW80B7070US) offers an abundance of desirable features. Its sleek stainless steel finish resists fingerprints and smudges for easier cleaning. It boasts the sleek appeal of a pocket handle and hidden top controls, although it has a digital surface timer that displays how much time is left in the cycle or flashes error codes if something goes wrong.

This model features a third upper rack designed for washing flatware, which adds up to 30 percent more space than two-rack models. Plus there’s no need to worry about the dishwasher guzzling power, as this model is Energy Star certified—designed to power off tough foods without wasting electricity.

This model also syncs with a home’s Wi-Fi network via the Samsung app, so you can start the dishwasher cycle from a smartphone and even order detergent pods through Amazon. The dishwasher has seven wash-cycle options to suit heavy or light washing needs, and the interior tub is stainless steel for durability.

Product Specs

  • Finish: Stainless steel (fingerprint-resistant)
  • Handle style: Pocket handle with top controls
  • Model number: DW80B7070US


  • Sleek look for seamless design integration with other appliances in the kitchen
  • Fingerprint-resistant finish resists smudges for easier cleaning and a tidier appearance
  • Quiet operation that won’t disturb others in the house or even sitting nearby
  • Syncs with Wi-Fi and smart devices for easy operation from any room


  • A bit pricier than other Samsung dishwashers on this list

Get the DW80B7070US Samsung dishwasher at Lowe’s, The Home Depot, or Best Buy.

Best Bang for the Buck

Dream Kitchen 24-Inch 55 dB Digital Touch Control

Get the sleek appearance and powerful performance of a Samsung dishwasher without breaking the bank. Samsung’s 24-inch model DW80R2031US has a stainless steel front that will suit the sleek look of an updated kitchen. It has a bar handle and digital top controls and features two interior racks (the top rack is adjustable). It’s designed to hold up to 14 place settings when loaded as directed.

You can choose from four wash cycles to suit heavily soiled or lightly soiled dishes and five control options, including delayed start and heated dry. It is Energy Star certified and comes with a digital leak sensor that can identify a leak and turn the machine off. Though a bit noisier than other picks in this lineup, the 55 dB may be a welcome trade-off for getting high-quality dish washing in a budget-priced dishwasher.

Product Specs

  • Finish: Stainless steel
  • Handle style: Bar handle, top controls
  • Model number: DW80R2031US


  • Sleek stainless steel finish to match the look of an updated kitchen
  • Adjustable upper rack that allows you to customize the layout
  • Digital touch controls on the top edge provide a sleek, modern look


  • Slightly noisier than some of the other models on this list

Get the DW80R2031US Samsung dishwasher at The Home Depot, Best Buy, or AJ Madison.

Best 18-Inch

18-Inch Top Control Dishwasher Fingerprint-Resistant

Those looking for an 18-inch dishwasher for an apartment or wet bar need look no further than Samsung’s model DW50T6060US. It features a sleek, fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish and has two dish racks. For versatile convenience, the upper rack is adjustable and a removable flatware holder can be positioned in multiple spots on the bottom rack.

What this model lacks in size it makes up for in cleaning power. It features three washing arms: one on the top, another below the upper rack, and a third below the bottom rack. Its inner tub is made of durable stainless steel and for savings it offers a delayed-start feature so you can set the machine to begin when electrical rates are lowest, often during overnight hours. It’s also relatively quiet at just 46 decibels (dB).

Product Specs

  • Finish: Stainless steel (fingerprint-resistant)
  • Handle style: Pocket handle, top controls
  • Model number: DW50T6060US


  • Small 18-inch size is ideal for apartment kitchens or wet bars
  • Fingerprint-resistant finish resists smudges for easier cleaning and neater appearance
  • A quiet option at just 46 dB, so others in the house won’t be disturbed


  • More expensive than some of the other models on this list
  • Small size means it’ll hold fewer dishes than a full-size model

Get the DW50T6060US Samsung dishwasher at Lowe’s, The Home Depot, or Best Buy.

Best Built-In

Linear Wash Top Control 24-Inch Built-In Dishwasher

Fans of built-in appliances will want to consider Samsung’s top-of-the-line dishwasher, model DW80R9950US, which will require trimming by a carpenter to match the rest of the trim work in the kitchen. It comes with Samsung’s popular linear wash system, which features a wash bar that moves back and forth across the bottom of the unit rather than spinning. Samsung claims this upgrade allows high-pressure water to reach more nooks and crannies in dishes and glasses for superior cleaning.

This model is ultra quiet at just 39 dB, so household members may not even notice it’s running. Of its three racks, the upper one is designed to hold flatware while the middle one is adjustable for a custom fit. The finish is fingerprint-resistant stainless steel, and the model syncs to a home’s Wi-Fi and smartphone (with a Samsung account), so you can start the dishwasher remotely and get alerts if a problem occurs. Other extras include the express cycle that washes a load in just 60 minutes and a booster option that increases water pressure to scrub pots and pans on the bottom rack.

Product Specs

  • Finish: Stainless steel (fingerprint-resistant)
  • Handle style: Pocket handle, top controls
  • Model number: DW80R9950US


  • Built-in model; provides a seamless look when integrated into existing trim work
  • One of the quietest models on this list at just 39 dB; won’t disturb even those sitting nearby
  • Fingerprint-resistant finish is easy to clean and keeps the dishwasher looking neat


  • Samsung account is required to use smart features
  • This model is more expensive than some of the others on this list
  • Buyers will need to hire a carpenter for installation; requires professional trimming for a finished look

Get the DW80R9950US Samsung dishwasher at Lowe’s, The Home Depot, or Samsung.

Best White

Bespoke 24-Inch White Glass Top Control Dishwasher

White appliances have been around for decades, and while faddish appliance colors tend to go out of style, white is a classic that always looks good. That said, Samsung’s white dishwasher looks nothing like those old-school enameled appliances, as the front panel of the DW80BB707012 is made from white glass. It reflects light beautifully for a clean, bright appeal that can make the kitchen seem larger, and it matches the other white glass appliances in Samsung’s Bespoke series.

This kitchen-brightening dishwasher comes with a stainless steel tub for durability and features a third upper rack for flatware. It has a pocket handle and hidden top controls to help create a seamless look. It is Energy Star certified for efficiency and runs at a quiet 42 dB.

This model is also connected. Like other upper-end Samsung dishwashers, it syncs with a home Wi-Fi network and smartphones so you can run the washing cycle remotely or even order dishwasher pods through Amazon. However, this is a built-in model, so a carpenter will need to trim around it for a finished look.

Product Specs

  • Finish: White glass
  • Handle style: Pocket handle, top controls
  • Model number: DW80BB707012


  • White glass reflects light for a clean and more spacious look
  • Features an sleek, easy-to-clean front panel
  • Offers smart technology; users can run the washing cycle remotely
  • Quiet operation at only 42 dB so as not to disturb the household


  • More expensive than some of the other models on this list
  • Buyers will need to hire a carpenter to trim around the unit for a finished appearance in the kitchen

Get the DW80BB707012 Samsung dishwasher at The Home Depot or Abt.

Best Black Stainless

24-Inch Black Stainless Steel Top Control Tall Tub

What could be more stylish than new kitchen appliances in matching black stainless steel? Samsung’s model DW80B6060UG is on the cutting edge of design with its silky black stainless finish that looks oh-so-sleek. Buyers can pair this dishwasher with other appliances from Samsung to complete an entire kitchen in black stainless.

Looks aside, this is one spiffy dishwasher. It boasts a third top rack for flatware, and it syncs with a home Wi-Fi network and smart devices so you can start and monitor the wash cycle remotely.

This model offers seven different wash cycles, letting you choose the power and cycle duration to suit the items inside, such as delicate crystal stemware or extra-dirty pots and pans. It’s also Energy Star certified for efficiency, and while it’s a bit louder than some machines at 44 dB, it’s still quiet enough not to be a distraction.

Product Specs

  • Finish: Black stainless
  • Handle style: Pocket handle, top controls
  • Model number: DW80B6060UG


  • Trendy black stainless steel finish that pairs well with other Samsung appliances
  • Features a handy third flatware rack for additional cleaning space
  • Energy Star certified for energy efficiency
  • Fingerprint-resistant finish resists smudges for easier cleaning and a neater appearance


  • Slightly louder than Samsung’s quietest models

Get the DW80B6060UG Samsung dishwasher at Lowe’s, The Home Depot, or Howard’s.

Jump to Our Top Picks

What to Consider When Choosing a Samsung Dishwasher

A good dishwasher is one of the most essential kitchen appliances, so it’s wise to research the model that will truly suit your household, lifestyle, decor, and budget. Samsung, among the top dishwasher brands for midrange models, likely has a unit that fits your needs.

Style and Finish

Samsung sells dishwashers in today’s popular finishes—stainless steel, black stainless, white, fingerprint-resistant finishes, and even a few interesting color choices such as navy steel (a deep metallic blue) or Tuscan stainless (a rich bronze maroon). Not all retailers offer all colors and finishes, however. They typically limit stock to their best-selling models.

Dishwasher styles are pretty cut-and-dried for the most part, but within the Samsung lineup, a few different features are available.

  • Bar handle: For those who like a traditional look, a bar handle extends outward and runs horizontally at the top of the dishwasher. It is used for opening and closing the appliance—and it’s also a handy spot for hanging a dish towel.
  • Pocket handle: Just as it sounds, a pocket-handle style features an inverted slot at the top of the appliance you can grab to open the machine. When the dishwasher door is closed, a pocket handle provides a sleeker look—and if the kitchen is small, it doesn’t obtrude into the space.
  • Front-control: On a front-control dishwasher, the control buttons are located along the front where they’re easily seen. This is a traditional design.
  • Top-control: Those looking for the ultimate in seamless integration may prefer a top-control dishwasher. With this type, buttons are visible along the top edge when the door is open, but they are hidden from view when the door is closed.

Size and Capacity

Like most dishwashers, Samsung offers models in a standard 24-inch width. This is the size builders plan kitchen layouts around, so you can purchase a 24-inch dishwasher, which will slide right into a standard opening in the cabinet layout.

Samsung also makes a narrower model that is only 18 inches wide. While this isn’t standard in a single-family home, it’s often seen in small studio and 1-bedroom apartments where floor space is at a premium. These diminutive dishwashers are also common in wet-bar setups.

Capacity relates to the configuration inside the dishwasher, and while this doesn’t vary much from model to model, a dishwasher with adjustable racks allows customization of the layout to best suit specific needs.

Washing and Drying Performance

Open-air drying is found on budget-friendly and some midrange Samsung dishwashers. Still, others feature full heat-drying capability that ensures your dishes are clean and perfectly dry when the cycle completes.

The upside to heat drying is convenience, but this cycle consumes a lot of energy. Even Samsung dishwashers that offer heat drying may also provide a wash-only process that allows you to open the door at the end of the cycle to let the dishes dry naturally. Alternately, some models feature air-drying that uses a fan and nonheated air to dry the dishes.


Dishwashers on the market today operate at various noise levels. Most manufacturers, Samsung included, will list the noise the appliance makes in decibels. The quietest models may produce as little as 40 dB of noise while operating, which is comparable to the noise typical in a library, while others may produce as much as 48 dB, which is more like the loudness of a conversation at home.

Quiet appliances may be preferable, but the addition of sound dampeners and manufacturing techniques that reduce the machine’s decibel level will increase the ticket price.

Additional Features

Dishwashers typically don’t come with many bells and whistles, but Samsung offers a few additional features in specific models. Those looking to create as seamless a kitchen as possible might consider a Samsung built-in dishwasher. These models should be installed by a builder or carpenter who will add finish trim around the outside edges to match the rest of the cabinetry.

Those who want to integrate their appliances with other smart-home technology may want a connected (or “smart”) dishwasher. This requires having a home Wi-Fi network installed and allows users to start the dishwasher remotely from a smartphone and receive an alert when the cycle is complete.

Energy Star-certified Samsung dishwashers have been tested and proven to be among the most energy-efficient models on the market. They still perform at a high level but cost less to operate, and some also offer water savings.

Another potentially attractive extra is Samsung’s linear wash system, found in some of its upper-end models. It features a wash arm beneath the lower rack that travels from side to side rather than spinning, which the manufacturer claims cleans dishes on the bottom rack better.


Samsung dishwashers are considered midrange. In general, you’ll get the best cleaning and the quietest operation by purchasing one that’s at the top of the price range, but all of the models in our lineup are big hits with consumers. If this is your first time shopping for a dishwasher, you likely have a few more questions.

Q. How long do Samsung dishwashers last?

On average, dishwashers, including those made by Samsung, will last about 10 years. Some factors, such as hard water, can decrease a dishwasher’s lifespan.

Q. Do Samsung dishwashers have a leak-detection system?

Most do. If the machine detects a leak, it immediately shuts down to prevent water from leaking out of the dishwasher.

Q. How long does it take for a Samsung dishwasher to run?

Most Samsung dishwasher cycles last between 80 and 150 minutes, but some models offer longer (heavy-duty) cycles that run 2 to 3 hours as well as an express cycle that can be as short as 60 minutes.

Q. Can I open my dishwasher while it’s running?

Typically, you can open the dishwasher in the early part of the cycle to add an item, if necessary, but avoid opening it during heat-dry cycles to remove an item prematurely because heat will escape and the other items may not dry adequately.

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