The Best Staple Remover for Your Office Needs

A staple remover pulls out staples with ease without causing damage. Tackle your workday tasks or next DIY project with a practical staple remover.

By Jasmine Harding | Updated Feb 25, 2021 7:33 PM

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The Best Staple Remover Options


Whether for use in the office or for home improvement projects, a staple remover makes quick work out of removing staples. These handy tools make it easier and safer to pull out staples without causing any damage.

The best staple removers have an intuitive design that makes them easy to use. They should pull out staples without tearing or denting surfaces. Breeze through work tasks or DIY projects with one of these useful staple removers.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Swingline 37201 Heavy-Duty Staple Remover
  2. RUNNER-UP: Swingline Staple Remover, Deluxe (38101) (S7038101)
  3. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Ktrio Staple Remover Professional Magnetic 3PCS
  4. BEST ERGONOMIC: Bostitch Office Easy Staple Remover (40000M-BLK-3PK)
  5. BEST FOR CARPET: VERCCA Heavy Duty Upholstery Staple Remover
  6. BEST FOR CONSTRUCTION: MROCO 126 Staple Remover Heavy Duty
  7. BEST FOR UPHOLSTERY: C.S. Osborne 124 Staple Remover Upholstery Tools
  8. ALSO CONSIDER: Bostitch Heavy Duty & Carton Staple Remover (G27W)
The Best Staple Remover Options


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Staple Remover

The ideal staple remover depends on the task at hand. A construction staple remover will have a different design from an office staple remover, so it’s important to choose accordingly. Additional parts like an ergonomic handle or a magnetic staple catcher are convenient features to consider.


Staple removers are generally made from metal, often with a plastic or rubber handle for a nonslip grip. The ideal material depends on the purpose of the staple remover. For light use, like in the office, smaller plastic or metal staple removers will handle the job and are a worthwhile addition to your desktop.

For construction and heavy-duty use, look for a sturdier option with a substantial metal removal end. The hefty build can help with removing thicker staples from wood and furniture—the staples that lighter office staple removers can’t handle.


Staples are used to bind items together in a range of settings, from the office to the construction site. Office staple removers are an affordable and simple tool for pulling staples from paper booklets. They often come in a claw-style or push-style design.

Claw-style staple removers are spring-loaded and have two sets of sharp teeth opposite each other that lodge between the staple and the paper. Push-style staple removers have a long handle and are about the size of a pen. They have a skinny staple-removing tip that lodges between the staple and the surface it’s attached to in order to pry out the staple.

Staple removers for building and construction are sturdier than those for office use. These removers aren’t only for construction sites; they are also useful for DIY projects like woodworking and upholstery projects. Built to tackle thicker staples, these removers are often larger and more robust. They usually have a push-style design, sometimes with an angled handle to make it easier to pry large staples. They also have a thicker grip and a stronger removing tip.


Staples vary in materials, length, and thickness, depending on their intended use. Different types of staples are ideal for different applications, and the same logic applies to staple removers.

Office staples are often thin, lightweight, and rather flimsy. They are pliable enough to remove by hand, although a staple remover makes the job a lot easier. Office staple removers are also relatively lightweight to handle this easier job.

Construction, carpet, and upholstery staples are usually thicker and longer than paper staples. Most times, the points of these staples sink deep into the wood or material they are attached to, making them more difficult to remove. Heavy-duty staple removers are suited for these jobs. They have a sturdier removing end and a strong handle to pry out deeply embedded staples.


Removing staples can be a tedious task. An ergonomic staple remover makes the job easier. For one-off use in the office, an ergonomic design may not be a deciding factor. However, it may be essential to have for those going through stacks of stapled papers.

A comfortable design is an important feature for removing heavy-duty staples. It’s especially useful for laborious home improvement projects, like tearing out carpet flooring where there may be plenty of staples to pull. An ergonomic design allows for a more comfortable grip, making it easier to pry out heavy-duty staples.

Rather than needing to twist or pry, some staple removers have a lever handle mechanism that does the prying for you. These designs are a good choice for those with hand mobility concerns.


A magnetized staple remover features a magnet to grab loose staples as they are removed, keeping them from falling to the desk or the floor. A magnet feature is most commonly found in office staple removers. Small and lightweight paper staples are easier for magnets to catch.

Stray staples can cause a mess and are hard to find if they fall onto a rug or carpet. The sharp ends can be dangerous, especially around children or pets. A convenient magnetized design can help catch these sharp staples before they fall.

Our Top Picks

A quality staple remover can mean the difference between torn pages or a clean removal. A range of staple remover types are available for office use, construction, home projects, and upholstery. The following staple removers were picked based on their sturdiness, ease of use, and ability to pull staples without damaging surfaces.

Best Overall

The Best Staple Remover Options: Swingline 37201 Heavy-Duty Staple Remover

Made to handle heavy-duty staples, the Swingline Heavy-Duty Staple Remover is a sturdy pick for the office or the workshop. The spring-loaded lever handle pries out staples with just a press, no jimmying or yanking involved. The angle of the handle has a contoured shape to improve leverage while also providing a comfortable fit in the hand. A sturdy base keeps the remover from tipping over while in use.

With full metal construction and a satin finish, this staple remover is durable and looks sleek. It is ideal for removing staples in paper booklets, as well as heavier-duty staples like carton staples. It can be used in some home improvement tasks, too. The easy-to-use lever handle also makes it an excellent pick for those with weak hand strength.


The Best Staple Remover Options: Swingline Staple Remover, Deluxe (38101) (S7038101)

A classic pick for home offices and workplaces, the claw-style staple remover is budget-friendly and easy to use. The Swingline Deluxe Staple Remover is a claw-style staple remover, but with an ergonomic design. It features extra-wide finger grips with flared edges and a textured surface for a stable and nonslip grip. The durable steel jaws have a chrome finish and are the ideal size to remove both standard and mini staples.

The compact design of this model makes it a great desk accessory to keep in the office drawer. It’s also small enough to throw in a backpack or a laptop bag. This traditional and dependable model gets the job done.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Staple Remover Options: Ktrio Staple Remover Professional Magnetic 3PCS

Staple removers can be misplaced all too easily in busy offices and messy desk drawers. This Ktrio Staple Remover set comes as a convenient three-pack to always ensure there’s a staple remover on hand. Each of the push-style staple removers has a thin tip to slide under staples. Above the tip, there’s a staple grabber that holds the staple on the wand after removal.

The comfortable handle has a rubber grip for easy handling. At the end of the handle, a magnetic pick-up feature can be waved over the desk to catch loose staples. Strong enough to remove staples from up to 20 sheets of paper, this three-pack of staple removers is ideal for the home office or the workplace.

Best Ergonomic

The Best Staple Remover Options: Bostitch Office Easy Staple Remover (40000M-BLK-3PK)

With a lightweight contoured handle, this staple remover from Bostitch is an excellent pick for the office. The gently curved handle fits comfortably in the hand and has rubber patches for a nonslip grip. This ergonomic pick is ideal for daily use. It also doubles as a convenient and safe letter or box opener.

Besides being ergonomic, this staple remover is also designed to keep track of stray staples. The push-style tip has a smooth rounded edge that slides under staples and lifts them easily, without tearing the paper. Above the tip, a staple grabber and built-in magnet help to keep the staples on the remover and prevent them from scattering.

Best for Carpet

The Best Staple Remover Options: VERCCA Heavy Duty Upholstery Staple Remover

The VERCCA Heavy Duty Staple Remover set includes a staple remover and a tack puller, two useful tools for tearing out carpets.

The staple remover has an ergonomic design with a leveraged tip. This configuration helps to easily remove embedded staples from floors, wood, drywall, furniture, and more. The staple-removing tip is made from durable steel to tackle all types of home improvement projects. It has a smooth, flat tip to slide under staples without damaging flooring.

The lightweight, curved plastic handle is sturdy and made to withstand continual use. With a soft rubberized grip, it is designed to prevent hand pain from the tedious task of pulling flooring staples.

An included tack puller effectively removes leftover tacks with its long, angled neck.

Best for Construction

The Best Staple Remover Options: MROCO 126 Staple Remover Heavy Duty

Built for long workdays, the MROCO Heavy Duty Staple Remover features a comfortable ergonomic handle. The curved handle shape helps to provide a solid grip to pull tough building staples.

This push-style staple remover is made from durable carbon steel that will keep its shape with extended use. The multifunctional design is ideal for home improvement tasks like removing flooring or upholstering furniture.

With a thick plastic handle and metal head, this sturdy staple remover can handle the leverage needed for thicker staples. The thin and sharp removing tip slides underneath staples of varying sizes. The metal head has a curved design that helps to achieve extra leverage. Once the tip is under the staple, rock the handle back to remove the staple.

Best for Upholstery

The Best Staple Remover Options: C.S. Osborne 124 Staple Remover Upholstery Tools

This upholstery staple remover from C.S. Osborne & Co. features a durable and comfortable wooden handle. This push-style wand is forged from strong tempered steel that is made to last and won’t bend under pressure. The wooden handle has a rounded, thick end that offers a large surface area to hit with a mallet or a hammer to drive the tip under tough staples.

To tackle fine upholstery staples, each prong has a sharp tip to lodge under tight staples. The skinny tip design is ideal for upholstery staples of any size. The angle of the tip allows for leverage to rock deeply embedded staples out of furniture. The smooth wooden handle provides a comfortable grip and looks stylish to boot.

Also Consider

The Best Staple Remover Options: Bostitch Heavy Duty & Carton Staple Remover (G27W)

Ideal for shipping and receiving areas, this staple remover from Bostitch is designed for heavy-duty use. The spring-loaded staple remover has an all-metal design to handle tough staples. Its larger size is ideal for carton staples and other heavy-duty staples.

With a simple push, the lever handle pries out staples with little effort. A sturdy and wide base keeps the remover flat to the surface for steady leverage. To prevent staple kick-backs while in use, a staple shield feature helps to protect users. Made for daily use, this staple remover has a wear-resistant nickel-plated finish that keeps the tool looking like new.

FAQs About Staple Removers

A staple remover is a handy tool to have in your desk drawer or in a tool box. The right staple remover makes pulling out staples faster and easier; no more twisting and prying with the wrong tools. Here are some questions to consider when choosing and using a new staple remover.

Q. How do you remove long staples from hardwood floors?

Using a staple remover is simple. Slide the tip of the staple remover in between the staple and the floor, and then gently pry up the staple. A pair of pliers can be used to fully remove the staple if one end is still stuck in the floor.

Q. What is the best way to remove upholstery staples?

Hold the furniture frame steady and drive the tip of an upholstery staple remover under the flat head of the staple. Use controlled motions to pry the staple out of the furniture piece.

Q. How do you remove heavy-duty staples?

Choose a heavy-duty staple remover to pull out heavy-duty staples. These staple removers often have a sturdy metal tip that is strong enough to slide underneath staples and pry them out without bending or breaking the remover.