The Best Strap Wrenches for Plumbing Repairs

When plumbing connectors stick, attempting to remove them with pliers can leave them broken and unusable. This is where strap wrenches shine—providing twisting power without damaging pipes or connectors. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

The Best Strap Wrench Options


If you do any sort of plumbing repairs, you already know how difficult it can be to remove twist-on connectors that have corroded or are otherwise stuck. Tongue-and-groove plumbers’ pliers usually can get the connectors unstuck, but they also can damage the connector by bending or breaking it or can mar its surface. The best solution in these situations is a strap wrench, and this tool is so good at what it does, professional plumbers usually carry one or two with them at all times. Consisting of a strap that goes around the pipe or connector and a handle that increases tension on the strap, this type of wrench gives you all the torque you need to twist connectors without damaging them. When buying a strap wrench, consider the maximum diameter of pipe it fits, how easily you can access the pipes you’ll be repairing, and how much the wrench weighs. The following strap wrenches are all standouts for common plumbing situations.

Our Top Picks

The Best Strap Wrench Option: Reed Tool 5-Inch Strap Wrench


BEST OVERALL: Reed Tool 5-Inch Strap Wrench

With the ability to securely grasp pipes up to 5 inches in diameter, the Reed Tool 5-Inch Strap Wrench rises to the spot of our best overall pick. It comes with a flexible polyurethane-coated strap and a strong ductile iron handle and is suitable for use on all pipe materials, including PVC and chrome. Weighing in at 1.7 pounds, the Reed wrench is heavier than some strap wrenches, but not so heavy it will cause hand and arm fatigue when used overhead. With the 12-inch handle, the user can exert force while twisting without scratching or damaging the pipe or connectors. The strap wrench comes with instructions that show how to thread the strap through the handle and how to position it on the pipe or connector for the best results.

The Best Strap Wrench Option: Boeray 12-inch Adjustable Strap Wrench


BEST VALUE: Boeray 12-inch Adjustable Strap Wrench

Strap wrenches are typically reasonably priced, but the Boeray 12-Inch Adjustable Strap Wrench is budget-friendly. Plus, this strap wrench can serve as a great all-around wrench for making plumbing repairs. Three layers of non-slip tetolon make up the strap, and the wrench’s 12-inch handle is made from durable steel. The Boeray strap wrench can tighten or loosen virtually any pipe connector or cylinder up to 5 inches in diameter, including showerheads, faucets, or even a car’s fuel filter. There’s no need to spend more for a strap wrench when the Boeray can pretty much do it all.

The Best Strap Wrench Option: Boa Constrictor Aluminum Strap Wrench


BEST FOR LARGE PIPE: Boa Constrictor Aluminum Strap Wrench

Firmly grasp large pipes and other cylinders up to 10.75 inches in diameter with the Boa Constrictor Aluminum Strap Wrench. The Boa’s industrial-strength rubber strap won’t slip on any cylindrical surface, including plastic, metal, chrome, or even glass. Its 8.5-inch heavy-duty alloy frame features nonslip PVC coating for a comfortable hand feel, and the strap wrench comes with a thumbscrew for making the strap snug before applying twisting pressure to the pipe or other object. Weighing in at just 4 ounces, the Boa strap wrench rests easily in a tool bag or belt until you need it.

The Best Strap Wrench Option: Ridgid 5-Inch Strap Wrench


BEST FOR POLISHED PIPE: Ridgid 5-Inch Strap Wrench

The polyurethane-coated, woven nylon strap on the Ridgid 5-inch Strap Wrench won’t slip or mar polished pipe, such as the mirror finish found on high-end, stainless steel exhaust pipes. With an oversized 18-inch aluminum handle, homeowners won’t have any trouble generating enough leverage for twisting loose or tightening pipes up to 5 inches in diameter. The wrench comes with a strap-threading guide and instructions on how to use the tool.