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This Is The Best Time To Buy a Lawn Mower on Sale

If you’re looking to get the best price on a top-notch machine, timing is everything. Learn when to shop for a lawn mower (and when not to) in this guide.
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Best Time to Buy a Lawn Mower


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While we’re sure it’s nerve-wracking to wait to purchase a mower, you’ll have a much better chance of getting the deal or model you’re looking for if you identify what you need most. Does price matter? Or does getting the best mower for your needs matter more? The best time to buy a mower will vary based on your answer. Keep scrolling to get our two cents on shopping for these landscaping tools.

Best Time to Buy a Lawn Mower

When Is the Best Time To Buy a Lawn Mower?

If your goal is to get a mower for as little money as possible, you should shop at the end of the mowing season. However, if your goal is to get the exact make and model of mower you want, the beginning of the season is best. Here’s why these seasons are the best for their respective shopping reasons.

For the Best Prices

Shoppers looking for the best price should consider shopping for their next grass-cutting machine after the mowing season ends, typically in early fall (around the first week of October). At this point, the grass has stopped growing, and retailers know that lawn mowers are much less likely to go flying off the shelves on their own.

Rather than store these mowers over the winter, dealers may offer a steep discount to move their inventory—which can translate to big savings for savvy shoppers.

If you’re committed to waiting, know the potential drawbacks: The inventory is usually rather low at this point, which means you won’t get the same luxury of comparison shopping that you might get at the beginning of the season. Your options are what you see online or on the shelf. It’s a risk with a large payoff.

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For the Best Variety

Shoppers looking for a specific model or many models that they can compare should do their mower shopping in late winter and early spring (March is typically the sweet spot). During this period, dealers are loading up their inventory for the year, but the demand for a mower is still relatively low. Wait a few weeks, and that demand will spike as homeowners dig their old mowers out and find those old workhorses can’t cut it anymore.

Shoppers waiting to buy their mower in late winter or early spring will get their pick of the latest models. They’ll get to choose between high-end and entry-level models, allowing them to choose the very best model that fits their budget.

And fit the budget it must: Don’t expect steep discounts during this time of year. While there might be some sales to get folks thinking about buying lawn mowers again, they’re not nearly as discounted as mowers in the early fall.

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Big Summer Holidays

Shoppers who can limp their mower across the lawn until a summer holiday stand a chance at balancing variety and pricing. And they don’t typically need to wait too long for the first big summer sales, either. Holidays like Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Father’s Day, and Labor Day often feature a lot of backyard essentials, including lawn mowers and other landscaping tools.

Keep in mind that the prices at these mid-summer sales likely won’t blow anyone’s mind. We bet they won’t reach their annual low until early fall. However, folks in need of a mower stand to save a bit of money on a relatively well-stocked dealer inventory.

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Best Time to Buy a Lawn Mower

When Is the Worst Time To Buy a Lawn Mower?

It’s just as important to know when not to buy a lawn mower as well. In general, purchasing a lawn mower between May through September isn’t a great idea if you can avoid it (though it’s sometimes necessary).

Aside from the dog days of summer when grass becomes dormant to protect itself from a lack of water, grass grows rapidly between May and September. Homeowners are constantly mowing and breaking their mowers during these months. Since the grass is growing quickly, they have to get a new mower quickly.

Of course, dealers understand the rules of supply and demand. With mowers flying off the shelf, supply becomes low. With the grass growing longer every day, the demand gets higher. For these reasons, they aren’t likely to offer significant discounts between May and September.

Best Time to Buy a Lawn Mower

How Good Are the Savings Really?

Lawn mowers, riding tractors, and zero-turn mowers aren’t subject to tremendous discounts unless they’re display models, damaged, or used. This is because dealers generally have tight margins to deal with on these machines. Steep discounts would mean losing money.

Rather than expecting $500 off of a lawn mower or $1,500 off of a tractor, it’s better to expect a 10-percent discount when the timing is right. Waiting for much more than this percentage might be fruitless, and inventory might then drop significantly, removing your options to get the mower that best fits your needs.

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Be Patient (If You Can!)

While we know a broken mower might mean an emergency purchase, shoppers can get great deals if they’re patient and shop during the right time of year. For more help with balancing features and pricing, check out this guide on the best lawn mowers.