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Electric Lawn Mowers: 4 Ways to Get Discounts and Rebates

Making the switch to cleaner lawn equipment may not cost as much as you think.
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Every time you mow a lawn with a gas-powered mower, you’re adding new pollutants into the air. In fact, using a gas-powered mower for just one hour releases the same amount of VOCs into the air as driving a new car for 45 miles, which is part of why gas mowers and other lawn equipment are responsible for as much as 5 percent of the air pollution in the United States. Some states are proposing laws to prohibit the purchase of these mowers in the coming years. Honda has even pledged to stop selling gas mowers in the United States by the end of 2024.

In addition, battery technology has been improving and homeowner concerns have been growing about carbon footprints and greenhouse gas emissions. The result is that electric lawn mowers have been gaining popularity.

Contrary to what many believe, you can even save money using an electric mower instead of a gas one. They’re competitively priced and cost less to operate, especially when you consider gas prices.

If you currently have a gas-powered mower and are ready to make the switch to a clean, electric model, you may be able to get a rebate to help make the new purchase a little easier. Lawn mower rebates are offered by many cities, states, and even utility companies.

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1. How to Find Electric Lawn Mower Rebates

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There are several different types of electric lawn mower rebates available, and the trick is finding one that applies to you. Start by checking with your local government for the city or county you live in. If that search doesn’t yield any results, you can also try searching by the state you live in.

There are numerous rebate and exchange programs that cover more than one city or zipcode, and you may fall into one of these. Another place to check is with your utility company. Some are offering rebates or credits to their customers for switching to more environmentally-friendly appliances and equipment, including lawn mowers. Searching for “electric lawn mower rebate near me” or using your city name could also help bring up viable options for you.

Once you find a rebate or exchange program near you, be sure to closely read the fine print. Some require that you purchase a specific model of electric mower—such as a battery powered model over a corded one. Others also require that you turn in an old (and, in some cases, working) gas mower in order to qualify for some or all of the rebate. You will likely need to provide documentation of your purchase and proof of residency, as well.

2. City Rebate and Exchange Programs

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One of the first places to look for rebate programs is in the city where you live. Many local governments are offering either rebate or exchange programs to encourage their residents to make the switch to cleaner energy sources. The specific outlines of each program will vary based on location; some are simply offering a rebate to any customers who purchases an electric-powered motor, while others require customers to turn in a functioning gas-powered model in order to receive any funds.

If you live in Toledo, Ohio, you’re in luck. The city is offering a limited number of $100 rebates for residents who purchase a new battery-powered mower and dispose of their old gas-powered model. The rebate is a $100 gift card.

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3. Regional Rebate and Exchange Programs

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There are also rebate programs run by larger regional governments or organizations. For example, the Regional Air Quality Council is also running a rebate and exchange program for the Denver Metro/North Front Range area of Colorado. Residents can receive a $150 voucher when they recycle their old gas mower at a participating Ace Hardware or The Home Depot in the city. With this program, even residents who don’t have a gas-powered mower to recycle can receive a $75 voucher towards the purchase of a new electric lawn mower.

Another example of a regional program is the one being run by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD). The program covers residents of most of San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, and most of Los Angeles Counties in California. When they trade in a working gas mower, residents can receive a rebate of up to $250 on the purchase of a new, zero-emission battery-powered lawn mower. The maximum rebate of $250 only applies to electric lawn mowers that retail for $401 or more, but even cheaper lawn mowers can qualify for a $150 rebate.

4. Utility Company Rebates

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If the state or regional government in your area doesn’t offer a rebate or exchange program, check with the local utility companies. For example, Clark County REMC, a utility company in Indiana, offers customers up to $50 towards the purchase of a new electric lawn mower (minimum of 36 volts), string trimmer, or leaf blower.

Similarly, all 17 of the electric utility companies in Vermont offer rebates and incentives to encourage their customers to switch from gas to electric mowers. The specific discount varies, but may be up to $100 in some areas.

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5. Incentives and Tax Credits for Landscaping Companies

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Landscaping companies can also receive benefits for making the switch to electric-powered lawn equipment. Numerous states offer various incentives to make the transition from gas-equipment a bit less painful.

For example, Michigan’s Clean Diesel Program will cover up to 60 percent of the cost of new electric mowers, California’s Clean Off-Road Equipment Voucher Incentive Project offers up to $12,500 per mower, and Colorado’s Clean Diesel Program covers up to 45 percent of a new electric mower.