The Best Toilet Paper Holders for the Bathroom

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The Best Toilet Paper Holder Options


You probably haven’t thought much about your bathroom’s toilet paper holder, but these utilitarian fixtures have come a long way in recent years—many are rust-proof, waterproof, easy to install, and offer storage space for rolls on reserve. Aesthetics aside, one of the most important things to consider when shopping for the best toilet paper holder for your bathroom is how easy it is to replace a roll of tissue. Many manufacturers have done away with the spring-loaded, pop-out bar on which the roll hangs, and you might want to as well.

The best toilet paper holders will also:

  • Require minimal or no assembly.
  • Have the right style and size to suit your needs and taste.
  • Be durable and last a long time.
  • Prevent extra toilet paper from unrolling.
  • Include storage space for extra rolls and other items.

You don’t have to look far to find a number of fixtures that fit these parameters. Read on to learn about the top picks for your bathroom.

Our Top Picks

The following are recommendations for the best toilet paper holders on the market. Whether you’re seeking the best value, the largest or most efficient paper reserve, or a compact model for the tiniest of bathrooms, this list has you covered. The top choices are based on size, design, ease of assembly, longevity and durability, and functional storage.

Best Overall

The Best Toilet Paper Holder Option: Moen Iso Collection Double Post Modern Pivoting

This Moen paper holder has it all, including super easy installation. One of its best features is the pivoting post that holds the paper, allowing you to easily and quickly change rolls without fuss. Most toilet paper holders have a traditional roller with a spring inside, and most of all of us have dropped the post (or the parts) at one time or another.

The paper holder’s chrome, mirror-like finish will go with most any decor, and with its corrosion-resistant finish, the shine will last for years to come. This fixture coordinates well with other Moen Iso Collection accessories.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Toilet Paper Holder Option: Nolimas Brushed Nickel Toilet Paper Holder

The nice thing about this inexpensive, durable toilet paper holder from Nolimas is it won’t fade, rust, stain, or show fingerprints.

Made of stainless steel and brushed nickel, this simple, modern-style paper holder is easy to install in a variety of orientations—left or right horizontally, or vertically—and comes with all the hardware you need. Its screws are concealed for a finished look. The round hook at the rod’s end will stop the toilet paper roll from sliding off, which is another one of this product’s thoughtful design features.

Best Reserve

The Best Toilet Paper Holder Option: AmazonBasics Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder Stand

This contemporary and simple metal holder from AmazonBasics conveniently keeps four extra toilet paper rolls in reserve. The extra rolls are stacked vertically on a rod that’s perpendicular to the L-shaped arm that dispenses the paper, so you can free up cupboard space for other items. Because this unit is freestanding, it can be moved around and placed anywhere, and its weighted base keeps it upright and sturdy.

Best for Small Spaces

The Best Toilet Paper Holder Option: iDesign Classico Metal Toilet Paper Reserve

If your bathroom is tight on space or you’re renting an apartment and don’t want to put holes in the wall, iDesign’s sturdy steel reserve with chrome finish is worth considering.

This holder can be affixed over a toilet tank without any assembly—simply remove the toilet tank lid and slide on the bracket. It neatly stores three rolls of paper within easy reach.

Best Simple Style

The Best Toilet Paper Holder Option: TASTOS Toilet Paper Holder Matte Black

This toilet paper holder is made with stainless steel, a durable and 100 percent rust-proof material. Its sleek, modern design can be mounted either horizontally or vertically, and the roll will advance either way. It has a smooth, matte black finish for a simple aesthetic.

You’ll appreciate how easy this paper holder is to install and that it comes with instructions and all necessary hardware.

Best Adhesive

The Best Toilet Paper Holder Option: KES Self Adhesive Toilet Paper Holder Stainless Steel

If you rent your home or simply don’t want to fuss with drilling holes in the wall, this self-adhesive toilet paper holder is just the ticket. This product from KES mounts to ceramic tile, marble, stone, metal, and glass. However, it is not appropriate for painted, wallpapered, or uneven surfaces.

This holder is quick and simple to mount, doesn’t budge from the wall, and is both rust-proof and waterproof. If you decide to replace or move the holder, you can easily remove it without leaving any marks behind on the wall.

This holder’s open-sided swing arm design makes it easy to replace a roll of paper, and the short pin ensures the roll won’t slide off.

Best Storage

The Best Toilet Paper Holder Option: X-cosrack Toilet Paper Holder Rack with Storage Shelf

This X-cosrack toilet paper holder is freestanding, so you can move it wherever you want it in your bathroom. It offers convenient toilet-paper dispensing and holds up to six rolls in reserve in the lower basket, keeping your counters and cupboards free for other supplies. If you’d rather not have your paper stash on display, the basket can hold magazines, books, or even a couple of towels. The holder’s top shelf is sized to hold your cellphone, tablet, or other small items.

Assembly for this holder is relatively easy—there’s no drilling required. Four adjustable plastic pads that screw to the base’s bottom balance and stabilize the unit, preventing toilet paper from touching a potentially wet or dirty floor.