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Score Up to 45% Off Levolor Window Treatments During the Early Black Friday Sale

A major sale on an industry leader in window treatments may be the exact time to splurge on smarter shades.
Levolor blackout cellular shades in a bedroom


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As leaves drop from landscaping around the house and chill creeps in, fall is an opportune time to replace your window treatments. Not only can you regain privacy and even mitigate drafty windows, but best of all, the season’s shopping holidays also usher in the deepest discounts of the year. You can get the best bang for the buck by investing in high-quality brands like Levolor for a fraction of the price, and you don’t need to wait for Black Friday! Already, is offering 45 percent off of Levolor purchases with the promo code SNEAKPEEK.

With this kind of sale running, we’re particularly interested in an upgrade to smart shades. The Levolor name boasts more than a century of manufacturing in exceptional window coverings, but this storied brand isn’t stuck in the past. It continues to innovate for the modern home, with conveniences ranging from energy-efficient design and motorized operation to automation and voice control within its latest InMotion series. Do you want your blinds to rise in the morning automatically? InMotion’s daily routine programming enables you to wake up with the sun on your schedule. Looking for less glare on the TV when watching the game? Set your shades to lower every Sunday at the 1 o’clock kick-off, or use InMotion’s app or your assistant’s voice control to lower them on command. Whatever your needs are, Levolor has you, and your windows, covered.

Take advantage of discounts now and upgrade to smart blinds that allow you to control your privacy and shade. Below are some of our favorite offerings, all nearly half-off right now.

Levolor's Light-Filtering Cellular Shades (in Linen Light Gray) Hang Installed in a Dining Nook

1. Light-Filtering Cellular Shades

These shades are bestsellers for a good reasons: They’re designed to insulate and offer privacy while still allowing a softer, filtered sunlight. Plus, hundreds of color, fabric, and texture combinations make it easy to find a practically custom option for any interior.

Get the cellular shades at starting at $52.79 (45% off).

Levolor 2-Inch Real Wood Blinds (in Estate Autumn) Are Partially Raised in a Living Space

2. 2-Inch Real Wood Blinds

Though faux wood has come a long way, the original is still such a classic. Choose from 31 colors to find the stained or painted woodgrain that best complements your window, trim, floors, or other woodwork in the room—all on a budget during the sale.

Get the real wood blinds at starting at $$96.99 (45% off).

Levolor's Solar Roller Shades (in 18% Champagne) Shield a Sunroom from UV Rays

3. Solar Roller Shades

UV protection has never looked so sleek! Furniture and floors in bright spaces like sunrooms may benefit from this collection of neutral roller shades. It’s rated by how open the weave is (1 to 18 percent openness); the lower percentage, the tighter the weave—and therefore more protection and privacy.

Get the solar roller shades at starting at $58.29 (45% off)

Levolor's Blackout Cellular Shades (in Tree bark and Light Fog) Eliminate Natural Light in a Bedroom

4. Blackout Cellular Shades

Not only will these cellular shades block most natural light, but they also are the best Levolor offering for insulation. Stay well-rested and comfortable with a set of these in the bedroom or nursery (we recommend a cordless option).

Get the blackout cellular shades at starting at $67.09 (45% off)

Levolor's Roman Shades (in Flat Fantasia Coral) Let in Light in a Colorful Home Office

5. Roman Shades

Whether flat and neatly creased or soft and billowy, the fabric folds of these shades turn windows into a dramatic focal point. Pleats keep these treatments tailored when raised, lowered, or any position between!

Get the Roman shades at starting at $97.34 (45% off)

The prices listed here are accurate as of publication on October 27, 2023.