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DIY Dolly

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The next time you need to move something big and heavy in the workshop or around the house, save your back and build yourself a workshop dolly.


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A workshop dolly is really just a platform on casters. You don’t need expert craftsmanship, special tools, or a lot of time, just simple two-by-fours, some scrap plywood, wood screws and four heavy-duty casters.

For a dolly that’s good and strong, make a rectangle with the two-by-fours, using lap joints at the corners. Attach the casters just below the joints. You can also butt the joints together and add a sheet of scrap plywood over the top to give it stability.

You can staple a little recycled carpet over the dolly to help keep loads from slipping off and to protect delicate finishes. If you plan to leave the loaded dolly in place for any length of time, it’s a good idea to use casters that lock to keep it from rolling.

A dolly like this isn’t just useful in the shop; you can use it to move heavy furniture around the house, to move equipment around at school or at work, or to unload heavy supplies from the car.

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