The Best ATV Snow Plow Blades of 2023

Turn that summer recreation vehicle into a powerful force against winter weather with one of these top snow plow blades.

By Tony Carrick | Updated Dec 22, 2022 4:26 PM

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The Best ATV Snow Plows Options


While many of us often think of ATVs strictly as outdoor recreational vehicles, for those with larger properties, they can also serve as vital utility vehicles. When equipped with attachments–like a snow plow–an ATV can become a crucial tool for jobs like clearing large driveways after a heavy snowfall.

An ATV snow plow is similar in appearance to the full-size models that fit pickup trucks, only smaller, ranging in size from 48 to 70 inches wide. These plows attach to the frames of most standard ATVs, turning these vehicles into effective snow removal machines.

The best plows are easy to attach and durably constructed with settings that allow the operator to change the blade angle to serve different snow removal needs. Ahead, learn about the features to consider when shopping for the best ATV snow plow blades and discover some of the best ATV plows on the market.

  1. BEST OVERALL: WARN ProVantage 54″ Straight Plow Blade
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: KFI Products SNO-Devil ATV Plow
  3. BEST UNIVERSAL: Extreme Max UniPlow ATV Plow
  4. BEST FOR LARGE DRIVEWAYS: Kolpin ATV Switchblade Plow
  5. BEST ADJUSTABLE: Black Boar Snow Plow ATV Kit
  6. BEST FOR SMALL DRIVEWAYS: Champion Power Equipment Universal Snow Plow for ATVs
The Best ATV Snow Plows Option


How We Chose the Best ATV Snow Plow Blades

In reviewing more than a dozen different ATV snow plows for this guide, we considered a variety of criteria. First and foremost, a snow plow must be able to hold up to the rigors of plowing through snow and potentially running into obstacles. With this in mind, we only chose models with heavier-gauge steel construction and thick powder coatings that can hold up to the elements.

We also considered compatibility and selected mainly plows that could fit most ATV brands and makes. Finally, a snow plow is most useful when it’s versatile and can meet different needs, so we chose models with blades that could be set to multiple angles.

Our Top Picks

The following list includes some of the top products on the market and was compiled after evaluating many models considered among the best snow plow for ATV use. The list below takes into account the above considerations to narrow the field to snow plow blades that are durable with a broad range of adjustments that can fit most ATVs.

Best Overall

The Best ATV Snow Plows Option: WARN ProVantage 54" Straight Plow Blade

Sturdy construction and several size options make this plow blade from WARN a great option for a variety of plowing jobs. The blade consists of 12-gauge steel and includes ribbing reinforcement, so it won’t bend even under heavier wet snow. With five size options ranging from 54 inches to 72 inches, the blade is a suitable choice for smaller and larger properties.

In addition to its heavy-duty construction, the blade is designed to tilt forward when impacting an immovable object to prevent damage to the blade or ATV. A pivot mounting system allows the user to angle the blade in either direction while a wear bar protects the blade’s edge. A nonstick powder coating prevents snow from caking on the blade.

Product Specs 

  • Size options: 50, 54, 60, 66, 72 inches
  • Material: 12-gauge steel
  • Weight: N/A


  • Works with a variety of different WARN mounts
  • Numerous size options
  • Center mount design allows for wide range of angles


  • Mount not included

Get the WARN ProVantage Plow Blade at Amazon or WARN.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best ATV Snow Plow Option: KFI Products SNO-Devil ATV Plow

Buying a snow-blade accessory for an ATV is an investment, but KFI makes it less of one with a price that’s more affordable than most other snow plows. It features a 48-inch blade that attaches to the ATV with a hybrid mount.

With its 14-gauge steel construction, the Sno-Devil isn’t as thick as other blades, but it’s still strong enough to handle most jobs. The blade can be set to push snow straight on or at angles up to 25 degrees. A large wear bar protects the lower edge of the blade along with two adjustable blade guards.

Product Specs 

  • Size options: 48 inches
  • Material: 14-gauge steel
  • Weight: 92 pounds


  • More affordable than most other plow blades
  • Fits many ATV makes and models
  • Blade angle adjustable up to 25 degrees


  • Thinner-gauge steel than other snow plows

Get the KFI Products Sno-Devil ATV Plow at Amazon or All Terrain Depot.

Best Universal

The Best ATV Snow Plow Option: Extreme Max UniPlow ATV Plow

With a uni-mount system that fits more than 90 percent of the ATVs on the market, this model from Extreme Max is a great universal snow plow option. The plow blade spans 50 inches, making it ideal for small- to medium-size jobs. Heavy-duty skid pads and a steel wear bar make this plow one of the more durable models on the market.

It’s easy to install thanks to a quick-release mechanism that attaches and detaches by removing or inserting just two pins. Five angle positions that can be set through a pin system allow the user to set the blade to different angles to suit the job.

Product Specs 

  • Size options: 50 inches
  • Material: 14-gauge steel
  • Weight: 92 pounds


  • Fits more than 90 percent of ATV makes and models
  • Attaches to frame
  • 2-pin system makes it easy to attach and detach blade
  • 6 side-angle positions


  • Requires winch to raise and lower blade

Get the Extreme Max UniPlow ATV Plow at Amazon or The Home Depot.

Best for Large Driveways

The Best ATV Snow Plow Option: Kolpin ATV Switchblade Plow

While the long 60-inch length of this snow plow blade makes it suitable for larger driveways, its adjustability makes it a great option for smaller jobs, too. This plow’s stamped steel design allows the user to adjust it to widths of either 48 inches or 60 inches, making it more versatile than most other blades on the market.

The adjustable blade changes to five angles to suit different jobs, while a large skidpad and ample steel wear bar protect the bottom of the blade. The plow also detaches easily from the mounting plate thanks to a two-pin design.

Product Specs 

  • Size options: 50 inches
  • Material: 13-gauge steel
  • Weight: 112 pounds


  • Adjustable blade width
  • Heavy-duty 13-gauge steel construction
  • 5 angle positions


  • Assembly more complicated than for other snow plows

Get the Kolpin ATV Switchblade Plow at Amazon or Kolpin.

Best Adjustable

The Best ATV Snow Plow Option: Black Boar Snow Plow ATV Kit

The Black Boar beats out other snow plow kits when it comes to versatility thanks to the broad range of adjustments it offers. Whereas most other snow plows have five or six angles up to 25 degrees, the Black Boar has nine positions and can reach angles up to 30 degrees on either side.

The Black Boar is also easy to install and uninstall thanks to two quick-release pins that hold it to the mounting bracket. Its 14-gauge powder-coated steel construction is sturdy for its 48-inch width. It’s also equipped with a reversible wear blade that the user can flip over when one side wears out, doubling its lifespan.

Product Specs 

  • Size options: 48 inches
  • Material: 12-gauge steel
  • Weight: 88 pounds


  • Can be adjusted to 9 positions
  • Angles to the left or right side
  • Reversible wear blade


  • Only comes in smaller 48-inch size

Get the Black Boar Snow Plow ATV Kit at Amazon or Black Boar.

Best for Small Driveways

The Best ATV Snow Plow Option: Champion Power Equipment Universal Snow Plow for ATVs

The 50-inch-wide blade on this snow plow from Champion Power Equipment makes it a worthy choice for plowing less expansive, though still large, driveways. The plow is adjustable with five plowing positions. Though the 14-gauge steel blade isn’t as hefty as some plows that use 12-gauge metal, it makes up for it with beefy skid pads and a large steel wear bar that protects the blade.

A thick powder coating protects the steel from rust and corrosion while preventing snow from sticking to the blade’s surface. The Champion plow blade is also compatible with most ATV makes and models on the market.

Product Specs 

  • Size options: 50 inches
  • Material: 14-gauge steel
  • Weight: 82 pounds


  • Blade angle is easy to adjust on the fly
  • Compatible with most ATV makes and models
  • Gusset and skid pads protect blade


  • Thinner-gauge steel than other plow blades

Get the Champion Power Equipment ATV Snow Plow at The Home Depot or Tractor Supply Co.

A Recap of Our Recommendations

  1. BEST OVERALL: WARN ProVantage 54″ Straight Plow Blade
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: KFI Products SNO-Devil ATV Plow
  3. BEST UNIVERSAL: Extreme Max UniPlow ATV Plow
  4. BEST FOR LARGE DRIVEWAYS: Kolpin ATV Switchblade Plow
  5. BEST ADJUSTABLE: Black Boar Snow Plow ATV Kit
  6. BEST FOR SMALL DRIVEWAYS: Champion Power Equipment Universal Snow Plow for ATVs

What to Consider When Choosing an ATV Snow Plow

The most important factor in choosing a snow plow is making sure it’s compatible with the make and model of the ATV. Other factors to consider when searching for the best plow for ATV snow removal include build quality, size, and range of blade adjustment.


Not all ATV snow plows fit all ATVs, so it’s vital to consider compatibility when shopping for one. Most ATV snow plow manufacturers offer reference guides that list which snow plow makes and models the plow will work with.

Many snow plows are designed with universal mounts that are compatible with a variety of ATV makes and models. That said, no snow plow is compatible with every ATV on the market, so it’s important to check compatibility before making a purchase.

Straight or V-Shaped Blade

Snow plow blades come in straight models and those that fold back at the center of the blade to form a V-shape that resembles an arrow. A straight blade is useful for smaller driveways. Typically a straight blade snow plow is angled to allow the snow to run off to one side as it cuts through the snow.

V-shaped blades are best suited for covering large areas, allowing the ATV to plow faster and through thicker, heavier snow. Keep in mind that many V-shaped blades are more expensive and may not fit an ATV.


ATV blades come in a variety of widths to suit different size properties. While a smaller blade may slide more easily through snow, it will take longer to clear the driveway. A 50- to 55-inch-wide blade is well suited for less extensive driveways, while a larger 55- to 60-inch blade is ideal for clearing large areas.

A broad 72-inch blade is more useful for large estate driveways or farm drives and parking lots. Keep in mind that a wider blade should consist of heavier gauge steel to prevent the blade from bowing against the weight of the snow.

Material and Weight

Most plow blades consist of 12- to 14-gauge steel that’s painted to prevent rust and corrosion. The larger the blade and thicker the gauge, the heavier the plow will be. ATV snow plows range in weight from 70 pounds to more than 100 pounds.

The larger the blade, the heavier and more powerful the ATV will need to be to handle the load. An ATV also needs to weigh at least 400 pounds to ensure it can create the traction and momentum needed to push snow.

When selecting the blade, it’s also crucial to consider the weight and engine size of the ATV. The best ATV for snow plowing usually falls in the 400-cc to 800-cc engine range, which is powerful enough to create the force required to plow through snow. While a 400 cc engine might suffice for a smaller 48-inch-wide blade, a 600 cc to 800 cc engine is required for a 60- to 70-inch-wide blade.

Blade Adjustments

ATV snow plows have controls that allow the operator to raise or lower them to suit the terrain so the blades don’t snag on roots or rocks. The blade can also be raised to a high position so it’s out of the way when not in use.

Straight blade plows also have adjusters that allow the user to set the angle of the blades so snow or other debris is sloughed off the blade and onto one side as the plow moves forward. Blade angle is adjustable from 0 degrees to as much as 30 degrees with between five and nine different angle positions in between. The angle range and number of settings vary depending on the snow plow.

Easy Installation and Release

Since a snow plow is just one of many functions an ATV might have, it’s helpful when it’s easy to mount and dismount the blade from the ATV. Many snow plows come with quick-release designs that allow the operator to install or remove the plow by simply connecting or disconnecting as few as two pins.

Some snow plows include mounting kits, while others have mounting kits that are sold separately. Keep in mind that ATVs are also outfitted with a winch, which moves the snow plow blade up and down.

Tips for Using an ATV Snow Plow

While an ATV snow plow is fairly easy to use, it is important to follow a few tips to ensure you get the most out of this attachment. When plowing, go slow at speeds no greater than 5 mph. If you happen to hit an obstacle while going at high speeds, you could damage the blade, the mounting kit, or even the ATV’s chassis. The impact could even throw the operator off the ATV.

Keep the plow raised high when moving the ATV into position to avoid hitting snags or obstacles. Then drop it into the low setting when it’s time to plow. Plowing requires the ATV to have enough traction to allow it to push the blade through heavy snow. With that in mind, consider fitting the ATV’s wheels with paddle tires or adding tire chains to improve traction.

  • Plow at low speeds no greater than 5 mph.
  • Keep the blade in the high position when not plowing.
  • Improve traction by switching to paddle tires or adding tire chains.


If you’re wondering what size snow plow you need to clear your driveway or if your ATV is capable of pushing a plow, then read on for answers to these and other commonly asked questions.

Q. What size ATV do I need to plow snow?

A suitable ATV for a 48-inch or 60-inch snow plow would be a 500-cc quad ATV, which produces enough power to plow through snow. Large side-by-side ATVs are heavier and can therefore produce more push power in snowy conditions than standard ATVs.

Q. Can a 300-cc ATV plow snow?

Yes. However, since this smaller ATV is lighter, you might need to add weight to the back rack and potentially put chains on the tires to ensure the ATV will produce enough traction to push snow.

Q. How do I attach a plow to my ATV?

Begin by activating the float feature on the plow controller. Then line up the ATV with the snow plow and pull forward until the lower pin on the plow contacts the pin receiver on the ATV. Set the parking brake, then turn the coupler on the plow levers to the attach position. Connect the plow’s wire harness to the vehicle and push the coupler upward until it snaps into position.

Q. Do you need a winch for an ATV snow plow?

While you don’t necessarily need a winch for an ATV snow plow, using one can make adjusting the height of the plow much easier and safer than making manual height adjustments while in the field.

Q. Are snow plow mounts universal for ATVs?

Most snow plow mounts for ATVs are universal, and many manufacturers claim to be compatible with about 90 percent of ATVs. Since the claim is not a guarantee, it’s still important to determine if a snow plow is compatible with your ATV before purchasing it.

Q. How do you stack snow with an ATV plow?

It is possible to stack snow with a snow plow if you plan ahead. When plowing, make sure to push the snow well off the driveway. This will give you more room to pile on more snow as the season progresses. An ATV will not be powerful enough to move a bank of snow once the snow has frozen over.

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