Bob Vila Radio: Painting Tools

By Sarah Monzon & Bob Vila | Updated Apr 29, 2016 4:10 PM

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If you’re getting ready for a painting project, it’s important to think ahead and have your tools and supplies ready so you can finish what you start.

Painting Tools


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Find some clothes you don’t care about, and get some shoe covers to protect the rest of the house while you’re working. If you can’t empty the room of furniture, have enough painter’s plastic or drop clothes to cover it all in the middle of the room.  For the prep, depending on your project you’ll need putty and a putty knife, sandpaper, washbucket, and a shop vac.  Don’t forget a paint can opener, stirrers, and a utility knife.

Mess control equipment is important:  masking tape, dropcloths, pans, liners, rags and gloves. Keep things easy to find and move out of your way by stowing it all in a utility box along with your brushes and rollers. And don’t forget a stepladder, extension poles, and a big water bottle. Painting is thirsty work!

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