Bob Vila Radio: Party Cleanup

Entertaining at home has become one of our favorite pastimes: houses are increasingly designed around our passion for partying. Fortunately, there are also some great solutions for the cleanup.

Party Clean Up



Listen to BOB VILA ON PARTY CLEANUP, or read the text below:

Pull-out bins for the kitchen trash and recyclables make them easy to separate and keep out of sight.

Protect the environment as well as your indoor air quality by using nontoxic, natural cleaning products wherever you can. You’d be surprised how many cleaning solutions you already have:

Shaving cream cleans up red wine stains on the carpet.  Olive oil gets the streaks on the stainless steel appliances. And a little white vinegar in the dishwasher takes care of the spotty glasses.

Treat those after-party white rings on wood furniture with a paste of vegetable oil and salt or a good long stint under a warm hairdryer.

Your best entertaining problem solvers are in your home tool kit: make sure you have a good selection of hand tools, adhesives and fasteners on hand for those last-minute repairs.

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