Bob Vila Radio: Tool Tip – Nail Guns

As time-saving tools go, it’s hard to beat the pneumatic nailer; aka the nail gun. But before you run out to get one for the DIYer on your list, you need to know what kind.

Brad Nailer



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For projects like trim work, paneling, and cabinetry, you want a brad nailer or a finish nailer. A brad nailer shoots 18 gauge nails from a 1/2 in to 1 and 1/4 in long. At around a hundred bucks, a brad nailer is a great all-purpose or starter gun, and if you need to drive slightly larger or longer nails, a finish nailer won’t cost much more.

For framing projects, you’ll need to up the ante to around $200 for a framing nailer. These shoot flat-head framing nails through two-by-fours in a fraction of the time and effort it would take you to do it with the best framing hammer.

Whatever your choice, these guns are pneumatic, so don’t forever you’ll also need a compatible air compressor to power your new nail gun.

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