Branch Ergonomic Chair Review: Is it Worth the Investment?

Sitting in an ergonomic chair is one of the best ways to sit at your desk and support your back properly. We tested the popular Branch ergonomic chair to see how it works.
The front of the Branch ergonomic chair

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I, like many others, sit at my computer for 8 to 12 hours a day, depending on the day. While I have a standard computer desk, I’m always fighting back and arm pain. Granted, I’m the first to admit that I don’t sit properly in my chair, and I’m not one to pay much attention to my posture even when I’m in pain. One would think the shooting pain in my arm or back would be enough to make me adjust myself, but when I’m in the midst of a workday, I just don’t worry about it.

When I moved into my current home 8 years ago, I used a kitchen chair as my office chair. Talk about uncomfortable. Then I did hours of research and upgraded to what is marketed as an ergonomic chair. While this chair was comfortable and worked fine, it definitely was not ergonomic in the true sense of the word.

My uncomfortable workdays were starting to really take a toll on my overall health and energy. I was exhausted at the end of each day because my body was supporting itself in an unnatural way. Could a chair really help solve my repetitive strain injuries or make my workday more comfortable? I was willing to try anything, so I tried the ever-popular Branch ergonomic chair. Did it make a difference? I tested it for 2 months before I came to my final verdict.

Branch Ergonomic Chair: At a Glance

The backside of the Branch ergonomic chair
Photo: Stephanie Cronk for Bob Vila

Rating: 9/10


  • Size: 38 to 42 inches high by 25 inches wide by 24 inches deep
  • Weight: 42 pounds
  • Materials: Double-woven nylon mesh, high-density foam cushion, and an anodized aluminum base


  • The chair is extremely easy to assemble and took less than 15 minutes to put together by myself
  • Features high-quality materials and a durable build
  • Comfortable 3-inch padded seat cushion for all-day comfort


  • Can feel a bit bulky compared to more narrow chairs
  • Caster wheels roll nicely but sometimes get stuck even on hard floors

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What is the Branch ergonomic chair?

The Branch ergonomic chair is exactly that: a chair that focuses on ergonomics. It is designed to properly support anyone who sits in it in an ergonomic manner. The chair features a firm lumbar support and contoured mesh upper backrest to ensure optimal posture while the user is sitting at a desk. The mesh upper backrest allows air to flow through to prevent a sweaty back after sitting all day.

The chair is 38 to 42 inches high, 25 inches wide, and 24 inches deep, and it features five smooth-rolling caster wheels.

The armrests, which are important for proper ergonomics, are adjustable from 26 to 29 inches high and 25 to 29 inches wide.

Is the Branch ergonomic chair easy to assemble?

I was really impressed with how easy the Branch ergonomic chair was to assemble. My previous chair took 2 hours to assemble, but the Branch chair took about 10 minutes, if that.

A QR code opens the assembly instructions. Following the instructions, I pushed each caster wheel into place. Then I set the wheel assembly upright and pushed the hydraulic tube into the center of the wheel assembly. After that, I set it to the side and grabbed the seat bottom and backrest. Assembly consisted of lining up the backrest to the seat bottom and screwing in the bolts. I tightened each bolt with the included Allen wrench. Once all the bolts were tightened, I placed the seat assembly on the hydraulic lift.

Next I installed the armrests. They each fit nicely onto the seat bottom and are secured with more bolts. Once the armrests were secured, all I had to do was slide the seat bottom onto the seat assembly. Voilà! That’s all there was to it. I was able to complete this by myself within just a few minutes.

Is the Branch chair comfortable? 

The Branch chair features a 3-inch padded seat, which is also adjustable and contoured for comfort. There are various points of adjustability including the seat depth, seat height, armrest height, armrest width, and armrest overall position. There is also a tilt range of 20 degrees.

I found it very comfortable to sit in this chair for 8+ hours a day. My desk is a bit low, so it took some customizing the various points of adjustability to find the perfect spot for each feature. Once I did, my arms were able to rest comfortably on the armrests while lining up with my keyboard drawer. This alleviated a lot of pressure on my elbow and shoulder as my previous chair was not as customizable, and my arm was always in an awkward position.

I tested this chair specifically to see how it would affect my back pain, because as I said, I would always sit in awkward positions throughout the day. To really test this, I set an alarm on my phone to remind myself to do a posture check and make sure I was sitting in the chair properly. After about a week, my body adjusted and automatically sat in the chair comfortably with my back completely against the backrest.

The fact that I could adjust the seat depth really helped; I have a small frame, so I needed a chair that could make the seat depth a bit shorter than the standard deep seat depth most chairs have.

Using the Branch ergonomic chair is not a cure-all for my arm and back pain, but it has definitely improved and relieved various points of pressure on my arm, shoulder, and back.

A close-up of a person's hand using the adjustment feature of the Branch ergonomic chair
Photo: Stephanie Cronk for Bob Vila

Is the Branch ergonomic chair worth the money?

Ergonomic chairs can be found on Amazon at various price points between $90 and $150. Then there are branded ergonomic chairs that range from $300 to $1,000 or more. The Branch ergonomic chair retails for around $330, which puts it in the middle of the road. While not as cheap as a non-brand-name chair, it’s also not as expensive as some counterparts.

The quality and durability of this chair, I feel, would put it in the high-quality range. The chair is made of durable materials including an aluminum base and polymer frame, along with a high-density foam seat cushion.

Should you buy the Branch ergonomic chair?

If you’re like me and need an adjustable chair that you can manipulate to fit your body, the Branch ergo chair may be right for you. While it is a bit pricey, the high-quality materials and overall comfort of the chair make the splurge worth it.

Where to Buy the Branch Ergonomic Chair

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