14 Accessories You Need for Your Cast-Iron Skillet

Discover the essential cast-iron accessories that will improve your cooking and maintenance, ensuring your cookware lasts a lifetime.

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Cast-iron cookware is beloved for its versatility, exceptional heat retention, and the unbeatable flavor it adds to food. However, to get the most out of your cast-iron skillet, it’s crucial to have the right accessories. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a home-cooking enthusiast, enhancing your cast-iron experience can be simple with a few key additions. 

From maintenance tools that keep your skillet in prime condition to clever gadgets that expand its culinary capabilities, this article explores 14 essential accessories that every cast-iron skillet owner will want to consider.

1. Chainmail Scrubbing Pad

Accessories You Need for Your Cast-Iron Skillet Option Chainmail Scrubbing Pad
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Keep your cast-iron cookware in top shape with the Lodge chainmail scrubber. Made from stainless steel, this scrubber is great for getting rid of stubborn food residue while protecting the seasoning of your skillet. It’s built to last through dishwasher cycles, making it a reliable tool for keeping your cookware looking like new.

Get the Lodge chainmail scrubbing pad at Amazon for $19.90.

2. Silicone Hot Handle Holder

Accessories You Need for Your Cast-Iron Skillet Option Silicone Hot Handle Holder
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Safeguard your hands from heat with the Lodge Silicone Hot Handle Holder. It fits securely over your skillet’s handle and can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s compatible with Lodge Keyhole-handle skillets 9 inches in diameter and larger. Available in a range of colors, this hot handle holder provides safety and adds a touch of color to your kitchen.

Get the Lodge silicone hot handle holder at Amazon for $6.03.

3. Pan Scraper

Accessories You Need for Your Cast-Iron Skillet Option Pan Scraper
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Clean your cast-iron pans effectively with the Lodge Pan Scrapers, which are specially shaped to match your skillet’s contours. These scrapers remove food residues without causing scratches, streamlining your cleaning process. Made of durable polycarbonate, the scrapers come in a handy two-pack and have edged designs to tackle tough cleaning tasks.

Get the Lodge Pan Scraper (2-pack) at Amazon for $6.43.

4. Magnetic Wooden Trivet

Accessories You Need for Your Cast-Iron Skillet Option Magnetic Wooden Trivet
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The Le Creuset Magnetic Wooden Trivet adds style and practicality to your kitchen. Its magnetic feature keeps it attached to your cast-iron skillet, making it easy to move from the stove to the table. It’s made from long-grain acacia wood and is heat-resistant up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep in mind some heat transfer is still possible, so exercise caution when using it on delicate surfaces.

Get the Le Creuset magnetic wooden trivet at Amazon for $49.95.

5. Digital Thermometer

Accessories You Need for Your Cast-Iron Skillet Option Digital Thermometer
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Elevate your cooking game with the Alpha Grillers Digital Thermometer—a must-have for any cook striving for top-notch results in the kitchen. This instant-read thermometer is essential for recipes that require precise temperatures, and it can help prevent overcooking to ensure your dishes are cooked to perfection. 

Get the Alpha Grillers digital thermometer at Amazon for $15.99.

6. Seasoning Spray

Accessories You Need for Your Cast-Iron Skillet Option Seasoning Spray
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Maintain the quality of your cast-iron cookware with the Lodge Seasoning Spray. Made from 100 percent vegetable oil and free of any additives or propellants, this spray offers a natural way to preserve and protect the seasoning of your skillet after each use. It’s a reliable and safe choice for prolonging the life of your cookware.

Get the Lodge seasoning spray at Amazon for $12.95.

7. Scrub Brush

Accessories You Need for Your Cast-Iron Skillet Option Scrub Brush
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The Lodge Scrub Brush is specially crafted for cleaning cast-iron cookware, with bristles that effectively remove tough residues while preserving the skillet’s seasoning. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort and efficiency, making it a must-have tool for maintaining your cast-iron cookware.

Get the Lodge scrub brush at Amazon for $7.99.

8. Rust Eraser

Accessories You Need for Your Cast-Iron Skillet Option Rust Eraser
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Revitalize your cookware with the Lodge Rust Eraser, which is designed to eliminate rust and stains while safeguarding the integrity and appearance of your cast iron. This tool helps return cookware to its original, bare iron state, meaning you’ll need to reseason your skillet after each use of the rust eraser. 

Get the Lodge rust eraser at Amazon for $9.99.

9. Adjustable Trivet

Accessories You Need for Your Cast-Iron Skillet Option Adjustable Trivet
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Shield your surfaces with the Lodge Adjustable Trivet, made of durable cast iron to support heavy pots and pans. Along with protecting surfaces from heat, it can also be used inside cast- iron skillets and Dutch ovens (4 quarts or larger) to elevate foods off the bottom of the pan and prevent burning. 

Get the Lodge adjustable trivet at Amazon for $19.99.

10. Silicone Egg Ring

Accessories You Need for Your Cast-Iron Skillet Option Silicone Egg Ring
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The Lodge Silicone Egg Ring is a fantastic addition for anyone wanting to step up their breakfast game. This ring fits snugly inside your cast-iron skillet and guarantees perfectly round eggs or pancakes. It can withstand high cooking temperatures without losing its shape, and it’s nonstick for easy food release and nearly effortless cleaning. 

Get the Lodge silicone egg ring at Amazon for $10.43.

11. Cast-Iron Grill Press

Accessories You Need for Your Cast-Iron Skillet Option Cast-Iron Grill Press
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The Lodge Rectangular Cast-Iron Grill Press is a great tool for grill enthusiasts. Preseasoned and ready to use, this 6.75-inch by 4.5-inch press is ideal for eliminating excess fats from meats and achieving attractive grill marks. Its heavy-duty cast-iron design ensures even heat distribution and retention during cooking. And since the spiral handle stays cool to the touch, cooks can enjoy a safer cooking experience. 

Get the Lodge cast-iron grill press at Amazon for $20.09.

12. Splatter Screen

Accessories You Need for Your Cast-Iron Skillet Option Splatter Screen
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The BergKoch Splatter Screen is a must-have tool to help keep your kitchen clean while cooking. It’s designed to fit various pans, including cast-iron skillets, preventing hot oil and food splatters. Crafted from stainless steel with a fine mesh cover, it allows steam to escape, so your food cooks evenly without getting soggy. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

Get the BergKoch splatter screen at Amazon for $6.98.

13. Cast-Iron Lid

Accessories You Need for Your Cast-Iron Skillet Option Cast-Iron Lid
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The Lodge Cast-Iron Lid is a durable and practical addition to your cast-iron cookware collection. Custom designed to fit Lodge’s range of cookware perfectly, they come in several sizes. These lids seal in moisture and heat, enhancing the cooking process for slow-cooked dishes, braises, and steaming. The lid also includes a convenient handle on top for easy lifting without the risk of burns. 

Get the Lodge cast-iron lid at Amazon for $37.06.

14. Pan Organizer

Accessories You Need for Your Cast-Iron Skillet Option Pan Organizer
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The Cuisinel Heavy-Duty Pan Organizer is essential for anyone who loves cooking and has multiple cast-iron skillets and pans to store. Designed to hold up to five heavy pans vertically or horizontally, this organizer helps save space while keeping your cookware well organized and easily accessible. You can adjust the dividers to fit cookware of different sizes, ensuring each piece is stored securely.

Get the Cuisinel pan organizer at Amazon for $27.99.

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