Product Recalls You Need to Know as of March 1, 2024

Stay updated on the latest product recalls to help keep your home and family safe.


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Keeping up-to-date with the latest product recalls is essential in keeping our homes safe. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) plays a key role in this by regularly issuing recalls across a diverse range of products. We’ve rounded up products in our most-watched categories here at Bob Vila and will be updating it regularly to keep you informed. For the most current information between our updates, you can consult the CPSC website.

If you discover that a product in your home has been recalled, the first step is to stop using it immediately. Then follow the instructions found in the official recall notice. This typically involves contacting the manufacturer or distributor in order to arrange for a repair, refund, or replacement.

February Recalls

Camplux Portable Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heater with red and black connections is set against a white background.

The Home Appliances has announced a recall of Camplux Brand Portable Tankless Water Heaters. When in use, the portable water heaters can leak gas from the gas regulator connection, creating a fire hazard. If you own one of these products, turn it off and stop using it. You can order a free repair kit for your tankless water heater from The Home Appliances that includes a replacement gas regulator with a quick connect attachment so you can easily connect and disconnect the part without the need for a screwdriver.

Sandford Family Croquet Sets

A croquet set is arranged around a green storage bag for the game.

Sold exclusively on Amazon by DOM Sports, the Sandford Family 6-Player Croquet Sets are being recalled. The paint on the red hoop, red mallet, blue mallet, and winning post all contain levels of lead that exceed the limit of a federal ban on lead paint. This violation poses a lead poisoning threat to users. The red and blue mallets in the lawn games also have a surface coating that contains levels of regulated phthalates exceeding the limit of a federal ban on certain phthalates. Both phthalates and lead are toxic if ingested.

Amazon and DOM Sports are contacting known purchasers, but if you own one of these croquet sets, you can contact DOM Sports for instructions on emailing a photo of the product being disposed of in exchange for a replacement.

Biometric Gun and Personal Safes by Multiple Brands

Biometric safes are a popular alternative to combination or key locking safes, but recent flaws have resulted in recalls across multiple brands. The biometric feature on these home safes has a fault that allows unauthorized users to open the safes. This poses serious risk of injury and death to those with access to the safes. Owners should immediately remove the batteries from the safe and only use it for storage with the key lock feature. The brands issuing recalls include:

Bulldog Cases Biometric Gun Safes

A Bulldog brand gun safe is open.

If you own a Magnum Biometric Pistol Vault, contact Bulldog for a repair kit or free replacement safe. If you own a Magnum Biometric Top Load Pistol Vault, contact Bulldog for a free replacement safe.

Machir Biometric Personal Safes

A biometric safe sits on a white background.

Contact Machir for instructions on how to safely destroy the biometric reader, then take a photo of the disabled reader. Submit the photo for a free replacement safe.

BBRKIN MouTec Biometric Gun Safes, sold exclusively on Amazon

A square grey safe with a biometric lock.

Contact BBRKIN for instructions on how to safely disable the biometric reader, and take a photo of the disabled reader. In exchange for the photo, BBRKIN will send you a free replacement safe.

Awesafe Biometric Gun Safes

A gun safe is open with items inside illuminated by a blue light.

Contact Awesafe for instructions on how to safely disable the biometric feature, and take a photo of the disabled reader. After submitting photo, owners will receive a free replacement safe.

Cascade Designs Camping Cooking Pots 

A grey camping cooking pot with a handle sits against a white background.

Cascade Designs has issued a recall of the Camping Cooking Pots. When you use the pot for heating liquid or cooking food, the pot handle can loosen or even detach, potentially burning or scalding you and those nearby. Owners should stop using the camping cookware. Then contact Cascade Designs to receive a free replacement pot handle after submitting a photo of the recalled product.

IKEA USB Chargers

A grey USB charger with a wound up cord sits against a white background.

IKEA has announced a recall for the ÅSKSTORM 40W USB Chargers. The cable on the charger is susceptible to damage and breakage that pose burn and electric shock hazards. If you own one of these chargers, use an alternate charging method such as a USB wall outlet. You can return it to any IKEA store for a full refund, or you can contact IKEA for instructions on how to dispose of the charger and then get a full refund. You do not need a receipt or other proof of purchase to receive your refund.

EVAS 20-Pound Propane Exchange Tanks

A white propane tank has a red box graphic highlighting the collar.

Worthington Enterprises is recalling the EVAS 20-Pound Propane Exchange Tanks. The recall impacts cylinders that have the following stamped on the collar: a model number EVAS – M0859, a serial number beginning with a “W,” and a date code of either “06-23” or “07-23.” The cylinders on these propane tanks can leak gas, posing a fire hazard. If you own one of these tanks, stop using it immediately, and close the top valve completely. Then return the tank to an AmeriGas Propane Exchange retail location for a free replacement.


A modern style grey and white run is sitting on a wood floor.

A recall has been issued for JURLEA Rugs, sold exclusively at Amazon by Yalande-US. The best rugs adhere to the federal flammability regulations for carpets and rugs. The JURLEA Rugs do not. This means the rugs pose a fire hazard in the home. The brand will ask you to cut the rug in half and provide a photo of the cut rug in order to receive a full refund. Yalande-US is also contacting known purchasers.

BRS and BULin Fuel Bottles

Two orange fuel bottles are against a white background with mililiter measurements written in the corner.

BRS and BULin Liquid Fuel Bottles, sold exclusively at Amazon by WAOLi, are being recalled. The Children’s Gasoline Burn Prevention Act (CGBPA) mandates that portable gasoline containers meet specific child-resistance standards. These fuel bottles do not meet the standards for child-resistant closures, posing a poison and burn risk to kids. The 530-mililiter BRS bottle also fails to meet the Portable Fuel Container Safety Act (PFCSA) requirement of a flame mitigation device, which threatens users with a flash fire risk. Place all recalled products out of reach of children, and contact WAOLi for instructions on how to receive a full refund.

Frigidair Rear-Controlled Ranges

Three rows of rear controlled ranges include black and stainless steel models.

Electrolux Group has issued a recall of Frigidaire Rear-Controlled Ranges produced between October and November 2023 because the appliances pose electrical shock and electrocution hazards. This danger is caused by the control panel that owners use to operate the range becoming detached from the unit. The brand recommends that owners immediately stop using the electric ranges. You can contact Electrolux Group for a free repair or professional installation of a new control panel. Keep the range unplugged until the service call for your safety.

Char-Broil Digital Electric Smokers

A Char-Broil electric smoker is black against a white background.

Char-Broil has issued a recall of its Digital Electric Smokers. The products pose an electric shock hazard to owners due to a potential electrical current leak when the smokers are in use. If you own one of these electric smokers, stop using it immediately. You can contact Char-Broil for a free repair kit that includes a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) plug, a clamshell enclosure to secure the GFCI plug, and a cable clamp. Instructions for the repairs are also in the kit.

Tiller & Rowe Growing Table Mini-Greenhouse and Calipso Combi

A mini greenhouse raised planter is closed and sits against a white background.

Ocean State Job Lot has recalled the Growing Table-Mini Greenhouse and Raised Garden Bed by Tiller & Rowe and the Combi by Calipso. The greenhouses can overheat and pose a fire hazard to owners’ property, as well as potential injury. Consumers should immediately stop using them and contact Ocean
State Job Lot for a full refund.

Frigidaire Side by Side Refrigerators

Two rows of side by side refrigerators in black and stainless steel are lined up against a white bsckground.

Electrolux Group is recalling certain Frigidaire side-by-side refrigerators. An issue has been identified where parts of the ice bucket may break, causing plastic pieces to mix with ice and presenting choking and laceration hazards. Owners of the affected side-by-side refrigerators should stop using the ice makers immediately and reach out to Electrolux Group for a complimentary replacement of the refrigerator’s ice bucket component.

Vornado Handheld Garment Steamers

A handheld steamer is white with green accents.

Vornado is recalling two million handheld garment steamers because hot water may spray out from the steam nozzle during heating or use, posing a serious risk of burns. If you have one of these steamers, stop using it immediately and contact Vornado. The company is offering a full refund or a free replacement steamer based, depending on the model.

Husqvarna Grass Trimmers

A Husqvarna grass trimmer is orange and black.

Husqvarna has recalled some of their grass trimmers due to a fire hazard caused by incorrect wiring in the ignition module. This defect could lead to electrical sparking or arcing, which is especially dangerous if gas is present around the unit. Users should immediately stop using these trimmers and reach out to an authorized Husqvarna dealer to arrange a free repair.

BISSELL Multi Reach Hand and Floor Vacuum Cleaners

A Bissell vacuum stands against a white background.

Some Multi Reach Hand and Floor Vacuum Cleaners from Bissell have been recalled because their battery packs can overheat and smoke, causing a risk of fire. Owners of these vacuums can reach out to the brand to learn how to deplete the battery’s charge and apply for a replacement vacuum. It’s important to note that these lithium-ion batteries can’t be thrown in the regular trash and have to be disposed of according to state or local laws.

December Home “Candelabra” Style Light Bulbs

A red package contains three candelabra style light bulbs.

Meijer has recalled December Home “Candelabra” light bulbs after discovering some packages contained 3V bulbs meant for battery-powered fixtures rather than the 120V models that appear on the label. Using a 3V bulb in a 120V fixture can cause it to burst, creating a laceration risk. Consumers should return these types of light bulbs to any Meijer store for a refund.

January Recalls

Visual Comfort & Co. Maverick Coastal Outdoor Ceiling Fan

A black ceiling fan has dark wood blades in a modern style.

Visual Comfort & Co. has recalled its Maverick Coastal Outdoor Ceiling Fans due to the risk of the fan blades cracking or detaching, creating a potential impact injury hazard. Owners of these outdoor ceiling fans should stop using them immediately and reach out to the brand for free replacement blades. The company is offering to reimburse those who are unable to install the new blades themselves and need to arrange for a certified electrician to do the installation.

Clark Associates Lancaster Table & Seating Brand Allegro Plastic Side Chairs

Four plastic side chairs are lined up in blue, green, maroon, and yellow.

Clark Associates is issuing a recall for its Lancaster Table & Seating brand Allegro plastic side chairs due to a risk of the chairs breaking apart under use, which could lead to falls. The brand is offering a choice between a full refund or store credit to select alternatives and buy chairs. To qualify, consumers are asked to mark the chairs with “DO NOT USE” using paint or a thick permanent marker, take a photo, and submit it via the recall page on their website. Then properly discard the chairs. Clark Associates is proactively reaching out to all consumers who have purchased the recalled chairs to ensure they are aware of the recall and the steps for compensation.

BRS Fuel Bottles

Three orange fuel bottles sit side by side on a white background.

BRS fuel bottles sold exclusively on by OAREA Outdoor Gear are being recalled due to their failure to meet the child-resistant closure requirements outlined in the Children’s Gasoline Burn Prevention Act (CGBPA). The lack of a child-resistant closure poses risks of burns and poisoning to children. Owners of these portable fuel bottles should immediately stop using them and ensure they are kept away from children. Contact the company for details on receiving a refund.

Bokser Home Mattress Pads

A white quilted mattress pad covers a mattress on a wood bed next to a plant.

Bokser Home is recalling some of their mattress pads, which have been found to not comply with the mandatory federal flammability regulation. If you’ve purchased one of these mattress pads, you should remove it from your bed right away. To receive a refund, customers must physically cut the mattress pad, take a photo of the destroyed item, and email the image to the brand.

Steamist Wall-Mounted Tilt-Up Bath & Shower Seats

A wood slat seat has metal hinges to allow folding down from the wall.

Steamist has announced a recall of its wall-mounted Tilt-Up Bath & Shower Seats because the wall-mounting bracket and seat rods can corrode and break over time. This defect poses fall and laceration hazards to users. If you own one of these shower seats, the brand suggests that you stop using it immediately. To confirm whether your product is affected by the recall and to receive further instructions on how to proceed, contact Steamist directly.

Home Design Beds

Four styles of upholstered bed frames are arranged against a white background.

Home Design has issued a recall for its low-profile standard and platform upholstered beds after discovering that they are prone to breaking, sagging, or collapsing, creating a risk of falls and injuries for users. Home Design is offering free replacement slats and side rails to anyone who has purchased a recalled bed to remedy the issue. To qualify, users must send an image of the bed and proof of purchase to the company.

Daikin Comfort Technologies Evaporator Coil Drain Pans

A pair of photos illustrates the parts of a furnace affected by a recalled part.

The recall for the Evaporator Coil Drain Pans is an expansion of the original recall issued by Daikin Comfort Technologies Manufacturing L.P. (DCT). The part was installed in certain configurations of both condensing and non-condensing gas furnaces, and is a molded plastic drain pan located at the bottom of the evaporator coil. The drain pan can overheat, melt, and deform, causing a fire hazard.

If your furnace was repaired between January 2019 and November 2021, the drain pan used may be included in this recall. Owners who had repairs made outside of this date range should also contact DCT to see if your unit is included in the recall. DCT is contacting all consumers who are known purchases of the part, but you can also register with DCT for a free repair by a professional technician.

New Age Industries Furniture Tip-Over Restraint Kits

A plastic zip tie and hardware attachments are shown underneath their packaging label.

Alliance4Safety and 31 furniture companies are issuing a massive recall of New Age Furniture Tip-Over Restraint Kits. Millions of these kits have gone out to consumers with the purchase of clothing storage units. The plastic zip tie used as the restraint in the kit can become brittle and even break, allowing the storage unit to detach from where it is anchored to the wall. Children are especially at risk for an entrapment hazard that can result in serious injury or death.

If you have purchased a clothing storage unit with a manufacture sticker or stamp that is November 2019 or later, and the tip kit you have is made of plastic, keep children away from the unit at all times. Contact Alliance4Safety for a free replacement kit.

Justin Boots Men’s Leather Work Boots

A brown work boot with detailing sits on a table against a wall.

Boot Royalty has announced a recall of the Justin Boots Keaven WP Met Guard Men’s Leather Work Boots. The boots are missing the metatarsal guard, a vital component in boot impact protection for workers. The wearer’s foot could be crushed, so if you own these boots, stop wearing them immediately. Contact Boot Royal Company to receive free replacement boots.

Homedics Massagers

A percussive personal massager is shown against a white background.

Homedics has initiated a recall of their Therapist Select Percussion Personal Massagers due to a risk of them overheating during the charging process, which poses fire and burn hazards. If you own one of the affected massagers, stop using and charging the device immediately. The brand is offering affected consumers a choice between a full refund or a credit for any Homedics product, which will include the original purchase price plus an additional 50 percent off credit.

Redeemer Work Boots

A brown work boot with embroidery is sitting against a white background.

H.H. Brown Shoe Company is recalling the Redeemer Work Boots Model DH5379. There is an injury hazard for wearers, who should stop using the boots immediately. The sole of each boot, labeled “puncture-resisting,” is not in fact a puncture-resistant boot sole. Owners can contact H.H. Brown Shoe Company and request a prepaid shipping label so you can return the boots for a free replacement pair.

December 2023 Recalls

BlendJet 2 Portable Blenders

A BlendJet2 Blender is filled with citrus fruits.

BlendJet has announced a major recall of 4.8 million BlendJet 2 Portable Blenders due to fire and laceration risks. The blenders can overheat, catch fire, or have their blades break off during use. Consumers can contact BlendJet for a free replacement of the base unit. Check if your blender is part of the recall by entering its serial number in the “Is my BlendJet 2 Recalled?” tool on their website or by calling BlendJet’s toll-free number.

Simpson Gas Pressure Washers

A pressure washer with hose stored on the side sits against a white background.

Simpson Pressure Washers, which are sold exclusively at Lowe’s, are being recalled due to a risk associated with the lithium battery in the electric start system, which can overheat and pose a burn hazard. To address this issue, FNA Group Inc. is offering a free repair at authorized facilities, where the lithium battery will be replaced with a sealed lead acid battery. Consumers should contact the manufacturer for further instructions on how to access this repair service for pressure washers.

TJX Foldable Wood and Rope Bistro Set Chairs

A wood bistro set with a round table sits on a patio in the sun.

TJX has recalled a set of foldable wood and rope bistro set chairs because of a risk that the wooden frames can break or collapse while in use. For a full refund and instructions on how to safely dispose of the chairs, owners should contact TJX. Alternatively, you can return the recalled chairs to any HomeGoods, Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, Homesense, or Sierra store for a full refund.

Klein Portable Rechargeable Power Stations

A portable power station in black with orange accents sits on a white background.

Blackfire and Klein Tools branded power stations have been recalled due to a significant safety issue. The internal inverter boards in these portable power stations can overheat, leading to fire and burn hazards. If you own one of these power stations, it’s crucial to stop using it immediately.

The recall process involves returning the power station to the original place of purchase. Klein Tools is also actively reaching out to all known purchasers to inform them about this recall and guide them through the return process.

Pella Casement Windows

Two black casement windows open outward on a sunny yard.

Pella has announced a recall of some of its casement windows due to a risk where the window’s sash can detach from the frame and fall, potentially causing injury. If you have the Architect Series windows installed, it’s important to keep them closed and locked at all times as a precautionary measure. Pella is offering a free repair for the affected windows, which will be carried out by a service technician designated by the company. Consumers with these windows should reach out to Pella to arrange for this repair.

Traeger Flatrock Flat Top Propane Grills

A black flat top grill holds a propane tank underneath.

Traeger Pellet Grills has recalled its Flatrock Flat Top Propane Grills due to a labeling issue on the burner control knobs. These incorrect labels may lead to the grill being inadvertently left on, creating a fire hazard. Owners need to contact Traeger for instructions on how to inspect the gas grill. In cases where the burner control knobs are found to be incorrectly labeled, Traeger will provide a free repair kit to rectify the issue.

Room & Board Griffin Duo Bunk Beds

A cherry wood bunk bed is made up with white bedding.

Room & Board has issued a recall for Griffin Duo Bunk Beds due to a risk of collapse. The issue arises from some bunk beds not being correctly assembled during delivery. Customers should check all eight brackets for the presence of set screws. If any screws are missing, they must be installed before using the youth bed again. A repair video is also available to guide owners through the process.

For those who are unable to perform the inspection or repair themselves, Room & Board will offer a free home visit by a representative to install the necessary set screws.

Savvy Rest Quilted Cotton Mattress Pads

A white cotton quilted mattress pad is secured to a white mattress with a strap on the corner.

Savvy Rest has recalled its quilted cotton mattress pads because they are not compliant with the mandatory federal flammability standard and pose a fire hazard. Owners of these mattress pads can contact Savvy Rest for a full refund. To qualify for the refund, customers need to cut the mattress pad with scissors and send a photo of the destroyed product to

Empower Brands Power XL Dual Basket Air Fryers

A black air fryer has two handles for double baskets.

Empower Brands has recalled its Power XL Dual Basket Air Fryers because of a defect in the plastic U-Channel connector. This connector, which is used to merge the two food baskets, can break during operation, posing a burn risk. Stop using the large air fryer immediately and contact Empower Brands directly for a full refund.

Vornado Steamfast Travel Steam Irons

A white handheld steam iron is sitting on a white background.

Vornado is expanding an existing recall to now include an additional 1.75 million Steamfast Travel Steam Irons due to serious safety concerns. The power cord of these irons may become damaged near the cord bushing, leading to overheating that poses fire and burn hazards. This damage can expose copper wires, creating a risk of electric shock. To participate in the recall and receive a refund or a free replacement iron, customers are advised to register on the Steamfast or Vornado website.

Bunkhouse and Lotsa LITES! Mini String Lights

A box of mini string lights shows a pair of kids camping.

DM Merchandising has recalled Bunkhouse and Lotsa LITES! Mini String Lights due to a risk of the bulbs overheating when plugged into an outlet, creating a potential burn and fire hazard. For a full refund and further details on participating in this recall, contact DM Merchandising directly. The company is also proactively reaching out to all customers known to have purchased these string lights to ensure they are informed about the recall and the steps for a refund.

Ergodyne Wire Tool Attachment

A wire screw gate tool holder is labeled Ergodyne.

The Squids 3705 Wire Tool Attachments with Screw Gate Tool Tails has been recalled by Ergodyne. The wire tool attachment, which fastens to your tool handle for convenient handling and tool storage, can break when you drop it. If you have the product tethered to a tool that’s over 2 pounds, anyone standing nearby could be injured. Owners can contact Ergodyne for a prepaid shipping label so you can return the product and receive a refund in the form of an Ergodyne credit for up to six wire tool attachments. The company is also contacting known purchasers directly to alert them of the recall.

Sourceone Ventures Windsor Queen Xtrabed™

A hide-a-bed is closed in a wood cabinet and decorated against a textured beige wall.

SourceOne Ventures is recalling the Windsor Queen Xtrabed™, which is sold exclusively at Wayfair, due to risks of it tipping over and causing injuries. To address the issue, J Grubb Designs, a subsidiary of SourceOne Ventures, is offering either a free home repair by a technician or a full refund for the hide-a-bed. The company is actively reaching out to all known purchasers to arrange solutions for customers.

Wet & Forget “Xtreme Reach” Outdoor Mold & Mildew Stain Remover

A blue bottle of mold and mildew remover has a nozzle at the top.

Wet & Forget USA has announced a recall of approximately 2.7 million bottles of their “Xtreme Reach” Outdoor Mold & Mildew Stain Remover. The nozzle’s clip may become dislodged, potentially causing the solution to spray onto users and leading to skin and eye irritation or other injuries. Wet & Forget USA is offering a free replacement nozzle to address this issue. The mold and mildew stain remover should not be used again until the new nozzle is installed, and the original nozzle should be discarded once it has been replaced.

Nap Queen Maxima Hybrid Mattresses

A Nap Queen brand mattress is resting on a wood midcentury bed frame in a modern bedroom.

Adven Group is recalling their Nap Queen Maxima Hybrid Mattresses due to non-compliance with the mandatory federal flammability standard. To resolve the issue, Nap Queen is offering a complimentary fitted cover that, once applied to the hybrid mattress, will bring it into compliance with the federal standard. Customers should reach out to Nap Queen directly to get a free cover and ensure their mattress meets safety regulations.

Oreck Discover Upright Vacuums

An Oreck upright vacuum in black sits against a white background.

Oreck has issued a recall for models UK30500 and UK30500PC of the Discover Upright Vacuum. These silver and black vacuums are being recalled due to a risk involving the prong detaching from the plug while inside the electrical outlet. Consumers in possession of these lightweight vacuums should immediately stop using them and contact Oreck or their local Oreck dealer for a free repair.

Foiresoft Zebra Roller Blinds

A set of roller blinds is pulled down to shade a white window.

Foiresoft’s Basic Zebra Roller Blinds, available exclusively on, are being recalled due to safety concerns. This roller shade, which is available in multiple colors and sizes, can be identified by the ‘Foiresoft’ label on the headrail. To receive a full refund, contact Softfunch Inc. and provide photographic evidence of the product with its cords cut. After this, dispose of the blinds in your regular trash. Softfunch Inc. is actively reaching out to all customers known to have purchased these blinds to ensure proper recall procedures are followed.