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Solved! Does Ring Work With Google Home?

While Ring does work with Google Home to a certain extent, there are some limitations for customers to consider before choosing to use these two popular systems.
Does Ring Work With Google Home


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Q: I am looking into options for home security systems, and Ring is one of the systems on my short list. However, my home is set up with multiple Google Home devices, and I’m concerned about the compatibility between a Ring security system and Google Home. Does Ring work with Google Home, and if so, are there any limitations to keep in mind?

A: It’s easy to get overwhelmed when considering things like home security systems and smart-home technology. Ring is certainly a good option and has one of the best doorbell cameras on the market, making it a popular choice with homeowners and renters alike (though customers often compare SimpliSafe vs. Ring or Vivint vs. Ring to determine which system will best fit their needs). But when it comes to syncing Ring devices to a smart-home system, you’re right to wonder whether Ring will work with your existing Google Home system.

As one of the best DIY security systems, Ring offers homeowners and renters a lot of perks—one of which is the ability to pair with smart-home devices to create a more fully connected home. Since Ring is owned by Amazon, its devices pair well with Amazon Echo—considered one of the best smart-home systems. However, Ring can also work with other systems, including Google Home, to a certain extent—though users will be limited to basic functions.

Ring products do work with Google Home, but functionality is limited.

Does Ring Work With Google Home

Ring is owned by Amazon, which means it’s primarily designed to work with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices such as Echo Dot or Echo Show. Ring can work with Google Home to an extent, but the compatibility between the two isn’t as strong as a system produced by the same parent company.

Google Home is an app that serves as the hub for Google Nest thermostats, cameras, and Chromecast to be controlled from one place. Since Ring isn’t in the Google smart-home suite, not all of the advanced functions distinctive to Ring are available through the app. The Ring video doorbells have features like live video feeds, motion detector alarms, and two-way talk that aren’t accessible through the Google Home hub like they would be on the Ring app or through an Amazon device.

The more basic functions of Ring, however, are available through Google Home. Customers can check the battery status of their Ring security cameras, start and stop smart doorbell recording, see when the doorbell last rang, and control settings regarding notifications for motion detection. Quick-access controls like these can make the synergy between Ring devices and the Google Home Hub easier and great for those with both smart products.

To connect a Ring device with Google Home, users will need to open the Google Home app and follow the instructions to set up a new device.

If a Ring customer has a device they want to connect with their Google Home Hub, there are only a few simple steps they’ll need to follow:

  • First, they’ll need to open the Google Home Assistant Services page in a web browser.
  • Then, they’ll sign in using their Google login credentials.
  • At this point, the user should see a list of Google Home devices that can be paired with Ring.
  • Next, they will click the “Send to Device” button and the Google Home app will present a notification that Ring is ready to pair.

After this, users will have to complete a series of logins with the Google Home app and Ring account information, but a thread of pop-up windows will assist them through the process. Once the user has completed the proper security steps, an orange button will appear on the Google Home Assistant Services browser asking their final permission to authorize the device-linking process. Once the user presses that button, they should be able to access basic Ring functions through their Google Home app.

Using Google Home, customers can check the Ring doorbell’s battery level, check the status of recent Ring motion alerts, and check the most recent time the doorbell rang.

Considered some of the best video doorbells on the market, Ring doorbells are known for their security features like live video monitoring, motion detection alerts, and two-way talk through the flagship Ring app. Unfortunately, these distinctive features cannot be used through the Google Home system. Linking a Ring doorbell to Google Home can provide the user with access to important features such as checking the status of their doorbell’s battery life. Users won’t need to worry about charging their Ring doorbell too often, but keeping an eye on the battery level is an important part of maintaining their home’s security measures.

Users can also check the status of motion alerts detected by their Ring doorbell through Google Home. Having access to these notifications is helpful in cross-checking that the home’s devices are picking up things like package deliveries, potential threats, and even passersby. Another feature available through linking the Ring doorbell with Google Home is the ability to monitor doorbell rings. This way, users can keep track of visitors easily.

Customers can also use Google Home to start recording video on their Ring cameras and to arm or disarm the Ring alarm.

Ring alarm systems are a great way to monitor home safety. However, there may be times when sounding the alarm is not necessary. Google Home allows the user to control the Ring alarm and video recording feature of Ring cameras. While users cannot view the Ring livestream through the Google Home app, it will record what the Ring doorbell camera observes during a live feed so the user can watch it later. This feature could be especially useful for residents who are away from home on vacation.

Customers can also use the Google Home system to arm and disarm the Ring alarm. This convenient feature allows them to secure their home from anywhere at any time, which can come in handy when they are away from home and forgot to arm the system before leaving.

Does Ring Work With Google Home

Customers can use Google Home voice commands to perform certain smart-home functions like turning the lights on and off or adjusting the thermostat.

Google Home is the control center for the smart-home products made by Google. When a user links their Google Home with Ring, there are certain voice commands they can utilize to control the security lighting Ring offers to keep a home safe and well lit.

The process of linking Ring lights and Google Home is almost identical to the linking process for Ring doorbells. Once the two devices are connected, users can use voice commands like “Hey Google, turn on the front door lights” to regulate their Ring lights.

Google Home also allows users to use voice commands like “Hey Google, turn the thermostat to 71 degrees” when they’ve linked a compatible smart thermostat with their Google Home Hub.

Both iPhone and Android users can connect their Ring devices to the Google Home app, but the process may be more streamlined with an Android device.

Like Ring, Android is owned by Google, which means Android smartphones and devices are more compatible than iOS devices for linking a Ring system with the Google Home app. Ring features are available on devices such as Android watches, tablets, phones, and some TVs. While Google Home can be downloaded on iOS systems, the full range of Ring-compatible devices is smaller for iOS than for Android.

That being said, a greater variety of Android devices are able to offer basic functionality with Ring through Google Home; users with iOS devices will be more limited in what they can do.

Users can overcome some of the limitations by using the IFTTT (If This, Then That) app, which allows for the connection of smart products even if they’re not compatible with one another.

The functionality limitations with Google Home and Ring may have users considering whether they want to link the systems or not. However, there is one more way they can get all their smart-home technologies streamlined into one hub without losing full functionality. The IFTTT mobile app is available on both iOS and Android. It allows users to connect their devices, apps, and smart-home technology to one hub.

To link a Ring and Google Home account, the user will need to connect them both into their IFTTT app and follow the in-app instructions on pairing them. This way, users can achieve both basic and advanced features of Ring and Google Home together.

The smart-home technology of Ring and Google Home can provide users with peace of mind when it comes to their home security. While combining the two technologies can make everyday, basic functions more accessible from one platform, the two products were ultimately manufactured by rival companies and were not produced for cohesive use. Linking Ring technology into the Google Home system will undermine some of the advanced features of Ring technology. However, simple functions like checking battery health, recording segments of live feed, and receiving doorbell notifications are still available through Google Home.

To get full access to both Ring and Google Home, having a separate app for each one will allow users to access the full functionality of both technologies. Downloading a third-party mobile app (such as the IFTTT app) may help with organizing the technologies into one place while maintaining full functionality.