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Every Way Doorbell Installation Cost Pays for Itself, And What to Expect

Knocking on a door isn’t a great alternative for the louder chime of a doorbell. Doorbell installation cost ranges from $250 to $400, though the national average is $300.
How Much Does Doorbell Installation Cost?

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  • The typical cost to install a doorbell ranges between $250 and $400, with a national average cost of $300.
  • Several factors can affect the total cost: the type of doorbell, the battery or power source, the cost of labor, and the doorbell installation location.
  • Installing a basic wireless doorbell could be a DIY project for a homeowner. However, installations that include electrical work are best left to a professional.
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The friendly ding-dong of a doorbell often announces glad tidings: a package being delivered, a thoughtful friend bringing goodies, or a family member stopping by for a visit. Installing a doorbell might be the last thing a homeowner thinks about when building a new home, but a doorbell is a reliable device that shouldn’t be overlooked. Homeowners who already have a doorbell when they move into a home usually don’t pay it much attention—until it stops chiming. Then installing a replacement doorbell jumps to the top of the to-do list.

According to Angi, doorbell installation cost averages $300, but a typical range is between $250 and $400. Homeowners who opt for a smart doorbell connected to their home security system may pay more than they would to install a traditional wired doorbell. Some of the cost is due to labor fees for the electrician or handyman who installs the unit. And while there are DIY doorbells on the market, a professionally installed doorbell ensures reliability and quality.

Factors in Calculating Doorbell Installation Cost

Doorbells aren’t terribly complex to install, yet there are a few factors that will influence the doorbell installation cost. The actual unit or type of doorbell is one consideration, in addition to the power source of the doorbell (battery or wired to the house). Labor rates for doorbell installation also impact the cost, along with how accessible the installation location is.

Need a new doorbell?
A professional can help you choose and install one. Get free, no-commitment project estimates from top-rated electricians near you.

Doorbell Unit

The type of doorbell unit a homeowner chooses will affect how much it costs to install a new doorbell. Older homes usually have a wired doorbell that is connected to a set of chimes or a speaker that’s centrally located in the home to distribute the sound. Wired doorbell units cost about $15 to $50 before installation. New homeowners looking into how to install a doorbell often consider replacing a doorbell with an upgraded wireless or smart doorbell.

A wireless doorbell is often cheaper than a wired doorbell since an electrician doesn’t have to connect it to the home’s wiring. Most wireless doorbells cost about $20 to $80 each. Smart doorbells have a variety of options, ranging from basic features to full motion detection and live video feeds with microphone capabilities. The more features a smart doorbell has, the higher the cost per unit. The average price range for a smart doorbell unit is $50 to $250.

Battery or Power Source

The power source of a doorbell is closely related to the doorbell unit. Doorbell wiring ensures the doorbell has a steady supply of power. It’s common for a wired doorbell to have an illuminated button since it won’t drain a battery.

Wireless doorbells require batteries to operate. While it’s more convenient for an electrician to do a wireless doorbell installation, homeowners will have to pay attention to their doorbell’s batteries. In areas with extremely cold temperatures, batteries can drain more quickly or work sporadically rather than consistently. Homeowners can troubleshoot why a doorbell is not working, but if it can’t be revived with fresh batteries, then it may be time to replace it.


Knowing how much an electrician costs can help homeowners understand the cost differences for doorbell replacement or installation. Most electricians will charge $100 to $250 in labor fees alone. It could cost as much as $350 if the electrician experiences challenges while connecting to the home’s wiring. The hourly rate can range from $40 to $100 depending on the electrician’s experience. Usually, wired doorbell installation costs more than installing wireless units, but a smart doorbell can cost even more to install. Homeowners will also need to consider their geographic location, since urban areas tend to have higher costs of living that correlate to higher-than-average labor fees.

Labor costs will also vary depending on the complexity of the installation. “Harder materials like concrete or brick may require specialized tools or techniques to install, increasing the labor cost,” explains Docia Boylen, owner of Handyman Connection of Golden, Colorado. “These harder materials can be more challenging to work and may require anchoring, which also increases the cost.”

Installation Location

Most doorbells are installed at a home’s main entrance, which is usually fairly accessible. However, some homeowners need to install additional doorbells on other entrances, especially if they have separate entrances for apartments or guest lofts. Some of these entrances might be a little more compact, especially if it’s a basement stairwell. Additionally, it’s easier for an electrician to install a doorbell on a wooden wall rather than concrete or stone.

How Much Does Doorbell Installation Cost?
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Additional Costs and Considerations

Some homeowners may need to factor in a few additional costs and considerations as they budget for doorbell installation costs. A smart doorbell typically comes with a subscription fee that will increase the cost of the doorbell after installation. Any additional electrical work or the installation of a security system will increase the up-front cost.

Subscription Fees

It may surprise some people to learn that many smart doorbells have subscription fees. These are necessary to cover the cost of storing and sharing video that the doorbell camera records. Usually, the camera records short snippets when motion is detected. Subscriptions for basic video storage average $3 to $10 per month. If 24/7 security monitoring is preferred, homeowners can expect to pay between $20 and $40 per month.

Electrical Work

Wiring a new doorbell usually takes a few hours since it may require drilling into the door frame, connecting wiring, and installing the interior speaker. Running new wiring is not a DIY job since it’s common for municipalities to require a licensed electrician to do the work. Electricians are the safer choice since they’ll understand how to connect wires safely without overloading a circuit or creating a situation where hot spots can occur over time. If a challenge arises, the cost can increase since it will take more time to complete the job.

Add-ons can also increase the cost of installing a new doorbell. Homeowners with large homes may choose to install intercoms on each level of the home to make it easier to see or respond to whomever rang the doorbell. Wiring and installing extra intercoms can cost an average of $500 on average. If biometric features such as fingerprint or face ID are needed for additional security, homeowners may spend up to $800.

Security System Installation

Many homeowners choose to have a home security system installed when they build or move into a new home. It often makes sense to add a custom doorbell or at least replace a wired doorbell with a video doorbell at the same time. The best home security systems, such as Vivint or ADT, allow homeowners to worry less about their safety since they can monitor their property and receive real-time alerts about intruders.

Connecting a new video doorbell, motion detectors, and additional cameras can be bundled into the cost of installing the new system. Security camera installation costs generally range from $125 to $2,040, so homeowners will need to evaluate how that fits within their budget.

How Much Does Doorbell Installation Cost?
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Doorbell Installation Cost by Type of Doorbell

While the per-unit cost of installing a doorbell isn’t overly expensive, each type of doorbell correlates to a range of installation costs.

Need a new doorbell?
A professional can help you choose and install one. Get free, no-commitment project estimates from top-rated electricians near you.

“Traditional doorbells require a low voltage wire to connect to an electrical source,” explains Boylen. “A smart doorbell will rely on a battery power source that you can easily replace as needed. Many smart doorbells require Wi-Fi connection to enable all the features. While the overall concept of a doorbell is the same, the installation can be easier than a hardwired doorbell.”

Type of DoorbellAverage Cost (Materials and Labor)
Smart or video doorbell$150 to $650
Wired doorbell$175 to $375
Wireless doorbell$150 to $275

Smart or Video Doorbell

More homeowners are choosing to install smart or video doorbells for the extra security they can provide. Smart doorbells usually come with a camera, but the quality can vary significantly. Some cameras have poor video quality, while the best video doorbells have wide-angle viewing, sensitive motion detection, HD resolution, two-way talking, and easy connectivity to smart devices. Video doorbell installation can cost anywhere from $150 to $650. The cost of a wired doorbell camera unit ranges from $120 to $300, while a wireless camera doorbell unit costs about $50 to $150.

Wired Doorbell

A wired doorbell usually inspires thoughts of a simple round or rectangular button next to a door frame. While this is considered the traditional doorbell unit when a homeowner asks about wired doorbell installation, a smart doorbell can also be wired. However, a traditional wired doorbell without all the smart bells and whistles is a common option for homeowners who prefer not to be beholden to a subscription or a device with a microphone that may listen in on conversations.

Replacing a wired doorbell is cheaper than installing a wired doorbell since the wiring will already be in place. If it’s a new installation, homeowners will likely pay between $175 and $375 to get the doorbell connected by an electrician. This cost range can include the best doorbell cameras that have excellent motion detection and video resolution capabilities.

Wireless Doorbell

Installing one of the best wireless doorbells is among the easiest options, with a cost range of $150 to $275. This price is for a non-smart unit, which is cheaper. It’s easy for homeowners to do a DIY installation if costs are a concern. The advantage is that a wireless doorbell does not need to be connected to the home’s electrical system. However, the unit will rely on batteries to operate, which can become unreliable in below-freezing temperatures. A wireless doorbell also requires a small receiver (to sound the chimes) in the home, powered by batteries or plugged into a nearby outlet.

How Much Does Doorbell Installation Cost?
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Why a Doorbell Is One of the Most Important Home Accessories

Although a doorbell isn’t a requirement for a home, having one can make a homeowner’s life easier. If there’s no doorbell, visitors will have to knock, which can be more disruptive than a doorbell (especially for those who have dogs or young children trying to nap). A lack of doorbell can also be confusing for visitors who are expecting one—and if there is a nonfunctional doorbell, the residents of the home may not even be aware that they have a visitor.

Opting for a video doorbell offers additional benefits. Many video doorbells transmit footage to the user’s smartphone, allowing them to check who is at their door no matter whether they are home or away. Video doorbells often record footage as well, so users can look back at footage to determine what happened to a missing package or to help identify an intruder.

When paired with a home security system, a video doorbell can help provide homeowners with additional peace of mind that their home is as secure as possible against would-be intruders or thieves.

Doorbell Installation: DIY vs. Hiring a Professional 

Buying a wireless camera doorbell from an online retailer and installing it is fairly easy for many homeowners. However, if an existing wired doorbell is still installed, they may find that visitors don’t know which doorbell to use. Or visitors may push both doorbells, bothering the home’s occupants with two different chimes. Beyond this inconvenience, some homeowners may prefer to have a wired doorbell (smart or traditional) installed rather than a battery-operated doorbell.

Homeowners may have better results if they search for “doorbell installation near me” and hire a local electrician or handyman. This is especially true if a wired doorbell is preferred and there is no existing wiring. Some municipalities may require a licensed electrician to install new wiring to ensure there’s no faulty wiring or poor connections that can lead to electrical failure or fires. If a homeowner is having a new home security system installed, then it makes sense to have the installers add a new doorbell at the same time since they’re already working with the home’s electrical system.

“[A professional handyman is] experienced in the correct installation techniques across a wide variety of installation surfaces,” says Boylen. “[This] will ensure the installation is done properly. I don’t feel you need a licensed electrician; any handyman can perform this installation, saving you money on labor.”

Need a new doorbell?
A professional can help you choose and install one. Get free, no-commitment project estimates from top-rated electricians near you.

How to Save Money on Doorbell Installation Cost

Homeowners often look for ways to save money on various home improvement tasks. Doorbell installation costs are already lower than the cost of most home projects, yet there are still a few ways homeowners can save on costs—sometimes in the long run.

  • Opt for a wired doorbell. While it may cost a little more up front, homeowners can save on long-term costs if the batteries fail frequently due to cold temperatures.
  • Choose traditional over smart. Homeowners don’t have to pay monthly subscription fees if they install a traditional doorbell.
  • Skip the add-ons. An easy way to keep costs down is to skip adding extra cameras, motion detectors, and intercoms.
  • Ask about repair versus replacement. Sometimes doorbell repair costs can be more than the cost to replace it, so it’s best to ask an electrician about solutions when a doorbell stops working.

Questions to Ask About Doorbell Installation

Most doorbell installations are fairly straightforward, yet homeowners may be curious about how costs are calculated and the advantages of each type of doorbell. Asking questions before hiring a professional doorbell installer can help both parties ensure there’s no miscommunication.

  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • How many years of experience do you have installing doorbells?
  • Are you familiar with how to install smart doorbells?
  • Do you offer a free inspection to see why my doorbell isn’t working properly?
  • How much will it cost to replace a traditional wired doorbell with a smart wired doorbell or a wireless doorbell?
  • How will you remove a wired doorbell if I want to change to a wireless doorbell?
  • What kind of problems could arise during the wiring process?
  • Do you offer bundled pricing if I have more than one doorbell installed?
  • Can you also install additional security cameras?
  • Do you install home security systems? If so, do you include new doorbells in the cost or is it an additional fee?
  • What kind of custom doorbell options are available?
  • Do I have to pay a monthly subscription fee for my new doorbell?
  • What kind of warranty do you offer?


Doorbells are not overly complicated systems, yet there are enough variations in the types of doorbells and their installation methods that homeowners may have additional questions. The answers to several frequently asked questions can help clarify when it’s helpful to hire an electrician, the disadvantages of a wired doorbell, and how long wired doorbells should last.

Q. Do you need an electrician to install a doorbell?

Hiring an electrician is the best option when new wiring needs to be installed or when a wired doorbell needs to be repaired. Electricians are experienced and qualified to safely work with the home’s electrical systems and leave the wiring in a safe condition that won’t pose accidental risk to the home’s occupants down the road. Homeowners who want only a simple wireless doorbell may feel confident completing the installation on their own.

Q. What are the disadvantages of a wired doorbell?

The main disadvantage of a wired doorbell is that it’s not easy for a homeowner to install. That’s why hiring a professional is the easier option, though it will cost more. If the doorbell is installed on a stone, brick, or concrete wall, this will take more time and effort, even for an electrician. Additionally, wired doorbells become semipermanent since they are connected to the home’s electrical wiring. When the homeowner moves, the doorbell won’t come with them without significant effort by an electrician.

Q. How long do wired doorbells last?

Most wired doorbells will last about 10 years. It’s usually the actual unit that wears out from use or extreme temperatures. Still, when it’s time to replace it, an electrician will probably do a quick inspection to ensure the wiring is in good condition.