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14 Chicken Coop Plans Perfect for Big or Small Homesteads

Establishing a homestead, and need a place to house your hens? Get inspiration from these chicken coop designs—and build one for your own backyard.
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chicken coop plans

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If you’re wondering how to build a chicken coop and feel like it may be too big of an undertaking, finding the right set of downloadable chicken house plans can help simplify and streamline the process.

The best chicken coop plans include materials lists, detailed instructions, blueprints, images, and other important information to help you create the perfect shelter to keep your chickens safe and secure. Some plans even offer customization options to help you make modifications to match your specific needs. Keep reading to learn about a variety of chicken coop designs, and find the right one for your feathered friends.

1. Elevated Abode

A white, country-style chicken coop elevated off the ground.
Photo: CoopExpert via Etsy

This elevated coop offers 24 square feet of floor space to accommodate up to 12 chickens, five nesting boxes, three roost rails, a hinged lid for collecting eggs, and a large access door. The detailed plans, available for instant download, include detailed CAD drawings, 3-dimensional diagrams, clear directions, cut list, precise measurements, and material and tools lists to keep the building process as simple as possible.

Get the Coop Expert Chicken Coop Plans at Etsy for $13.46.

2. Walk-In Coop

A large walk-in chicken coop made out of wood and wire.
Photo: The Garden Coop via Etsy

House your chickens and give them a spacious area to explore, search for worms, and wander around with this coop and chicken run. The coop area is elevated to provide more space below for chickens to wander and to offer additional security in the evenings. It is designed to hold eight chickens, but the plans offer modification options to increase the interior space. The downloadable plans include detailed directions, lists, measurements, images, and diagrams that are designed to help even beginning woodworkers build the coop.

Get The Garden Coop’s Walk-In Chicken Coop Plans at Etsy for $29.95.

3. Small and Quaint

Small, cottage-style yellow chicken coop on stilts.
Photo: ComfyCoopsLLC via Etsy Photo: Etsy

Use these small chicken coop plans to DIY your own 4-foot-by-4-foot shelter for your hens. The streamlined design is suitable for both rural and suburban neighborhoods and is elevated off the ground to protect chickens from flooding, predators, and other threats. The coop also features dual access doors, linoleum floors for easy cleaning, and a tall enough height for standard heat lamps. This coop’s 46-page downloadable plans include step-by-step directions, 3-dimensional images, and tool and material lists.

Get the Comfy Coops LLC 4 x 4 Chicken Coop Plans at Etsy for $17.95.

4. Chicken Coop With Planter

                          Photo: Etsy

With downloadable plans from Etsy seller ModMazes, you don’t have to decide whether to dedicate yard space to gardening or raising chickens—you can do both at once! With these plans, you can DIY your own small chicken coop with its own a rooftop garden. The plans include the directions, images, tools, and materials needed to build this elevated, 25-square-foot henhouse and planter above a small, wire-enclosed chicken run.

Get the ModMazes Detailed Chicken Coop With Planter Plans at Etsy for $10.16.

5. Room to Run

Large and airy yellow chicken coop with chicken run.
Photo: EasyCoops via Etsy

The ‘Cluck Canyon’ coop and run is spacious enough to house up to 22 chickens. It offers a 36-square-foot coop along with a large 342-square-foot wire enclosure for chickens to explore, run, and forage. The instant-download, printer-ready chicken coop blueprints include foundation plans for added stability, clear and detailed instructions, and comprehensive material and tool lists.

Get the EasyCoops Large Chicken Coop Plan With Run at Etsy for $17.49.

6. Rhode Island Red Eye Saloon

Wooden chicken coop styled as a western saloon.
Photo: Standgalore via Etsy Photo: Etsy

Bring a touch of the Wild West to your yard with these Rhode Island Red Eye Saloon chicken coop plans. The front of the coop, which is designed to look like an old saloon, features a full-size access door and two easily-accessible egg bins. To the rear of the nesting area is a spacious wire-enclosed space for chickens to run, play, and forage safely. The downloadable plans for this chicken coop include detailed step-by-step directions, color pictures, a materials list, and other helpful tips for construction.

Get the Standgalore Rhode Island Red Eye Saloon Chicken Coop Framing Plan at Etsy for $35.99.

7. Loft Coop

chicken coop plans
Photo: BackyardPlans via Etsy Photo: Etsy

This hen house plan was designed by a professional architect and offers clear directions, detailed lists, and images to help you construct your own loft chicken coop. The coop’s design offers 20 square feet of interior space, a 40-square foot secure exterior run, a large access door, a nesting door, a hen door, and a run door. Modification options are integrated into the plans to allow for a more customized finish.

Get the Backyard Plans Hen House Plan at Etsy for $19.99.

8. Spacious Retreat

chicken coop plans
Photo: Standgalore via Etsy Photo: Etsy

This chicken coop features a unique design that allows users to convert the interior space from one larger coop to two smaller coops by opening or closing an interior door. The design also includes a large enclosed run to give chickens plenty of space to safely enjoy the outdoors. The hand-drawn chicken run plans include very detailed step-by-step directions and material list to simplify the construction process.

Get the Standgalore Chicken Coop Poultry Cage Plans at Etsy for $35.99.

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9. Chicken Barn

chicken coop plans
Photo: Standgalore via Etsy Photo: Etsy

This DIY chicken coop is an optimal choice for those with a lot of chickens. The house can hold up to 15 hens on each side, for a total of 30. Designed to look like a classic barn, this henhouse also features two large wire enclosures to offer owners a safe space to let their chickens out in the yard without the fear of predators. A material list, clear images, and step-by-step directions are included in the plans.

Get the Standgalore Chicken Coop Plex Plans at Etsy for $35.99.

10. Chicken Tractor

Woman standing next to a moveable red chicken coop.
Photo: HappyLittleBear via Etsy Photo: Etsy

Individuals looking for a movable chicken coop may want to consider these downloadable plans to make a chicken tractor coop. One side of the coop includes two heavy-duty handles that allow you to push it to the desired location in your yard. The plans to make this coop include clear and detailed images, directions, and lists to help even inexperienced woodworkers complete the project.

Get the Happy Little Bear Chicken Tractor Plans at Etsy for $10.79.

11. Modern Roost

chicken coop plans
Photo: EasyCoops via Etsy Photo:

If you’re searching for modern chicken coop ideas, these downloadable plans may offer the perfect solution. With these handy plans, you can build your own 18-square-foot elevated coop with a 102-square-foot wired enclosure. The clean lines, protruding nesting box, and slanted roof all add to the modern look.

Get the Easy Coops Walk in Chicken Run Plans at Etsy for $19.99.

12. Garden Loft

loft walk-in chicken coop with metal roof
Photo: The Garden Coop via Etsy Photo: Etsy

Whereas some chicken coops look like quaint little cottages, this one more resembles an apartment building. The Garden Coop’s loft houses 16 birds, and is 8 1/2 feet tall, and has ample room for you to get inside and tend to the flock. We like that the henhouse and the run are all contained and integrated, so there’s no need to let the birds in and out if they want to stretch their legs.

Get The Garden Coop Garden Loft Large Walk-In Chicken Coop Plans at Etsy for $54.95.

13. Efficient Design

chicken coop plans
Photo: Oak Abode Home via Etsy Photo: Etsy

Designed with efficiency in mind, this chicken coop can cut back on the amount of work necessary to take care of your hens. The coop is large enough to hold at least 20 chickens, allows for egg-collection from outside, and has a thoughtfully placed water dispenser that won’t get knocked over or become filled with shavings. While not ideal for beginners to attempt, these plans include helpful measurements, intricate drawings, and a material list. This project is best for those who have some experience with woodworking.

Get the Oak Abode Home DIY Backyard Henhouse Plans at Etsy for $18.29.

14. Backyard Shed Coop

Cheerful, small yellow chicken coop with white trim.
Photo: EasyCoops via Etsy Photo:

The professionally designed plans to build this charming chicken coop include accurate measurements, clear and detailed instructions, and material and tool lists. Once built, the coop can accommodate up to 10 chickens. It offers a predator-proof design, sufficient nesting boxes to hold eggs, and ample ventilation to ensure proper air circulation.

Get the Easy Coops Walk-In Chicken Coop Plans at Etsy for $17.49.

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