12 Delightful Diwali Decorations for a Colorful Celebration

From lanterns to garlands, celebrate the festival of lights by incorporating these brightly colored decorations inside and out.
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Diwali, also known as the festival of lights, is a Hindu holiday celebrated by millions worldwide. The joyful tradition celebrates the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. Families and friends gather for parties adorned with shimmering lights, bright colors, and floral designs.

Sanjeevanee Vidwans from Cranford, New Jersey, says her in-laws have a big party with about 50 friends and family. Some of their favorite traditions include decorating the house with holiday lights outside and lighting small candles called diyas throughout the inside of the home.

“Our kids help make a rangoli chalk art at the entrance to the house to welcome the guests,” she says. The word “rangoli” means “rows of colors,” and it’s an ancient Hindu art form typically practiced to celebrate special occasions. Vidwans’ favorite decorations, however, are the ones worn by party guests. “Everyone dresses in their best new clothes that are always colorful and adorned with fancy jewelry,” she says.

Whether enjoying the holiday with family or celebrating with the whole neighborhood, these bright and colorful decorations will make this year’s festivities especially joyous and memorable.

1. Diya Lamps


The name Diwali comes from the Sanskrit word “deepavali,” meaning rows of lighted lamps. These small lamps, or diyas, are placed throughout the home during the celebration, and they symbolize the light within each of us. Purchase a set, such as this pack of 24 festive diyas by vghandicrafts at Etsy, to add a special touch to your Diwali decor.

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2. Rangoli


Like Vidwans’ family does, make a simple entry more inviting with floral rangoli designs gracing the floor. If drawing with chalk feels like too much work, consider purchasing this rangoli floor table sticker at Amazon. The vinyl sticker features a gold, green and purple flower-like artwork.

3. Urli Bowls

gold decorative urli bowl with flowers and diya for diwali celebration

Vidwans says the first stop guests make upon arriving at her family’s party is at the food table, which features faral, traditional Diwali snacks. A beautiful centerpiece, like this Webelkart diya shape flower decorative urli bowl at Amazon, will bring elegance to the festive ambiance. The design center is a urli bowl, a traditional accent piece filled with floating candles and flower petals. Diya-style tealight holders surround it for a glowing design.

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4. Torans

marigold-jasmine-torans-in-yellow-or-orange designs
Photo: LoveNTouchHandicraft via

A toran is a traditional wall hanging used to decorate during celebrations such as Diwali. Often hung in doorways, torans are said to bring luck, prosperity, and happiness. Skilled crafters can make their own, but beautiful ones are available from online artisans, such as this colorful and affordable marigold jasmine toran by LoveNTouchHandicraft at Etsy.

5. Door Décor

Photo: SMCraftsUS via

Welcome guests to the celebration by adding outdoor door décor, such as this Diwali front door wreath  by SMCraftsUS at Etsy. The brightly colored design features rangoli and a diya, traditional elements of Diwali. DIYers may want to create their own by drawing a rangoli on foam core board or very thin plywood and finishing it with rich colors and some twine for hanging.

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6. Bright Flower Design


Brightly colored florals are used widely in Diwali décor. Consider having the kids make colorful flowers to hang throughout the home, or purchase pre-made ones, such as this 9-piece spring flower hanging paper fan set at Amazon. It features nine flower fans in three different sizes that can be hung in doorways or from the ceiling.

7. Garland


Another simple way to adorn the home with color and florals is through traditional garlands strung in doorways or from tables. Craft your own with twine and colorful tissue paper, or buy it pre-made, like this set of five marigold garlands at Amazon, which features a brightly colored marigold design. Choose from six colors to complement any décor.

8. Paper Lanterns


Décor for the festival of lights wouldn’t be complete without handmade paper lanterns. Hang them inside or out for a colorful, whimsical display. Making lanterns is a craft project that is great for the whole family. Get started with this DIY royal Diwali lantern kit by shopSaaz at Etsy.

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9. Peacock


Peacocks are traditionally associated with the goddess Lakshmi, who is believed to bring prosperity and help remove burdens. It’s also the national bird of India. During Diwali, many invite luck into their home with this symbolism. This Happy Diwali peacock porch banner at Amazon will welcome visitors with its beautiful and colorful design.

10. String Lights


Since lights are at the forefront of this celebration, consider illuminating the space with string lights. These battery-operated fairy string curtain lights at Amazon will stand out whether hung inside against a wall as a backdrop, across a doorway, or in the backyard to give the nighttime a special glow.

11. Festive Paper Goods

diwali-tableware-party-supplies-kit-for-16-people with colorful plates napkins and deocations

For those who want to keep it casual, Diwali-themed paper goods are a convenient way to bring a festive touch to the table. For all-in-one preparations, this Diwali tableware party supplies kit for 16 at Amazon includes plates, cups, napkins, a table cover, and even a garland. The brightly colored paperware features rangoli and diyas designs.

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12. Yard Signs

colorful happy-diwali-yard-sign-decorations

Guide guests to the celebration location with colorful outdoor decorations. The front of the home will shine as brightly as the inside with this pack of 11 Happy Diwali yard signs at Amazon. Water resistant and equipped with easy-to-use stakes, the set of 11 different designs will survive the elements to welcome visitors.