12 Trends for Christmas Decor in 2022

Find out what’s new in Christmas decor this year and get some ideas for integrating these top trends into your space.
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A new holiday season is upon us, so it’s time to dust off the decorations and usher in the Christmas spirit. As in years past, the focus remains on spending meaningful time at home with family and friends. There is a yearning for the good old days, yet many are craving new beginnings.

These desires are reflected in holiday decor that is both modern and meaningful, combining family traditions with current trends. Today’s decorations feature new colors, shapes, and styles, yet take inspiration from familiar sources, such as nature, vintage glamour, and understated elegance. Discover this year’s trends in holiday decor, and get ready to deck the halls like a pro for Christmas 2022.

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Paper Decorations


Given the general trend toward using more sustainable materials in the home, it’s no wonder that paper decorations are popping up everywhere. Eco-friendly and easy to DIY, paper options include folded stars, accordion Christmas trees, cut-out ornaments, chain garlands, and even tinsel made of multi-colored paper. For a magical touch, consider hanging DIY snowflake garlands in a window or doorway, or skip the DIY with these strings of paper snowflakes available on Amazon. You’ll even find sustainable wrapping options with recyclable paper, like this recyclable wrapping paper from Hallmark available on Amazon.

A New Take on Traditional Colors


While red and green will always be popular at Christmastime, color variations abound. Some design-oriented decorators are choosing to skip the green and stick to classic red and white decor. Others may opt for lighter takes on traditional tones, such as sage greens, pops of pink, and glistening rose gold—easy to add through top-rated ornaments like these rose gold shatterproof ornaments on Amazon. Blues are flourishing too, with Victorian era blue-and-white china inspiring layered blues mixed with winter white.

Nostalgic Accents


Our hectic lives have brought about a nostalgia for simpler times, and this is reflected in the trend of holiday decor that nods toward yesteryear. Keep an eye out for ceramic Christmas trees, like this multicolored tabletop Christmas tree from Amazon. Tinsel-strewn trees with faux snow-covered branches, and shiny ornaments in pastel hues provide more blasts from the past. This year, expect vintage Santa statues, nutcrackers, and holiday villages to grace sideboards while velvet and plaid bows decorate the tree. You can even wrap your gifts like your grandparents did with reusable wrapping options, like this red and white reusable fabric gift wrap available on Amazon.

Neutral, Nature-Inspired Decor


Team real tree already lives this, but even faux tree fans can participate in this one! The best artificial Christmas tree, wreaths, or garlands can be taken to the next level by integrating pine cones, acorns, berries, and twigs. Forested foliage and natural extras can add organic charm to table settings. Amp up the texture by choosing pampas grass for a natural centerpiece or wreath, and create pomanders with oranges and whole cloves for a natural holiday scent.

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Cozy at Home


During the pandemic, families were forced to find ways to make quality time at home more comfortable and enjoyable. Even now, people continue to prioritize spending more meaningful time together during the holidays. This craving for homey comfort is showing up in dreamy, cozy decor—think tons of tea lights, string lights, snow globes, and cozy throw blankets, like this velvet throw blanket on Amazon. This trend’s color schemes include winter whites and comforting neutrals. Don’t forget the family PJs.

Holiday Mantelscapes


Mantel decor has long been a focus of holiday decorating. Current trends include greenery or garlands made from materials such as felt balls, wood, or pom-poms. We like this easy-to-hang tassel and pom-pom garland on Amazon. Rather than arranging everything consistently across the mantel, try the trend of creating an asymmetrical design. Complete the tableau with stockings hung to one side and accents of twinkle lights, loosely draped ribbon, fruit, and candles. A wreath or holiday painting above the fireplace provides a focal point, and a cozy pillow or sheepskin rug in front of the hearth welcomes lounging.

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Subtle Touches


For those overwhelmed by too many holiday knickknacks, understated elegance is the way to go. Minimalists will love this trend, exemplified by casually draped, unornamented greenery and tasteful metallic accents, like these gold-tone copper reindeer figurines available on Amazon. To embrace this approach, choose small touches that blend in rather than stand out. Scale back the usual decor by opting for a half-wreath on a wire ring, knit stockings without embellishment, and consider a Charlie Brown Christmas tree ornamented with neutral-colored decorations.

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Vintage Glamour


A trend toward vintage glam decor will appeal to decorators who love anything but subtle—think glammed-up grandma. Achieve a pearl-like shimmer through the use of beads, mirrored accents, and crystals. Make sure to integrate feathers, ribbons, and florals into the Christmas tree decor, and don’t skimp on the ornamentation. For colors, opt for metallics, whites, and soft pinks, like these pink mercury glass finial ornaments on Amazon.

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Cone-Shaped Trees and Gonks


The exaggerated cone shape is showing up in modern Christmas decor in the form of tall, narrow trees and the elongated hats of gonks, fuzzy fabric renditions of gnome-like creatures found in Nordic and Scandinavian mythology, like these dangle-leg shelf sitters from Amazon. Arrange a cluster of tiny bristle-brush trees on the mantel or sideboard to create a magical cone-shaped forest, then slip in a few gonks to bring a bit of whimsy to the scene.

Brass Bells


Decorative bells will make an appearance in this year’s trendy Christmas stylings. While bells are a traditional holiday accent, the newest options take on a more organic cowbell shape, hung by rope or jute, like this string of rustic cowbells from Amazon. Whether oversize or miniature, sleek or rustic, bells can be used on the mantel, in the middle of a wreath, at the ends of a draped garland, or simply as wall hangings.

Decorative Accents Throughout the Home


Christmas decorations are no longer relegated to the entryway and living room. Subtle accents are popping up in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. Consider adding a festive touch to these rooms with holiday textiles like this reversible Christmas bedspread with two festive patterns available on Amazon. Kids especially will love having garland-draped bookshelves or their own small Christmas tree in the corner of the bedroom.

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Rainbow Bright 


Shoppers eager to add cheer will find plenty of bright colors to deck their halls—not only traditional holiday hues, but all the colors of the rainbow, both matte and metallic. Take up the fun a notch with multicolored ornaments and a contemporary look for your dining table, like this tabletop neon Christmas tree on Amazon. Look out for felt garlands, color changing light strings, and brightly colored artificial trees.