The Best Solar Flagpole Lights for 24/7 Flag Display of 2024, Tested 

Lighted flag poles are an integral part of after-dusk patriotic displays. We tested several popular models—find out which ones we liked best.

Best Overall

The Kayiune Waterproof Solar Flagpole Light on a white background.

Kayiune Waterproof Solar Flagpole Light

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Best Bang for the Buck

The Sunnytech Solar Flagpole Light on a white background.

Sunnytech Solar Flagpole Light

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Best for Small Flags

The Ofuray Upgrade Solar Flagpole Light installed on a flagpole below the American flag.

Ofuray Upgrade Solar Flagpole Light

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Since the American Flag Code states that the U.S. flag should be displayed only from sunrise to sunset unless illuminated at night, flagpole solar lights are a brilliant option for displaying your patriotism 24/7. We recently tested seven top-rated models of various styles, price points, and sizes, installing them on our own flagpoles and evaluating their performance.

Our favorite option is Kayiune’s Waterproof Solar Flagpole Light thanks to its versatile design and soft, uniform illumination that made our flag the star of the show. Plus, its IP65 water-resistant lining helps ensure it can withstand the elements.

The best thing about these flagpole solar lights is that, once installed, they do all the work; there’s nothing to plug into an outlet, and they won’t raise your utility bill. Ahead, learn what to look for when shopping and find out how the following models earned a spot in our lineup of the best solar flagpole lights.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Kayiune Waterproof Solar Flagpole Light
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  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Sunnytech Solar Flagpole Light
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  3. BEST FOR SMALL FLAGS: Ofuray Upgrade Solar Flagpole Light
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  4. BEST EXTRA-BRIGHT: Sunnytech 3rd Generation Solar Light for Flagpoles
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  5. BEST SPOTLIGHT: Arlmont & Co. Chincoteague Adjustable Lighting
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  6. BEST HIGH-LUMEN: Enrybia 266 LED 4200-Lumen Solar Flagpole Light
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  7. ALSO CONSIDER: Karliobe Adjustable Solar Flagpole Light
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The Best Solar Flagpole Lights Option
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

How We Tested the Best Solar Flagpole Lights

The outdoor solar lighting industry is booming, so we had no problem finding solar lights for a flagpole. However, in an industry dominated by newcomers, we couldn’t nail down a top manufacturer or brand, so we looked closely at user ratings and reviews. We also paid close attention to the models that professed weatherproofness since these lights will need to withstand the elements. 

When the lights arrived, we inspected them for quality, installed them on our own flagpoles, let them soak up the sun, and then observed how well they lit up our flags. Each light was awarded points based on a rubric. We rated them on installation, brightness, style, durability, and overall value.

Testing Stats
Products tested7
Hours spent testing14 (over 3 weeks)
Tests performed3
Price range$25 to $75

Our Top Picks

The following solar flagpole lights excelled in our hands-on testing. Each one illuminated our flag after dark. They vary in light intensity, style, and required pole size, but any one of them will allow you to keep your flag brightly lit until the dawn’s early light.

Best Overall

Kayiune Waterproof Solar Flagpole Light

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Our Ratings: Installation 3.5/5; Power 4.8/5; Appearance 5/5; Durability 4.5/5; Value 4.3/5 

Product Specs 

  • Pole diameter: 2 to 6 inches
  • Brightness: 4640 lumens
  • Runtime: Up to 16 hours


  • Illumination is soft and uniform, evenly lighting the flag in a flattering way
  • Light is well built and comes with an Ingress Progression (IP) rating of IP65 
  • Installs on a range of pole diameters from 2 inches up to 6 inches


  • Use of hose clamps to install light is tedious—try a drill with a 7 millimeter socket
  • Priced higher than some models, but it creates a very pleasing light display

The Kayiune solar flagpole light features 32 LED lights on a ring that encircles the flagpole and illuminates the flag from beneath. It’s suitable for use on poles as narrow as 2 inches or as wide as 6 inches in diameter. 

This model requires some assembly, and the instructions weren’t very helpful, but putting it together is fairly intuitive. We assembled the parts first and then slipped the light ring over the top of our flagpole. If your pole is too high to accomplish that safely, you’ll have to assemble the light ring around the pole itself. The biggest downside to this light is the manufacturer’s use of hose clamps to hold it in place, which takes forever to tighten with a screwdriver. We used a drill fitted with a 7 millimeter socket to tighten them quickly.

We installed the Kayiune in the late afternoon, so it didn’t get the recommended 6 to 8 hours of solar charge before nightfall, but that didn’t seem to affect it. It lit up like a champ as dusk arrived and stayed lit all night. The ring of lights creates a spectacular look on the flag: uniform and flattering. It passed our water test with flying colors—we sprayed it forcefully with the garden hose for 10 minutes, but no water leaked in, and it lit up faithfully the next night and the next. 

Read our full review: Kayiune Waterproof Solar Flagpole Light

Get the Kayiune solar flagpole light at Amazon or Walmart

Best Bang for the Buck

Sunnytech Solar Flagpole Light

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Our Ratings: Installation 5/5; Power 4.3/5; Appearance 4/5; Durability 5/5; Value 4.5/5 

Product Specs 

  • Pole diameter: 0.5 inch
  • Brightness: Unspecified
  • Runtime: Up to 24 hours


  • Affordable and doesn’t require the use of electricity to operate
  • Easy installation: unscrew the ball from the pole, slip the light on, and replace the ball
  • Good option for lighting up small- to medium-size flags


  • Not suitable for installation on flagpoles without a 0.5-inch upper bolt

You don’t have to spend a lot to keep Old Glory lit at night. The Sunnytech flagpole light is equipped with six solar panels and comes with 20 LED bulbs that are more than suitable for illuminating small to medium flags. 

Installation was a breeze with the Sunnytech—all we had to do was unscrew the ornamental brass ball at the top of our flagpole, slip the solar light on the bolt, and then screw the ball back in place. We installed this light before noon on a sunny day, and it was fully charged by nightfall. It emitted a nice downcast light that nicely lit up our flag. 

The Sunnytech weathered the spray from our hose and wasn’t fazed. It lit up brightly every night we tested it. It’s designed for flagpoles between 15 and 25 feet in height, although what really matters is having a pole where you can safely reach the top—and having a removable ball or ornament at the top that attaches to a 0.5-inch bolt. This is an affordable solar flagpole light option for those who want to illuminate their flag from the top down. 

Get the Sunnytech solar flagpole light at Amazon

Best for Small Flags

Ofuray Upgrade Solar Flagpole Light

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Our Ratings: Installation 5/5; Power 4.3/5; Appearance 4/5; Durability 4/5; Value 4/5 

Product Specs 

  • Pole diameter: 0.5 to 4 inches 
  • Brightness: Not listed
  • Runtime: Up to 12 hours


  • Flexible mounting options for poles ½ to 4 inches, or can be wall mounted
  • Adjustable light head can be upward or outward to get just the right look
  • Soft spotlight glow is pleasing and gentle; offers a nice light that isn’t overpowering


  • May not be adequate for fully lighting larger flags or flags in windy conditions

The Ofuray solar flagpole light fits poles from 0.5 inch to 4 inches in diameter and can be mounted below the pole or wall-mounted to shine on a nearby flag. We pole-mounted it a few feet underneath our flag and directed the adjustable light head to shine directly upward. 

When night arrived, the Ofuray turned on and cast a soft, floodlight-type glow on the flag. This is a smaller light model, but it gently illuminated our 4-foot-long by 6-foot-wide flag. When the wind blew, however, and the flag was whipping around, this light caught only parts of it here and there, making us think it might not cast enough light for larger flags in windy situations. However, we live in a windy region, so it might not be a concern if you don’t. 

The Ofuray withstood our water-spraying test, and no water leaked into the housing. The manufacturer doesn’t mention the lumens, but we felt as though they might be slightly less than some of the other models we tested. Still, if you’re looking for a reliable light source for a small to midsize flag and you prefer subtle lighting rather than an intense look, this might be the right choice for you. 

Get the Ofuray solar flagpole light at Amazon

Best Extra-Bright

Sunnytech 3rd Generation Solar Light for Flagpoles

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Our Ratings: Installation 5/5; Power 4.8/5; Appearance 4.5/5; Durability 4.5/5; Value 5/5 

Product Specs 

  • Pole diameter: 0.5 inch
  • Brightness: 1300 lumens
  • Runtime: Up to 18 hours


  • Boasts 1300 lumens, making it bright and powerful
  • Easy installation: just slip the light over the bolt on the top of the pole and attach the ornament
  • Impressive, long-lasting illumination and water-resistant rating of IP65


  • May be too bright for those wanting subtle lighting on their flag display

The second Sunnytech in our hands-on tests boasts a bright light output of 1300 lumens, and it effectively lit the flag, the flagpole, and even some of the ground below. It fits a 0.5-inch bolt at the top of the pole. The manufacturer suggests using it on flagpoles between 15 to 25 feet high. We felt it was strong enough to illuminate flags on higher poles.

Installing it was a snap—we just slipped it over the top bolt on our flagpole and attached the pole ornament to hold it securely in place. It passed our water spray tests, and we were impressed by how long the illumination lasted. Even after we took this light down from the pole when testing was over and brought it inside, it lit up in its box for the next 2 days. 

This is a powerful overhead solar light for flags, but it’s not subtle. It’s intense. We could easily see our flag—it was so bright—but maybe a bit too bright if you want to sit out after dark and enjoy the look of your flag display. It was a little uncomfortable to look at directly. Still, it lights up the flag very well. 

Get the Sunnytech 3rd Generation solar flagpole light at Amazon

Best Spotlight

Arlmont & Co. Chincoteague Adjustable Lighting

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Our Ratings: Installation 4/5; Power 4.5/5; Appearance 4/5; Durability 4.5/5; Value 4/5 

Product Specs 

  • Pole diameter: Up to 4 inches
  • Brightness: Not listed
  • Runtime: Up to 8 hours


  • Directional lighting allows for adjusting the beam of light, specifically on the flag
  • Compact design makes the light unobtrusive and does not detract from the flag
  • Water-resistant and lights up the flag without casting light in a wide area


  • Battery runtime may not be sufficient to keep the flag illuminated longer than 8 hours

If you’re looking to shine a light on your flag—and only your flag—check out the Arlmont & Co. Chincoteague adjustable flagpole light. This directional solar light attaches to flagpoles up to 4 inches in diameter and features four small LED lights in a single head for directing a beam of light right where you want it. 

Like most pole-mounted lights we tested, the Chincoteague came with hose clamps that can take forever to tighten if you don’t have a drill handy. Fortunately, we did, so it took about 10 minutes to assemble and install the light.

Once installed, the unit is unobtrusive—it measures just 8 inches tall by 4 inches wide by 3.5 inches deep, so it doesn’t draw the eye like some of the bigger lights can. It charged for about 5 hours the first day, and as dusk approached, it blazed to light, creating a very pretty glow on the flag. We adjusted the head so the only thing illuminated was the flag, which created a striking effect against the night sky. 

The Chincoteague passed our water spray tests, but it didn’t seem to hold a charge quite as long as some of the other models. It was still beaming 8 hours later, which is what the manufacturer claims, but it was quite a bit dimmer. Still, for those who want to create a stunning patriotic display that will be enjoyed in the early hours of the night, the Chincoteague is a top contender. 

Get the Arlmont & Co. solar flagpole light at Wayfair

Best High-Lumen

Enrybia 266 LED 4200-Lumen Solar Flagpole Light

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Our Ratings: Installation 5/5; Power 4.5/5; Appearance 4/5; Durability 5/5; Value 4/5 

Product Specs 

  • Pole diameter: 0.5 inch
  • Brightness: 4200 lumens
  • Runtime: Up to 12 hours


  • Wide area of illumination includes flag, pole, and a circle of lawn
  • Intense light; very bright for creating dramatic patriotic displays
  • Long-lasting runtime so it can stay lit all night long


  • Brightness may be overpowering for smaller flag displays

If you’re looking for a solar flagpole light that illuminates a broad area, the Enrybia pole-top light might be a good choice. This was by and far the brightest downward-shining light we tested. It easily attached to the top of our flagpole and charged for over 6 hours on a sunny day. When it came on that evening, it was dramatic. It lit up the flag, the pole, and a circle of lawn as well. It was still going strong in the morning, only shutting off when the sun rose. 

For someone who has a comprehensive patriotic display, such as benches around the base of the flagpole or flower beds, the Enrybia would be an excellent pick to light up the whole thing. It passed our water spray test and even withstood a spring hailstorm that moved through while we were testing it. 

It’s not subtle lighting, so if you’re looking for a gentle glow, this isn’t it. The intensity of this light could easily overwhelm decorative solar gutter lights and string lights. But it will also light up the flag and nearby areas of landscaping. 

Get the Enrybia solar flagpole light at Amazon

Also Consider

Karliobe Adjustable Solar Flagpole Light

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Our Ratings: Installation 4/5; Power 4.5/5; Appearance 4/5; Durability 4/5; Value 4.5/5 

Product Specs 

  • Pole diameter: 3 to 6 inches
  • Brightness: Not listed
  • Runtime: Up to 12 hours


  • Suitable for larger flagpoles with diameters up to 6 inches
  • The lights are independently adjustable to get a custom lighting look
  • Impressive runtime; lasted all night after a cloudy day and was still lit the next morning


  • The larger footprint of these solar flagpole lights may overwhelm a smaller pole

If you have a larger flagpole, you’ll want to consider a solar light with a larger capacity. The Karliobe flagpole light fits poles up to 6 inches in diameter, and it features five individual lights that are adjustable so you can get the look you’re after. 

It was a bit of a juggling act to get the lights installed. It took two people—one to thread the lights on the hose clamps and hold them in position while the other used a drill to tighten the clamps. But these lights are strong and durable and designed to stay on the pole for years once installed, so take your time getting them just right. 

The manufacturer claims the Karliobe lights are suitable for poles up to 40 feet, and we see no reason to disagree. When they came on, they were bright, clear, and easily lit up the flag from underneath. 

Even on a very cloudy day, the Karliobe lights came on at dusk and were still on the next morning. We were impressed. The only downside, and it might not bother anyone else, is the size of the lights and solar panel. They’re quite large and, in our opinion, detracted a bit from the overall aesthetics of the flag display. But if you have an oversize flagpole, these lights might be just what you’ve been looking for. 

Get the Karliobe solar flagpole light at Amazon

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The Best Solar Flagpole Lights Option
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

What to Consider When Choosing a Solar Flagpole Light 

When shopping for lights for a flagpole, keep in mind the height and diameter of the pole. Also consider features such as weather resistance, lighting direction, overall performance, and the other important criteria detailed below.


Like solar path lights and other outdoor solar lights, flag lights come in various shapes and sizes. To ensure that the solar light will fit the specific flagpole, take accurate measurements beforehand and compare them to the product information and manufacturer’s recommendations before purchase. 

Many solar-powered flagpole lights are designed for standard flagpoles that range from 15 to 25 feet in height, with an ornament spindle that is 0.5 inch in diameter. However, some solar flagpole lights have different requirements, including some spotlight products that attach directly to the pole with a bracket instead of using the ornament spindle. For these solar lights, measure the diameter of the flagpole to confirm that the bracket will fit securely.

Weather Resistance

Typically, lighting for flagpoles should withstand inclement weather since it would be tedious to remove a light every time it rains. Solar flagpole lights are made to resist rain, snow, sleet, and high winds, usually featuring an IP rating of between IP65 and IP67.


The brightness of the solar flagpole light is very important. If the product fails to produce enough light, the flag will sit in deep shadows instead of proud illumination. The number of bulbs in a solar light can be a broad indicator of brightness, but it shouldn’t be the only factor in the decision-making process.

The amount of light produced by solar lights on a pole or any other type of light is measured in lumens. Flagpole lights can range in lumens from as low as 50 to more than 1000, but to ensure that a standard flagpole and flag are properly lit, look for a product with at least 200 lumens. 

Lighting Direction

The direction of the solar flagpole light is another key factor. Some products are designed to sit atop the flagpole on its ornament spindle to direct light down toward the flag and the ground below. This type of light is good for illuminating the entire base of the flagpole as well and, depending on the lumen output, may even light up a decent portion of the yard. 

Other solar flagpole lights attach to the middle of the pole and shine up toward the flag to bathe it in a bright spotlight. Though fine for lighting the flag, these lights won’t illuminate the yard. Both types generally feature one or more solar panels that face directly up to gather energy from the sun.


Solar flagpole lights may have different mounting options, including ornament spindle mounting, flagpole mounting, and ground mounting.

  • The ornament spindle is typically a ball that fits on the top of the pole that screws off. A top-mount light fits between the ornament and the pole and is held in place by the ornament.
  • Flagpole mounting employs brackets to install a solar light directly to the pole. This allows the light to point up toward the flag. To install, place the brackets on either side of the flagpole and fasten them together to form a tight grip on the flagpole.
  • Ground mounting is the easiest option, though it often has questionable results. With this method, the solar light is stuck into the ground with a stake and directed up to illuminate the flag. The spotlight must be very powerful to be able to illuminate the flag. 

Battery and Charge Time 

Solar flagpole lights often include internal batteries that can influence runtime and rechargeability. Think of them as mini solar-powered systems powered by the sun and rated by the amount of charge they can hold. 

On average, a solar flagpole light battery will take between 6 and 8 hours to fully charge. Once charged, it can output light for the range of time specified in the product information and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Generally, runtime is at least 8 hours, and a maximum can exceed 24 hours. While inclement weather will reduce solar panel efficiency, the panels will still charge during the day, even during a storm.


Before investing in a new solar flagpole light, consider these frequently asked questions and their answers to learn more about how solar lights function. You’ll also learn how to determine the correct size light for illuminating your flag at night.

Q. Do solar lights need direct sunlight?

Direct sunlight is the best way to charge a solar light quickly. However, indirect daylight will also charge the solar battery, just not as quickly. If you haven’t installed a flagpole yet, it’s worth considering where it would receive the best sunlight.

Q. How do I know if solar flagpole lights will fit my pole?

Before choosing a solar flagpole light, measure the pole’s height and diameter and determine whether it has a removable ornament on the top. Ornaments typically come with 0.5-inch bolts, and topper lights are made to accommodate them. 

Q. Is it OK to leave solar lights on all night?

Yes, in most cases, it’s very safe. Flagpole lights are intended to be on all night long. According to American flag etiquette, the flag should not be flown after dark unless illuminated. 

Q. How many lumens do I need for a flagpole light? 

To ensure the flag is illuminated correctly, look for a flagpole light that outputs a minimum of 200 to 300 lumens of light. Also, brush up on flag do’s and don’ts, such as the proper way to dispose of one

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