5 “Make in a Weekend” Bookshelf Projects (No Fancy Woodworking Required)

By Chris Gardner | Updated Aug 10, 2018 11:03 AM

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Groucho Marx’s famous quote, “Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read,” has been printed on many a tote bag, day planner, coffee mug and journal cover. And yet… still hilarious!

For both practical and aesthetic reasons, readers love to surround themselves with their books. But where to store your collection? That’s easy. On a bookshelf, of course—one that you made yourself in a weekend.

DIY Bookshelf - Pipe Fitting

Photo: Apartment Therapy

Jeremy and Ralph built this bookshelf with only one tool: an electric drill/driver. Assembled from 1x8s and black pipe fittings, the construction is incredibly strong and will appeal to anyone who likes the industrial vibe. See how it was made over on Apartment Therapy.

DIY Bookshelf - Reclaimed Lumber

Photo: Carly Waito

Andrew and Clayton built this stout bookshelf into an unusual corner in their living room. They used reclaimed wood and staggered the supports to provide visual interest. Learn more at Carly Waito.

DIY Bookshelf

Photo: Flickr / Chris.shutter

Chris Shutter built this DIY bookshelf (and bike rack!) for next to zero dollars, using upcycled shipping palettes. He posted a photo on Flickr, and when it blew up across the internet, he posted the instructions in the comment section.

DIY Bookshelf - Float Mount

Photo: More Design Please

This floating bookshelf project from More Design Please, based on angled mending plate hardware, makes it look like the books themselves are the shelves. Neat, right? Stack ’em up!

DIY Bookshelf - Blocks

Photo: Home and Away with Lisa

Lisa, from Home and Away with Lisa, calls this project “the easiest bookshelf in the world.” She put the whole thing together in one hour for about $35 in materials.