DIY Concrete Planters

If new and stylish planters aren't in your budget this spring, save your money for soil, plants... and patio pavers! That's almost everything you'll need to recreate these flower boxes.

By Life in Velvet | Updated Sep 16, 2020 7:18 PM

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DIY Concrete Planters

Large planters for your deck or patio can be very pricey, so it makes sense to build your own. If you like the look of concrete but would rather not mix and pour your own, patio pavers make a genius shortcut. That’s what Angela from Life in Velvet discovered. With the right tools and materials, you can create patio paver planters that will bind and stay together. Find the how to below.


(5) 16X16 patio pavers {per large planter}
(5) 12X12 Patio Pavers {per small planter}
Gorilla Glue
Patio paint


Lay out four patio pavers to form a square, with edges overlapping. The fifth paver is used as a base.


DIY Concrete Planters - gorilla glue

Apply Gorilla Glue to the edges of the pavers, then clamp together until dry.

Note: The only thing to be afraid of with Gorilla Glue is that it expands about 3x, so use thin lines of glue between pavers, and use small dots to adhere the sides to the base to allow for drainage.


DIY Concrete Planters - paint

Once dry, use remove the clamps and apply patio paint of your choice.


DIY Concrete Planters - add soil

Add soil and plants! We have a very small back yard, so I’m using each of these as a mini raised garden. I planted a variety of shrubs and flowers in shades of purple, pink and red to keep everything interesting and cohesive.

DIY Concrete Planters - finished

Thanks, Angela! For more DIY ideas, check out Life in Velvet.