DIY Copper Pipe Lamp

This surprisingly simple DIY lamp will light up any modern home.

DIY Copper Pipe Lamp

Finding the right lamp for your space can be a challenge, as Angela from Unexpected Elegance knows full well. That’s why she decided design her own lamp using lengths of copper pipe. The result is a geometric and industrial beauty—and it can even serve as a bookshelf. Here’s how you can make your own.

10 ft. piece of 1/2″ copper pipe
Hack saw or pipe cutter
Lighting kit with 6″ nipple
(9) 1/2″ copper tees
(4) 1/2″ copper elbows
Metal adhesive
3/8″ drill bit and drill


DIY Copper Pipe Lamp - Materials

Cut the pipe, using a hack saw or pipe cutter. See the diagram for the different pieces you will need for this project.


DIY Copper Pipe Lamp - Step 2

Assemble two squares that will fit together. At this stage you just want to make sure it all fits together properly and you don’t need to adjust any of the pieces.


DIY Copper Lamp - Step 3

Using a 3/8″ drill bit, drill a hole close to the bottom of one of the 12″ pieces. This will be the hole for the cord.


DIY Copper Pipe Lamp Kit

Before you glue the pieces together, run the cord through the pipes. It’s easiest to separate the pipes first and run it through them one at a time.


Then use a little bit of the adhesive on each joint, except the 5 1/2″  pipe that will hold the light socket. Pay special care around the joints with the cord. I used Strong Stik and it takes 10 minutes to set so it allowed me to make adjusts to the pipes as I went. Make sure you wipe off any excess adhesive. Let it dry over night so that none of pipes move as you are assembling the rest of the light kit.


DIY Copper Lamp - wiring

Assemble the lighting kit per the directions on the package but make sure the nipple is 6″. Thread it through the 5 1/2″ pipe and secure it with the nut. Then run the wire up through. Finally wrap each exposed wire around the two screws on the socket and tighten.


DIY Copper Lamp - finished

I added a little something extra to my lamp shade, too! I just free-handed the word shine with gold paint on the bottom.

Thanks for sharing, Angela! To find even more incredible DIYs, visit Unexpected Elegance.