DIY Copper Towel Rack

The shape and weight of copper pipe makes it a no-brainer for this industrial towel rack in a sleek bathroom remodel.

DIY Copper Towel Rack

Jesse, from Nine Red had a lackluster bathroom that needed a remodel, but cheaply. Neutral tones and wood accents were chosen to bring the space to life, but the sheen of the copper towel rack steals the show. Find out how to make your own stunningly simple towel bar.


2 Halfinch floor flanges
2 Halfinch copper male adapters
2 Halfinch copper elbow pieces
Copper pipe, 1/2” x 5’
Pipe cutter if you have it
E6000 glue
8 screws
Copper spray paint


DIY Copper Towel Rack - measure

First up, you want to measure how wide your rack will be. Cutting the pipe is very easy, so it may be best to measure larger so you can trim down to fit. I wasn’t actually too picky about the width, I just didn’t want it wider than the window. I knew I could center it if it was shorter. Anyway, measure your area, and don’t forget that the elbows will add about 3/4” to each side. While you’re in measuring mode, figure out the distance you want it to stick out from the wall, as we’ll be cutting little pipes for this area. I chose 2 inches.

I lined up with the old towel rack to double check. Keep in mind your flange size.  This is really a “try it on” situation, and adjust accordingly.


DIY Copper Towel Rack - cut

Measure & make your marks on the copper pipe, and let’s get to cutting. It’s so easy. I promise.


DIY Copper Towel Rack - cut pieces

So be sure you’re cutting 3 things. The main width, and 2 equal length pipes for the depth. Moving on, just try it all on—dress rehearsal.


DIY Copper Towel Rack - spray paint

Everything seem good? If not, make your adjustments. If it sticks out too far, just trim a little more off the smaller pipes. Mine seems pretty good, so now it was time to paint. Take these flanges outside after a good cleaning.


DIY Copper Towel Rack - fitted

Hooray, we have copper! Try on the male adapters to see if they need any lubrication. Sometimes the threads can get a little sticky. I wiped a li’l WD-40 in there to help. Next, just assemble.


Here’s where you can learn from my mistake, when I first put these together, it seemed like it was going to hold itself together. As I mounted, it started sliding out, and that’s where the E-6000 comes in. A little dab of that stuff (which glues anything and everything to anything and everything else) on the insides of the pipe connections will keep this puppy sturdy. I did it once it was already on my wall, I bet it’s easier to do it first. But I’m impatient.


DIY Copper Towel Rack - hang

Mounting was simple, 4 standard drywall screws.

DIY Copper Towel Rack - finished

Thanks for sharing, Jesse! For even more how-tos, check out Nine Red.