9 DIY Headboard Projects to Suit Any Bedroom

By Chris Gardner | Updated Jan 17, 2013 5:52 PM

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I tend to think of headboards as the sort of thing that only real grown-ups own.

When you’re a 20-something who moves a lot and is still working with hand-me-downs, your bed might just be a box spring and a secondhand mattress atop a basic steel frame—with a whole bunch of pillows (’cause the bed might also be your couch, dining table, and home office). But if you’re not a starving young adult or transient student, it’s probably time to grow up.

Here are several DIY options to fit all sorts of budgets and design or material preferences.


DIY Headboards - Round Top Headboard

Round-Top Headboard. Photo: Lowe's Creative Ideas

This basic wood option is simple to construct from dimensional lumber. With its wood-construction details and unfinished surfaces, the headboard hits on a trendy, rustic vibe.



Upholstered Headboard with Nailhead Trim. Photo: House of Earnest

With no need to sew, you can create a classic upholstered headboard, using nailhead trim for a rich and textural look.



Upcycled headboard. Photo: Kiki & Company

This upcycled project involving wood shutters illustrates how easy it is to convert existing materials into something else altogether.


DIY Headboards - From Scratch

Photo: Deep Thoughts by Cynthia

This wooden headboard project may look vintage, but it was actually built from scratch with inexpensive framing lumber, aged just enough for visual interest.


DIY Headboards - Mirror

Photo: Apartment Therapy

Mirrors on closet doors are never okay, but a large-scale mirror can make a wonderful, minimal headboard solution.


DIY Headboard - Chalkboard

Photo: Apartment Therapy

The same goes for a chalkboard, which invites color and allows you to get creative. Look for an old model at a secondhand store or office supply outlet, or create your own with plywood, chalkboard paint, and trim.


DIY Headboards - Tufted

Photo: Little Green Notebook

A tufted headboard never goes out of style. Jenny of Little Green Notebook figured out how to simplify the process. The trick is using pegboard as the substrate. With pegboard’s pre-drilled, perfectly spaced holes, all you have to do is count and get upholstering.


DIY Headboards - Corrugated Metal

Photo: Kara Paslay Designs

If you’re comfortable working with metal, take some inspiration from Kara Paisley Designs and snip an ornate shape out of some corrugated steel sheeting.



Photo: Metal and Mud

If you’re renting or sticking to a shoestring budget, this $9 fabric headboard project uses a product called Stiffen Stuff, which reacts to the heat of a clothing iron and adheres to the wall but comes down easily, leaving no trace behind.


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