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DIY Lite: Make Graveyard-Inspired Candle Holders from Concrete Mix

These concrete candle holders look like they've been ripped from gargoyles or the nearest graveyard, making them a perfect addition to your DIY haunted house.
Concrete Candle Holders for Halloween

Photo: Ohoh Blog for Bob Vila

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Looking to make your own creepy decor for October’s main event? This easy DIY molds concrete into the shape of a cold, statuesque hand to hold mood lighting at your Halloween festivities. Rest the finished product on a table outside your door to light the way for trick-or-treaters, or have it haunt a dimly lit corner indoors. Wherever you set them up—we recommend making a batch of three of four, for all of your lighting needs—these concrete candle holders are sure to thrill.

Concrete Candle Holders - Supplies

– Reusable rubber gloves (4 or more)
– Safety pin
– Concrete (about 2 pounds)
– Spoon
– Bucket
– Chip clip
– Medium-size disposable container
– Tapered candles (4 or more)
– Scissors
– Utility knife
– Tweezers
– Microfiber cloth
– Matches

Concrete Candle Holders - Step 1

Hold up your reusable rubber gloves and, using the safety pin or a needle, prick a hole at the end of each finger. These holes will allow any air to escape once you start filling the glove with concrete, leaving you with a smoother appearance and fewer visible air bubbles.

Concrete Candle Holders - Step 2

Pour your concrete powder with water in a bucket, according to the package’s recommended ratio, and mix with a spoon (preferably one that’s designated for crafts and won’t make it back to the dinner table) until its consistency looks like that of cookie dough.

Then, shovel the concrete into the opening at the base of each rubber glove. Wiggle each finger to ensure that the concrete travels all the way to the fingertips, and lightly shake the entire glove to prevent an excessive amount of air bubbles as the concrete cures.

Concrete Candle Holders - Step 3

Once you’ve filled the glove, clamp the end with a long chip clip to hold the concrete inside.

Concrete Candle Holders - Step 4

Take your filled glove and and place it on its side (pinky down) into a medium-size container. Then, stand a tapered candle between the fingers and thumb, and carefully curve the glove to grip the tall candle. Try not to fold the fingers too much, or else you might separate the concrete in the palm from the concrete in the fingers!

Once you are satisfied with the shape of the hand, eyeball each finger one last time to see that there is still enough concrete so that none snap when you peel away the rubber in the next steps.

Concrete Candle Holders - Step 5

Leave the concrete to cure for the required amount of time specified by your mix (we let ours dry for two days). Once completely cured, you can undo the chip clip and begin to cut away the glove.

Hint: It will be easier if you can remove the candle from the clutch of the concrete hand, but that’s not always possible. Do your best, or snip the rubber off around the in-place candle, if needed.

Concrete Candle Holders - Step 6

Be patient while removing the rubber between the fingers. Work with small scissors and a utility knife to snip the rubber free, and carefully lift away each piece using tweezers. Peel away rubber slowly and gently in order to avoid breaking any of the fragile concrete fingers.

Concrete Candle Holders - Step 7

Wipe off the dust with a microfiber cloth, replace the tapered candle, and strike a match! If you light their wicks early and let the flame go long enough for a few drips of wax to roll, your concrete candle holders will be looking their creepiest in time for the Halloween party.

Concrete Candle Holders with Taper Candles
Concrete Candle Holders - Easy Halloween DIY
Concrete Candle Holders - Easy Halloween Decorations

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