DIY Modern Candleholder

One of the incredible things about plumbing pipe fittings is their inherent versatility—and these DIY candelabras prove that point. We love that these candle holders can be rearranged like building blocks when you're ready for a new look.

By HomeMade Modern | Updated Sep 16, 2020 7:18 PM

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This industrial chic candelabra can be created at home with nothing more than a handful of pipe fittings and some spare time. Get creative—the designs you can make with this material are endless.

DIY Pipe Fitting Candlabra

½” Iron Pipe Fittings

Tip: For a grand display with lots of curves, purchase more elbows.

Plan out your design before you purchase your parts so you have a good idea of which pieces you’ll need.

Assemble iron pipe fittings to make a rustic, modern candelabra. Once you have a collection of pipe fittings, you can assemble them into all sorts of different arrangements.

DIY Pipe Fitting Candle Holders

Paint your new candle holder with heat resistant paint or leave it unpainted for a more industrial look.

DIY Pipe Fitting Candle Holder

If you get bored of a particular piece, simply take it apart and make something else with it.

Industrial Chic Candelabra

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