DIY Plumbing Pipe Light Fixture

This pipe-fitting project proves that big style doesn't need to cost big bucks. The tall lamp, which resembles exposed plumbing pipes, was modeled after a more expensive store-bought model and strikes an interesting balance between rustic and contemporary design.

DIY Pipe Lamp

This DIY Anthropologie-inspired pipe lamp is time consuming, but when you compare price tags, it’s well worth the effort.

Anthropologie’s price: $2,800
DIY price: $86


– Different sizes and kinds of pipes in various textures. Have a sketch with you when you buy the materials in order to procure the right combinations.
Copper or bronze spray paint
Wood spindle pieces. You can find these by the stair railing parts.
Rub ‘n Buff. I used the Patina and Gold.
Wood stain in 2 shades
– Elbows. Be sure you get enough for each bend and that they are in the right size.
– Little black screws ground down so only the heads are left (or wood discs sprayed black)
Tube straps to hold the lamp to the wall
A base
A light kit. Be sure the cord is over 10 feet in length
Super strong adhesive

DIY Pipe Lamp Materials


 The most important element of this Anthropologie-style pipe lamp is the various textures and finishes of all of the pieces. Try to give each pipe its own look.

Use the spray paint and Rub ‘n Buff to achieve different looks. Mix and match. Sand, buff, repeat.

DIY Pipe Lamp Tutorial


Drill the wooden pieces.

Either you will need to cut the wood pieces to sizes small enough for a traditional drill bit and then glue them back together. Or . . . get a specialty drill bit. Then, find any way you can to add wood elements. Get creative!

Be sure that you drill the hole large enough for the cord to be ran through.

Stain and sand. Stain and sand. You need to fake worn edges and use.

DIY Pipe Lamp How to Step 2


Spray your PVC elbows with copper paint. Much cheaper then buying the real thing!


Drill holes through your base for the cord to run through.


Do a dry run. Lay your lamp out on the floor until you get the shape you want.

DIY Pipe Lamp How to Step 5


Run your cord through the pieces, being sure to leave plenty of cord at the top and bottom.


Glue the pieces together one at a time. Be very sure they are straight and true. Wait until one is dry, pull the cord tight, and move on to the next one.

DIY Pipe Lamp How to Step 7


Attach the screws with adhesive. I attached 3 at each end of the PVC elbows.

DIY Pipe Lamp How to Step 8


Wire the lamp kit. This is fairly simple to do; just follow the directions.


Attach the light to the wall with the tube straps and attach a shade. This shade was created by hot-gluing fabric to an old dirty one.

Voila! Your very own pipe lamp!

DIY Pipe Lamp in Use

Thank you, NellieBellie!