11 Ways to Keep Your Electronics From Taking Over the Living Room

Reclaim your living space by implementing solutions to disguise electronics and keep cables organized and hidden.

By Deirdre Mundorf | Published Mar 31, 2022 12:56 PM

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electronics from taking over

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The living room is the heart of the home. It is the place where we entertain guests, spend time with our loved ones, relax and read a good book, or switch on the TV to unwind after a long day. If you’re like many, your living room is filled with electronics, such as televisions, gaming systems, smart speakers, and charging cords for your cell phone.

While having access to all of this technology certainly has its benefits, electronics and all of the cords and cables that go along with them may seem like they are taking over your space. The creative solutions shared below can help you manage the chaos and reclaim your living room.

1. Hidden Storage Book Box

Electronics Taking Over

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This hidden storage box offers an ideal solution for hiding your router, cable box, or cords in plain sight. The box is made out of real books that have been attached to one another. The back of the books was carved out to create a large enough interior to conceal unsightly electronics or other items in the living room, while making it look like you’re just displaying some of your favorite texts.

Get the Covogoods CovoBox Electronics Hider on Etsy, priced from $22.95.

2. Framed TV with Slim Cable

If you enjoy watching television in your living room, but don’t like the look of the TV and its cords when not in use, then take a look at this framed LED 4K smart TV. When you’re not using the television, you can put it in art mode and display one of your favorite works of art, making it look like a purposeful part of your living room’s decor. This television also features one slim cable, rather than the numerous wires and cords you find with many other models.

Get the Samsung 43” Class The Frame Series LED 4K UHD Smart Tizen TV at Best Buy for $849.99.

3. Cable Management Sleeve

Electronics from taking over

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One of the most unsightly things about having electronics in your living room is all the different types of cables that appear to be strewn all about. Managing cables can feel impossible, but with these cable management sleeves, you can keep everything neat and organized. Just wrap the sleeve around the cables you want to contain, and zip it up. One sleeve holds between eight and 10 cables, but you can zip two sleeves together for increased capacity.

Get the JOTO Cable Management Sleeve at Amazon for $10.99.

4. Headphone Stand

electronics from taking over

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If you like to leave headphones in your living room for listening to music, working on the computer, or gaming, they can create an eyesore and be in the way when they’re simply lying on a table or desk. This headphone stand offers the ideal solution to get your headphones out of the way. Its attractive design, which is available in seven different colors, can also double as an unusual piece of artwork for your space.

Get the SAMDI Wood Headphone Stand at Amazon for $30.59.

5. Hidden Organizers

electronics from taking over

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Do you find that remotes, charging cables, and other electronic accessories always seem to be cluttering the coffee table or end tables in your living room? If so, these under-desk hidden drawer organizers may offer the solution you’re looking for. The organizer drawers have a strong adhesive for mounting them beneath a table or desk. They’ll remain out of sight until you pull the drawer open to remove the TV remote or any of the other small items stored inside.

Get the YOOUSOO Under Desk Drawer 2-pack at Amazon for $21.99.

6. Floating Entertainment Center

This floating entertainment center offers a creative and attractive solution for setting up a television in the living room. Not only will the wood-paneled design complement the living space, but the pre-drilled holes behind the television offer the optimal solution for hiding TV wires and cables. The entertainment center also features a top shelf where you can display vases, artwork, or other treasures.

Get the Wade Logan Distressed Brown Hawkinsville Floating Entertainment Center at Wayfair for $529.99.

7. Armrest Organizer 

electronics from taking over

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Keep remotes, cell phones, and other small devices and accessories hidden, but easy to reach, with this sofa armrest organizer. Simply drape the caddy over the arm of the chair, and it is ready to use. You can choose from two or three exterior pockets and can even add an interior pocket if desired. To help you coordinate with the furniture and decor in your living room, three color options are available.

Get the SoSoulDesign Sofa Armrest Organizer at Etsy for $19.59.

8. VELCRO Cable Ties

electronics taking over

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Zip ties can help keep extension cords, wires, and cables together. However, if you need to add, remove, or move any cords, the zip tie has to be cut and cannot be used again. These VELCRO cable ties offer an easier and more environmentally friendly approach. Choose one of the 13 color choices, and then use the ties to keep all of your cords and cables organized for a streamlined look.

Get the VELCRO One-Wrap Cable Ties at Amazon for $11.99.

9. Sliding Barn Door TV Cover

electronics from taking over

Photo: Etsy.com

Looking to hide your TV when it isn’t in use? Consider installing a sliding barn door. With this roller door track kit, all you’ll need is two wood panels for the barn doors. Once assembled, simply slide the panels to the sides to watch TV, and push them back to the center to ‘remove’ the TV from the room.

Get the TopHomeImprovement Barn Door TV Cover on Etsy, priced from $259.99.

10. Charging Station

electronics from taking over

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Keep all the charging cables for the phones, tables, smartwatches, and other devices in your home organized and ready for use with a charging station. This 6-port docking station holds up to five phones and tablets and also includes a smartwatch holder. It is compatible with Apple lightning cables as well as Android USB-C and micro USB cables. Two iPhone cables, two micro USB cables, and two USB-C cables come with each station.

Get the CASOOS Charging Station at Amazon for $32.99.

11. Gaming Console Replacement Shell

electronics from taking over

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Give the gaming console in your living room a face life with a replacement shell. This Nintendo Switch replacement back cover can update the look of the console and add some character to your space. Five attractive design options are available, including wood grain, the great wave, gold star universe, classic Nintendo Entertainment System, and classic Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Get the eXtremeRate Soft Touch Console Back Plate at Amazon for $20.59.

All prices are current as of publication on March 31, 2022.