Floating Copper Shoe Rack

Ideal for a foyer, mudroom, or entryway, this DIY copper pipe rack is an easy and attractive solution for all your shoe storage woes.

cooper shoe rack - straight on

Shoes pose one of those storage conundrums that can never quite be solved. They’re oddly shaped, take up too much room, and are always the first things carelessly shed by family members when they walk through the door. This common problem is what inspired Jen from Fresh Crush to search for a solution, leading her to create this floating copper pipe shoe rack that’s perfect for the entryway.

copper shoe rack - dry fit

Before cutting her pipes, Jen used a few pairs of her family’s shoes to measure how long they should be. Then, she cut and assembled her supplies, and laid them out to ensure everything would piece together. After measuring and drilling the holes needed for the pipes to mount to the walls, she drilled the first wall mount in place. Jen completed her project by fitting everything together like a puzzle and stashing her favorite shoes atop.

copper shoe rack - zoomed out

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