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The Truth About Clog-Free Gutters

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As the first line of defense against stormwater damage, gutters play a vital role in the infrastructure of just about any home. The catch is that, in order to function as designed, gutters require regular care. In fact, to ensure that rain can run freely through the gutters and downspouts—without encountering clogs or other impediments—prudent homeowners perform maintenance as often as twice per year, in fall and then again in spring.

No doubt, there are plenty of ways to rid gutters of leaves and twigs, pine needles and other yard debris. Some prefer to do the work manually, while others rely on gizmos like scoops, tongs, or even shop vac attachments. No matter the method you choose, however, chances are good that, if you live in a multi-story house, you’re not going to be able to get the job done unless you risk life and limb scaling a full-size extension ladder.

When you consider the nature of gutter cleaning, and when you think about the very real physical dangers associated with working high up on a ladder, it’s easy to see why so many dread the task. Fortunately, a suite of products known as gutter guards can reduce or nearly eliminate the need for it. Perhaps the best-known are LeafGuard Brand Gutters—a seamless, one-piece system that has inspired many imitators over the years.

LeafGuard features an ingenious design that leverages the principle of surface tension. As water meets the hood of the system, it flows around the curved lip and into the trough of the gutter. Leaves and debris, meanwhile, meet the hood and bounce right off, leaving the gutters clog-free. Properly installed, an effective gutter guard option like LeafGuard eliminates the need for gutter cleaning by preventing clogs from ever forming in the first place.

Learn more about the dangers of clogged gutters, and explore the benefits of gutter guards by reading the graphic below.

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