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Climate-Right Exterior Siding

Fiber Cement Siding

Photo: James Hardie

Home exteriors take a beating—from humidity, dry heat, rain and snow, salty air, freezing temperatures, and other unfriendly elements. But because different areas of the country experience different weather patterns, the seasonal assaults your home goes through will change depending on where your home actually is. Location is a variable that can play into your building or home improvement decision-making. After all, the siding that performs well in the Texas heat may not—in fact, probably won’t—do as good of a job in the snows of Massachusetts.

To address the varying demands of regional climates, James Hardie, a major manufacturer of exterior siding, has introduced a class of fiber cement siding, which is specially designed to withstand geographically-specific challenges. The HardieZone System (the market name for this siding technology) affords the homeowner a novel consumer advantage: the ability to choose an exterior that’s uniquely and ideally suited to the home’s local climate.

Climate-Right Siding

Photo: James Hardie

Two distinct product lines are available. The HZ5-rated siding is designed for areas with snow and ice, and extreme seasonal temperature swings. The HZ10 line is for climates with brutal heat and high humidity. It also stands up well to salty sea air and hurricane-force winds. HardieZone siding, in either case, resists cracking, splitting, rotting, and swelling, and comes with a 30-year no-questions-asked, non-prorated warranty-product coverage.

To learn more about the HardiZone System, and to see a video presentation about the technology, visit the James Hardie website.

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