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Enjoy quiet, unobtrusive comfort in every season without any sacrifice of style, square footage, or aesthetics. Learn more about this flexible HVAC technology that can make it all happen!

By Donna Boyle Schwartz | Updated May 11, 2017 6:14 PM

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You’ve deliberated over every detail, large and small, from the flooring underfoot to the lighting overhead. But if you’re anything like the average homeowner, there’s something fundamental that you’ve largely ignored—heating and cooling. Everyone knows that without adequate climate control, our homes wouldn’t be the comfortable havens we’ve come to enjoy and expect. But few consider that, to a surprising extent, the HVAC you choose has an impact on the design of your home.

A conventional forced-air system requires a network of bulky, full-size air ducts that not only hog otherwise usable living space, but actually force changes in the architecture and interior design of your home. That’s because, in order to route the ductwork from room to room, builders and remodelers must curtail room dimensions or employ special accommodations, such as soffits and chases. These are, in effect, aesthetic decisions that you don’t get to make for yourself; the forced-air system decides for you.

Further, because they’re quite large, standard forced-air ducts terminate in equally large, highly conspicuous in-room air vents. You can pour a great deal of money and effort into cultivating a beautiful interior, but so long as you rely on run-of-the-mill HVAC, those vents are going to stand out, drawing attention away from the design features you so carefully chose. Additionally, traditional forced-air involves not only unwelcome sights, but due to its noisy performance, unwelcome sounds as well.

There is, however, good news: Though forced-air systems have dominated the market historically, another home climate-control option has been gaining in popularity over the last 30 years. For those homeowners who demand a comfortable environment with no sacrifice of aesthetics, there may be no technology more appealing than the Unico System. A high-velocity HVAC system renowned for its flexible mini ducts, Unico offers a solution that bends to meet your needs, not the other way around.

It doesn’t matter whether you are building new or modernizing a centuries-old heritage home. Whatever your situation, you can install the Unico System, because it’s characterized by a virtue that the older setups lack—versatility. Compact and nonintrusive, Unico puts almost no limitations on the architecture or interior design of your home. Rather, the innovative system fits seamlessly into virtually any context, operating away from view and all but silently to maintain the target temperature year-round.

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The quality of any HVAC system depends on its individual components, and that’s certainly true of Unico. Critical to the success of the technology are its tubular, bendable mini ducts. Measuring no wider than four inches, these bear very little resemblance to the full-size ducts to which you are accustomed. Historically, ductwork has been made of rigid metal, but the Unico ducts are flexible enough to bend around things like studs and joists while remaining entirely hidden behind walls and ceilings.

In other words, however you wish to design your home, the Unico System adapts, thanks not only to its snake-like ductwork, but also to its space-smart air handler. Small enough to fit into an opening only a couple of feet tall or wide, the unit packs up to three times as much power as a comparably sized conventional air handler. All told, Unico System components occupy less than a third of the space needed for a traditional installation, all while providing efficient, total comfort.

Engineered around the principle of invisibility, the Unico System takes its commitment to discretion down to even the smallest details. For instance, at the point where its mini ducts feed conditioned air into the living space, the system eschews ugly grillwork in favor of sleek, unobtrusive outlets. The outlets are available in either slotted or circular shapes and in a variety of finishes. To get the best possible match for your decorating scheme, you can choose from the company’s broad range of standard styles, or you can opt to have the outlets custom painted or stained to your specifications.

When you’re in a home that’s heated and cooled by Unico, you don’t see much evidence of the HVAC system, and you don’t hear much of it either. While traditional forced-air makes no small amount of noise, Unico runs at a whisper-quiet level. That’s because its ducts feature an outer layer of insulation that promotes not only energy efficiency, but sound attenuation as well. The air handler, too, features sound-deadening insulation and anti-vibration pads. The result? When the system is running, you don’t even notice.

Up until now, enjoying a comfortable home has meant putting aside your own preferences in order to accommodate the HVAC system. But with Unico, you don’t need to make any sacrifices. Whether you have a bold, creative vision for new construction or want to preserve the charms that made you fall in love with your home in the first place, the Unico System delivers on a deceptively simple promise: Finally, you can live in a home that both looks great and feels uncommonly comfortable all year round.

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