Free Pattern Books for Home Restorers

By Donna Boyle Schwartz | Updated Oct 25, 2013 10:42 PM

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Home Style Pattern Books - Andersen Arts & Crafts Window Styles

Andersen Arts & Crafts Window Styles

Interpreting historically accurate home design can be confusing, but a new series of free pattern books should help homeowners comprehend the dynamic language of style.

Developed by Andersen Windows, this new series of Home Style Pattern Books is designed as a tool to help homeowners, architects, designers, builders, remodelers and contractors easily re-create historical home design elements.

Whether homeowners are building a new home or remodeling an existing house, the Home Style Pattern Books provide a common framework for communication between everyone involved in the architectural, design, and construction process.

Home Style Pattern Books - Window Finish

Andersen Arts & Crafts Window Styles

Each pattern book is dedicated to a single home design style and is structured to give homeowners the tools they need to help them communicate their vision. The first two books cover the Craftsman Bungalow from the Arts & Crafts era in the early 20th century, and Georgian/Federal Homes that date from Colonial times.

The pattern books contain illustrations and photos of the key architectural elements that are important to each particular house style, everything from windows and doors to accessories, trim, and hardware. Exterior color palettes, proportional considerations, and decorative options are covered as well.

Home Style Pattern Books - Andersen Georgian Federal Style Windows

Andersen Georgian Federal Style Windows

Each pattern book references examples from the Andersen Architectural Collection of windows, doors, and accessories and is drawn from Andersen’s Home Style Library, a collection of illustrations and descriptions of the 10 most popular residential building styles in the US, including Tudor, Spanish Colonial, French Eclectic, Queen Anne and many more.

Andersen plans to release additional pattern books covering other styles in the future.

The spiral bound, 26-page books can be ordered—free for a limited time—at Andersen. You can also view the information online or download a PDF.

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