The 15 Best Hostess Gifts: Beautiful and Unique Gifts for Any Budget

From microgreens to plants to kitchen essentials, the best hostess gifts suit a wide range of budgets and tastes. This gift guide includes something for everyone—even the hostess who seemingly has everything.

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The Best Hostess Gifts for the Holidays


It’s safe to assume most hosts and hostesses enjoy entertaining friends and family for the sense of community it brings to those who gather together. They also might enjoy showing off their homes or cooking and baking for the ones they love. If you’re on the hunt for the best hostess gifts, this roundup features a wide range of options for recipients from all walks of life.

From a micro-garden that can grow in small spaces to a spice kit for a new home, these gifts are excellent options for first-time homeowners to seasoned entertainers. So don’t show up to the next party empty-handed: Regardless of what season or occasion you’re shopping for, these hostess gifts will ensure that your hostess will always remember you!

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The Best Hostess Gifts

From serveware to sweets and savory spices, our guide to the best hostess gifts offers options in all shapes, sizes, price ranges, and preferences.

Gifts Under $25

Classic Candy

The Best Hostess Gifts Option: McCrea's Candies Handcrafted Caramel Box

For the hostess with a sweet tooth, this Handcrafted Caramel Box by McCrea’s Candies takes caramels to the next level. Flavors such as Tapped Maple, Cape Cod Sea Salt, and Single Malt Scotch make these chocolaty treats rich in flavor and individuality. Each caramel is made by hand and individually wrapped, and a set of 36 comes in biodegradable packaging. Bonus: The box is pretty enough to give without wrapping, so you don’t have to spend extra on wrapping materials. This tasty treat would be a delicious gift for shower hostess duties!

Gifts $25 to $50

Kitchen Essential

The Best Hostess Gifts Option: Curio Spice Co. Basics Spice Gift Set

Help your favorite host or hostess stock their pantry with this starter set by Curio Spice Co.Choose five spices from a selection of eight, including options like toasted and ground cumin, smoked Spanish paprika, and Greek oregano. Each spice is directly sourced from farms and growers to ensure quality and fresh flavor; this would be an ideal pick for Thanksgiving hostess gifts.

Serve and Slice

The Best Hostess Gifts Option: Wooden French Bread Slicer

Whether the hostess in mind bakes their own bread or buys it from the local bakery, this Wooden French Bread Slicer is an excellent marriage of form and function. It holds a baguette or Italian bread and has angled knife slots that help guide each cut to perfection. Made of natural acacia wood, this beautiful slicer doubles as a tray to serve guests and looks good on a table or island, too.

For the Plant Parent

The Best Hostess Gifts Option: Costa Farms Succulents

Plants can provide a sense of peace for their owners, and the host or hostess in your life will probably appreciate a sweet succulent to add to their plant family. This Costa Farms succulent garden includes a 6-inch succulent in a ceramic decor planter. These particular plants are grown in premium soil and slow-release fertilizer to ensure a long, healthy life. Recipients can simply water the plant when the soil is dry and keep it near sunlight to watch it thrive.

Everlasting Decor

The Best Hostess Gifts Option: Preserved Beech Leaf Bunch

Some hostesses may relish developing a party menu, while others enjoy get-togethers for the chance to spruce up their spaces. This Preserved Beech Leaf Bunch is an excellent gift option for the hostess who loves to decorate and prefers timeless pieces to trendy accessories. The autumnal leaves can warm up a room and be added to existing arrangements or placed in a vase by themselves. No matter how they’re displayed, they’re bound to make a statement and leave an impression on guests. Made in Italy, the leaf bunch is best used indoors and away from direct sunlight so as to prevent the brilliant color from fading. 

Health-Conscious Hit

The Best Hostess Gifts Option: Home Microgreens Growing Kit

The Home Microgreens Growing Kit by Hamama is an excellent gift idea for the hostess with a green thumb who also prefers to eat clean. It’s even great for those living in apartments or small spaces as the included tray measures just 12.5 inches by 6.5 inches. The kit comes with growing instructions, a Super Salad Mix Seed Quilt, and a Spicy Daikon Radish Seed Quilt. The non-GMO pre-seeded quilts just need to be watered once for things to start sprouting within 7 days. Once the items have grown, users can simply trim them and use them to top off their favorite dishes.

Most Stylish Tea Set

The Best Hostess Gifts Option: Personal Teapot & Cup Set

Drinking tea is extra special with this Personal Teapot & Cup Set by P & T, which features a compact teapot with a built-in strainer and two sophisticated cups for the ultimate tea party for one (or two). The pot’s lid also doubles as a cup and can hold an entire steep. Each cup has a wooden disc on each side to keep fingers from burning. Tea lovers can also appreciate the modern, thoughtful design of this set, which is made of porcelain.

Handmade Holder

The Best Hostess Gifts Option: Resin Rose Quartz and Gold Leaf Crystal Catchall

These delicate, beautiful hands were made for holding small trinkets such as jewelry, keys, or change. Made of resin rose quartz and accented with gold leaf, this handmade catchall is truly one of a kind and an excellent gift option for hostesses who appreciate unique items. At 3 inches by 2.5 inches, it’s a great choice for those with small spaces or for collectors who like to show off a variety of handmade goods throughout their homes.

For Cold Weather

The Best Hostess Gifts Option: Mexican Hot Chocolate Gift Set

For the most authentic Mexican hot chocolate, look no further than this set from Verve Culture. It comes with two clay mugs, a bag of five Villa Real Mexican Hot Chocolate tablets, a molinillo whisk, a gift box, and recipes and information on the ingredients. The chocolate comes from Oaxaco from a traditional recipe of cacao beans, cinnamon, sugar, pecans, and almonds. To turn the ingredients into a cozy beverage, users just need to add heated milk or water to the chocolate tablets and move the whisk back and forth to combine.

Tasty Tea Time

The Best Hostess Gifts Option: Blooming Tea Flowers & Teapot Set

There are basic tea sets, and then there is the Blooming Tea Flowers & Teapot Set, a mesmerizing gift that allows flowers to bloom as the tea steeps. This process releases both fragrance and flavor, infusing the tea and igniting the senses. The set comes with eight blooming teas, with each flower good for three infusions. Once boiling water is poured over the blooms, they spring to life in the white tea, which has all the benefits of green tea.

Gifts $50 to $100

The Gift that Gives Back

The Best Hostess Gifts Option: Star Dipping Set

Hostesses will likely use a chip and dip set at some point, so they might as well own a unique one. This Star Dipping Set by Kamsah is handcrafted and hand-painted by artisans in Tunisia, and 10 percent of the proceeds from purchasing this gift goes toward local associations led by female artisans. The set is not only stylish but also functional, with one large plate and seven smaller plates for dipping or serving. When the pieces are all placed together, they form a stunning star.

Awesome Aroma

The Best Hostess Gifts: Pressed Botanical Candle

The Pressed Botanicals Candle by Rosy Rings is more than a scented candle—it’s a work of art. The detailed process to create this candle takes 2 days, with a skilled artisan placing natural elements around the fragrance-wrapped core. The spicy Pumpkin + Cardamom scent is accented with violet and golden florals for a product that stands out among the rest. It has about a 120-hour burn time and is free of parabens.

Home Office Decor

The Best Hostess Gifts: Resin Paperweight

At first thought, a paperweight may not seem like an exciting gift to give, but this white dandelion option is no average item. Handmade with resin and real flowers, this paperweight is not only beautiful but also functional for the home office. It can be used as a prop on top of a stack of books or as a way to weigh down important documents. This paperweight is even finished with a UV filter to prevent fading, so its beauty will last for years to come.

Top Charcuterie Board

The Best Hostess Gifts Option: SMIRLY Cheese Board and Knife Set

Hosts or hostesses can show off a wide range of cold cuts, cheeses, and other accoutrements with the Smirly Cheese Board and Knife Set. This extra-large, three-drawer board comes with five serving sections that can be filled with a variety of food, from fruit and nuts to other savory snacks. It also includes four stainless steel knives, two sauce bowls, a wine opener, black slate labels, and four small forks. In short, it’s a complete set that works perfectly for someone who frequently entertains.

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Gifts $100 to $250

For the Lake Lover

The Best Hostess Gifts Option: Custom Made Serving Tray

If you’re shopping for a lake lover, this Custom Made Serving Tray by Lake Art speaks their water-loving language. The tray is customized to feature a bathymetric representation of their lake of choice, with local roads and other details included. Hostesses can display the tray on ottomans or other furniture, either at a lake house or primary residence. It can also act as a serving tray for when guests come to visit. The tray is made of natural cherry wood with glass covering the design.

The Best Hostess Gifts Option


How to Choose the Best Hostess Gifts

Before you begin your hunt for the best hostess gift, it’s important to think about who you’re buying for and what type of gift they would appreciate most. The following questions can help guide your search:

  • What type of events does the recipient like to host? Figuring out whether they prefer small gatherings or large soirees can help narrow down gift ideas.
  • Does the hostess like to cook or bake? If so, helpful tools or serveware could be a good place to start when looking for a gift.
  • What is the hostess’ style? From earthy plant mom to the queen of ambiance, the type of decor or style can help you figure out where to shop and what type of item to shop for.

How to Get the Best Hostess Gifts Deals

To get the best deals on hostess gifts, you’ll need to become familiar with online resources like Honey that will alert you when items you’ve been eyeing go on sale. Honey is an easy-to-use browser extension that keeps track of the price of items for you, so you don’t have to do it yourself. Retailers such as Walmart and Target also offer price matching on purchases, so you can snag serveware and other hostess gifts at the lowest prices available.

It’s also advised to look out for deals around Black Friday or Cyber Monday, when retailers slash prices on items before the holidays. Even if you don’t plan on giving Christmas hostess gifts, you can stock up on items that you can gift later, likely at a fraction of the cost.