IKEA Mirrors and ZLINE Gas Ranges: 9 Recalls You Need to Know from November 2023

Stay updated on the latest product recalls to help keep your home and family safe.
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It’s important to ensure that the products we use in our homes are safe, and staying informed about recent product recalls is a key part of this process. In the U.S., the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issues recall notices for a wide range of products. These notices, which the agency updates regularly on its website, are essential resources for consumers.

If you find out that you own a recalled product, it’s important to stop using it immediately and follow the instructions provided in the recall notice, which typically recommend contacting the manufacturer or seller for a refund or replacement.

Read on to learn about the home-related products that were recalled in November 2023.

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1. Lochinvar Condensing Boilers

product shot of Lochinvar residential boiler
Photo: cpsc.gov

Lochinvar issued a recall for its condensing boilers due to their potential for a dangerous carbon monoxide leak, which poses a poisoning risk if the flue collector is compromised. Owners are urged to stop using the boiler immediately and arrange for a complimentary repair that involves installing a reinforcing steel plate. Anyone who continues to use the boiler until the repair is completed must have operational carbon monoxide detectors on every floor of the home.

2. Grizzly Industrial Wood Lathes

product shot of grizzly industrial wood lathe
Photo: cpsc.gov

Grizzly Industrial has recalled its wood lathes due to a defect in which the cutting tool might break, presenting a risk of flying debris and potential lacerations to users and bystanders. Consumers should stop using the lathe immediately until they’ve conducted recommended repairs. Owners of this wood lathe model can receive a free repair kit from the manufacturer, which includes a new faceplate, tool rest, and tool rest base to remedy the issue.

3. Magnolia Market 3-Wick Glass Candles

product shot of Magnolia "Stay a While" candle
Photo: cpsc.gov

Magnolia Market has issued a recall for its 3-wick glass candles because of a manufacturing error that included the wrong wax in the product. This defect can lead to unusually large flames, potentially causing the glass containers to break, which poses risks of fire and laceration. Customers who own these candles should stop using them right away and reach out to Magnolia Market for a full refund. Magnolia Market will be making direct contact with those who bought the candles online to facilitate the refund process.

4. DR Power Equipment Tow-Behind Field & Brush Mowers

product shot of DR Power Equipment tow-behind field and brush mowers
Photo: cpsc.gov

DR Power Equipment has recalled some of its Tow-Behind Field & Brush Mowers over a safety concern that the exhaust pipe can break, potentially causing fires and burns, especially when dry cuttings or spilled fuel are involved. Customers are advised to immediately stop using these mowers. DR Power Equipment is offering a prorated refund or credit for a new DR Power product, the amount of which will depend on the age of the mower. The company is directly reaching out to all known purchasers following 14 reports of fires.

5. Twin-Star International Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplaces

electric fireplace in living room
Photo: cpsc.gov

If you’ve purchased an infrared quartz electric fireplace from Twin-Star International, exclusively sold at Lowe’s, be aware of a crucial recall related to overheating risks that pose a fire hazard. This recall follows 24 reported incidents, including overheating, fires, or smoke, and two cases of property damage, though no injuries had been reported as of the recall date. Owners of these fireplaces should immediately cease use of the unit and unplug it from the wall. They are encouraged to contact Twin-Star for a refund equal to the purchase price.

6. IKEA LETTAN Mirrors

product shot of Ikea Lettan mirror
Photo: cpsc.gov

IKEA is expanding its recall of LETTAN flat mirrors because of a laceration hazard caused by the potential breakage of the plastic fittings that secure the mirror to the wall, which could result in the mirror falling. The recall includes all sizes of these frameless mirrors with a date stamp of 2105 (year, year, week, week, or YYWW) or earlier, and those with supplier number 21944 dated up to and including 2325 (YYWW). IKEA is offering a free set of replacement wall fittings and instructions, or consumers can return the mirror to any IKEA store for a full refund, with no receipt needed. This recall is an expansion of a previous recall from March 2023.

7. Tractor Supply Co. Red Shed Hammock Swing Chairs

product shot of tractor supply hammock swing chair
Photo: cpsc.org

Tractor Supply has issued a recall for its Red Shed Hammock Swing Chairs due to a fall hazard. The risk comes from the potential breakage of a plastic buckle that supports the chair’s back; the break can occur while the chair is in use. There have been 13 reported incidents related to the buckle or its stitching breaking, including three instances of consumers falling to the ground. These hammock chairs are distinguishable by their blue and silver mesh fabric seats, black nylon straps on the armrests, and a black metal frame. If you have this hammock swing chair, stop using it and contact Tractor Supply Co. for a full refund.

8. ZLINE Gas Ranges

product shot of ZLINE gas range
Photo: cpsc.gov

ZLINE is updating its recall response for certain gas ranges that were originally recalled in January 2023 due to a critical hazard where the oven can emit high levels of carbon monoxide (CO) while in use, posing serious risks of injury or death. Initially, a repair was offered, but ZLINE is now expanding options to include a replacement range or a refund. Before the initial recall, 44 incidents of CO emission were reported, including three cases requiring medical attention, and post-recall, 131 reports indicated unsuccessful repairs with continued CO emission risks.

It’s crucial for consumers, even those who previously had their range repaired, to stop using the oven compartment immediately. The range top can still be used safely. ZLINE is reaching out to those who already had repairs for further inspection and informing them about the latest options. If you haven’t arranged a repair yet, contact ZLINE for the latest options available.

9. MI Windows and Doors Vinyl Sliding Glass Doors

product shot of MI Windows and Doors sliding door with inserts demonstrating malfunctions.
Photo: cpsc.org

MI Windows and Doors has recalled certain models of its vinyl sliding glass doors related to the risk of the glass detaching from the frame under hurricane conditions, posing a potential for serious injury. During extreme weather events, owners of these sliding glass doors are advised to stay clear of them and should contact MI Windows and Doors to arrange a free repair. As a precautionary measure, it’s recommended to cover the doors with plywood or similar protective material if a hurricane warning is issued in your area. The company is proactively reaching out to all known purchasers to coordinate the necessary repairs.