Generac Generators and Frigidaire Cooktops: 30 Recalls You Need to Know for Fall 2023

Here’s your guide to the latest safety notices: From outdoor equipment to kitchen appliances, these recalls could impact your favorite home products.
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Staying on top of product recalls is essential for consumers to ensure that our families stay safe. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is responsible for product recalls in the United States and issues hundreds of recalls every year, which are listed on their product recall page.

If a product you own is recalled, stop using it immediately. Then, reach out to the seller or manufacturer using the method provided in the recall notice in order to arrange a refund or replacement. For more steps you’ll need to take, consult guide 8 Steps to Take When a Product Is Recalled.

Here are the home-related products that were recalled between August and November 2023.

1. Lochinvar Condensing Boilers

Lochinvar Condensing Boilers

Lochinvar issued a recall for its condensing boilers due to the potential for a dangerous carbon monoxide leak, which poses a poisoning risk if the flue collector is compromised. Owners are urged to stop using the boiler immediately and arrange for a complimentary repair involving a reinforcing steel plate installation. For those who continue to use the boiler until the repair is completed, it’s critical to have carbon monoxide detectors operational on every floor of the home.

2. Grizzly Industrial Wood Lathes

Grizzly Industrial Wood Lathes

Grizzly Industrial has recalled its wood lathes due to a defect where the cutting tool may break, presenting a risk of flying debris and potential lacerations to users and bystanders. It’s important that owners stop using the lathe until they’ve conducted repairs. Owners of this wood lathe model can receive a free repair kit from the manufacturer, which includes a new faceplate, tool rest, and tool rest base in order to remedy the issue.

3. Bobcat and Kubota Stand-On Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

Bobcat and Kubota Stand-On Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

Some Bobcat and Kubota stand-on zero-turn lawn mowers have been recalled due to malfunctioning dampers on the steering system. This issue could stop the control levers from going into neutral and fail to engage the Operator Presence switch, risking crashes and lacerations to users or bystanders.

Stop using the lawn mower immediately. While the companies are contacting all known owners directly, anyone who has not been contacted should reach out to Bobcat or Kubota in order to arrange an inspection and repair.

4. Kawasaki Lawn Mower Engines

Kawasaki Lawn Mower Engines

Kawasaki lawn mower engines used in specific Ariens, Gravely, Husqvarna, John Deere, and Redmax brand lawn mowers have been recalled due to potentially compromised fuel tubes. These damaged fuel tubes pose a fire risk. Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp. USA is offering free repairs and requests that owners cease using the affected lawn mowers immediately.

5. Insignia Pressure Cookers

Insignia Pressure Cookers

Best Buy has issued a recall for some Insignia pressure cookers because the volume markings on the inner pot are incorrect, which could lead users to overfill the device. Overfilling may result in the ejection of hot food or liquids, posing burn risks when vented or opened under pressure. Consumers are advised to immediately discontinue use and contact Best Buy to receive a replacement inner pot and a new pressure signaling locking valve, free of charge.

6. Fortress Safe Biometric Gun Safes

Fortress Safe Biometric Gun Safes

Fortress Safe has recalled its biometric gun safes after discovering that unauthorized individuals can compromise the locking mechanism, presenting severe injury risks and potential fatalities—with one death already reported. Users should immediately disable the biometric feature, remove batteries, and only use the key for the safe. Reach out to Fortress for a replacement safe at no cost.

7. Countertop Nugget Ice Makers 

Nugget Ice Maker

Countertop Nugget Ice Makers, which are sold exclusively on Amazon, are being recalled due to a risk that metal blades within the auger may break and mix with the ice, posing a laceration hazard. Consumers who have models manufactured before June 1, 2022, should stop using them immediately. The manufacturer is offering a free replacement and will instruct owners on how to deactivate and dispose of the current unit.

8. Secura Air Fryers

Secura Air Fryers

Some Secura brand air fryers have been recalled after the brand identified an overheating risk in a wire connection that may lead to fire and burn hazards. Secura is actively reaching out to all known buyers to facilitate the recall and is offering a $45 Amazon gift card or a free replacement product from a selection on their website as compensation.

9. Rust-Oleum Fluorescent Pink Spray Paint 

Rust-Oleum Fluorescent Pink Spray Paint 

Rust-Oleum is recalling its fluorescent pink inverted marking spray paint due to a hazard where the can’s spray valve assembly could forcefully detach, posing a risk of impact injury. Users should immediately stop using the affected cans, secure them in a plastic bag away from children, and contact Rust-Oleum via email for a full refund. Proper disposal of the product should follow local regulations.

10. Zevo Fly, Gnat, and Fruit Fly Insect Spray

Zevo Fly, Gnat, and Fruit Fly Insect Spray

Procter & Gamble has announced a recall of Zevo Fly, Gnat, and Fruit Fly Insect Killer because the aerosol containers may rupture and cause injury or lacerations. Customers are instructed to immediately discontinue use of the insect spray and apply for a full refund via online form, submitting a photo of the canister’s bottom showing the lot number or a purchase receipt. After securing the refund, the product should be disposed of in household trash without emptying out its contents.

11. Novaform ComfortGrande and DreamAway Mattresses

Novaform ComfortGrande and DreamAway Mattresses

FXI has issued a recall for its Novaform ComfortGrande and DreamAway mattresses, which are sold exclusively at Costco, due to the potential for mold growth after exposure to water during production. This poses a health risk, especially to those with weakened immune systems, lung issues, or mold allergies. Consumers should reach out to FXI for a full refund or a complimentary replacement, which includes free delivery and disposal of the affected mattress.

12. DR Power Equipment Chipper Shredders

DR Power Equipment Chipper Shredders

DR Power Equipment has recalled some of its chipper shredders after discovering two issues that present a risk of laceration. First, metal fragments can detach from the shredder’s housing and then be expelled. Second, the hopper may also detach. Customers should halt usage promptly and contact DR Power Equipment to opt for either a full refund or a complimentary repair.

13. Insignia and Yardbird Fire Tables

Insignia and Yardbird Fire Tables

Some Insignia and Yardbird brand fire tables with lava rocks have been recalled by Best Buy because the rocks can break apart and eject from the table, posing burn and impact risks. Owners of the tables should discontinue use immediately. Best Buy is providing a free repair that includes replacing the lava rocks with fire-safe glass beads. All known purchasers are being contacted by Best Buy to facilitate the repair process.

14. Generac Generators

Generac Generators

Malfunctioning rollover valves on some Generac and DR generators has already caused 29 incidents and three severe injuries. The rollover issue can lead to inadequate fuel tank venting, which can cause excessive pressure build-up, with fuel potentially being expelled upon opening, creating fire and burn dangers. Owners are advised to immediately cease using the affected generators and contact Generac to obtain a free repair kit.

15. Honda Motor Lawn Mowers and Pressure Washer Engines

Honda Motor Lawn Mowers and Pressure Washer Engines

American Honda Motor has recalled certain lawn mowers and pressure washer engines due to improperly manufactured camshafts, which could lead to the starter rope retracting violently during starting attempts, creating an injury risk. Users should immediately stop using the affected equipment and arrange for a complimentary inspection and repair at an authorized Honda Power Equipment dealer.

16. STIHL MSA 300 Chainsaws

STIHL MSA 300 Chainsaws

STIHL MSA 300 chainsaws have been recalled due to a potential laceration hazard stemming from a delay in the saw’s braking mechanism. Owners of the product are urged to discontinue use immediately and take the saw to an authorized STIHL service dealer, where the brake drum and brake band will be replaced free of charge to ensure the chainsaw works as intended.

17. TJX Foldable Bistro Set Chairs

TJX Foldable Bistro Set Chairs

Some foldable bistro set chairs sold at Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, HomeGoods, and Homesense—and manufactured by the brand TJX—have been recalled due to a risk of the wooden frame breaking or collapsing. Consumers are instructed to stop using the chairs and contact TJX for a full refund and disposal guidance. Owners may also return the chairs to the store where they were purchased.

18. Emporia Smart Plugs

Emporia Smart Plugs

In response to safety concerns, Emporia is recalling their smart plugs due to a lack of proper grounding, which presents a risk of electric shock. The brand is offering two options: a refund or a replacement after the unit has been remotely disabled or shipped back to Emporia at the company’s expense.

19. Prime-Line Glass Doorknobs

Prime-Line Glass Doorknobs

Prime-Line has initiated a recall for certain glass doorknobs after reports that they may crack and break away from the assembly, creating a risk of laceration. Consumers who own these doorknobs are advised to uninstall them. For a full refund, affected individuals should reach out to Prime-Line, which will provide the necessary instructions for the refund process.

20. Frigidaire Gas Cooktops

Frigidaire Gas Cooktops

A recall has been issued by the Electrolux Group for select Frigidaire 30- and 36-inch gas cooktops due to a defect in the plastic control knobs. These knobs, which can be identified by their black shafts, may crack or break, potentially leading to a gas leak and fire hazard. Cooktops featuring knobs with chrome-colored shafts are safe to use and not included in the recall. Electrolux is providing a complimentary set of replacement knobs and is proactively reaching out to known purchasers.

21. Aiper Elite Pro Cordless Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaners

Aiper Elite Pro Cordless Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaners

The Aiper Elite Pro cordless robotic pool vacuum cleaner is subject to a recall due to a risk of burn and fire hazards, which can occur if the charging cord is connected directly to the device without an adapter. Owners of the product are urged to reach out to Aiper for a complimentary Seagull Pro replacement model.

22. Ubio Labs Power Banks

Ubio Labs Power Banks

There is a recall on Ubio Labs power banks sold at Costco as they are prone to overheating and igniting, causing a fire hazard. Even though Ubio Labs is no longer in business, Costco is offering a full refund to consumers and has proactively reached out to all known buyers to inform them of this recall and the refund process.

23. Midwest Lubricants Sodium Hydroxide 

Midwest Lubricants Sodium Hydroxide 

Midwest Lubricants Sodium hydroxide products were found to be non-compliant with the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA), as the current packaging isn’t child-resistant and have been recalled as a result. The product labels are also missing crucial information mandated by the Federal Hazardous Substances Act (FHSA), presenting a risk of chemical burns and skin or eye irritation.

If you have these products at home, it’s important to immediately move them to an area inaccessible to children and get in touch with Midwest Lubricants. The company will provide a replacement that includes child-resistant packaging and an updated label at no extra charge.

24. Gree Dehumidifiers

Gree Dehumidifiers

Gree has announced a substantial recall of approximately 1.56 million dehumidifiers after reports that at least 23 incidents of the units overheated, emitted smoke, or caught fire. If you own one of these dehumidifiers, ensure the unit is unplugged from any power sources, and get in touch with Gree to find out how you can get a refund.

25. Bella, Bella Pro Series, Cooks and Crux Electric and Stovetop Pressure Cookers

Bella, Bella Pro Series, Cooks and Crux Electric and Stovetop Pressure Cookers

Sensio has initiated a recall for a number of pressure cooker models under the Bella, Bella Pro Series, Cooks, and Crux brands after receiving 63 reports of the lid unlocking while in use, leading to hot contents being ejected. Among these incidents, there have been reports of 61 burn injuries ranging in severity, including second -and third-degree burns affecting the face, torso, arms, and hands.

Consumers in possession of the affected pressure cookers should stop using them immediately. For details on obtaining a refund, those impacted should reach out to Sensio as soon as possible.

26. Threshold Candles

Threshold Candles

A selection of Threshold brand candles sold at Target have been recalled because there have been reports of the glass jars cracking, causing a risk of both burns and lacerations. The 2.2-million-candle recall impacts Threshold Glass Jar 5.5-ounce 1-Wick and 20-ounce 3-Wick Candles in a variety of scents. Users can return the candles to a Target store or by mail for a full refund.

27. Maggie’s Farm Bed Bug & Flea Killer

Maggie's Farm Bed Bug & Flea Killer

Maggie’s Farm Bed Bug & Flea Killer comes in a pressurized aerosol can, which may rupture and potentially expel shrapnel. In addition to laceration risks, exposure to the product can cause skin and eye irritation. If you own this product, take a photo of the can, securely wrap it to prevent leakage, and dispose of it. Email the photo to Maggie’s Farm with a written disposal confirmation to receive a refund.

28. Crate & Barrel Table Lamps

Crate & Barrel Table Lamps

The Avena Mini Table Lamps from Crate & Barrel have been recalled because the electrical cord connection in the lamps is loose and can be a fire hazard. People who own this particular lamp model should stop using the lamp, and then contact the brand in order to arrange for a full refund.

29. Amana Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners/Heat Pumps 

Amana Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners/Heat Pumps 

Amana Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners/Heat Pumps (PTACs) equipped with “DigiAir” modules have been found to have compressors that can overheat, posing burn and fire hazards.So far 52 incident reports have included 10 fires.

If you have a unit, contact Daikin Comfort Technologies Manufacturing, L.P. for guidance on disabling the DigiAir feature and to schedule a free repair by a professional technician. Owners are being directly notified by the company.

30. Honda Portable Generators

Honda Portable Generators

American Honda has recalled Honda Model EU7000is Portable Generators due to a safety issue where the fuel filler cap may seal improperly, which could create a fuel leak and fire hazard. Owners of these generators are advised to stop using them immediately and contact an authorized Honda dealer to schedule a free repair. Honda is proactively reaching out to all known owners of the affected units.